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57 Long-Sleeve Going-Out Tops to Add to Your Night-Out Wardrobe, Stat

The average going-out wardrobe is filled with halters, tube tops, and spaghetti strap-adorned crops. We love a sparsely strapped blouse—almost as much as we love a happening dance floor. But once the temperatures start to drop, not even a handy-dandy alcohol blanket can keep us warm in the cool nighttime weather. We need outfits that can take us from the frigid outdoors to the sweat-filled indoors. We need shirts that’ll keep us warm as we dart from club to club. We need long-sleeve going-out tops. The phrase “long-sleeve going-out tops” undoubtedly sounds like an oxymoron. Sleeves? In a bar crammed with people who are hot from drinking alcohol and even hotter from shaking their asses all night? The scene sounds...

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photo by sara ligorria-tramp for EHD | from: my dream dorm

Let me paint you a picture of yesteryear. It’s 2006 when I was a young, naive 18-year-old moving into her dorm room. Back then, the world was different. The iPhone had yet to change (*cough* take over) our lives forever, Facebook was strictly for college students and Instagram and Pinterest did not exist. Let me repeat that last part. Instagram and Pinterest DID NOT exist until 2010. I was already out of college when those came on the scene. Also, I think online shopping was a thing but I was NOT partaking. Too risky if you would have asked me. “I’m old school,” I would proclaim. I had in my mind that I  needed to see and touch whatever I...

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