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Last week we did our annual HUGE outdoor furniture roundup and while I had SO much fun putting it together I was once again shocked by the general price points on the market

But I guess when furniture pieces need to withstand a variety of seasons and still look good year after year, it warrants a higher price tag. The truth can hurt…the wallet. But before we move on, watch how Em DIY’ed her patio before that famous beautiful tile went in (just wait for the ad to run first): Ok we’re back! SO because of that, I made it my mission this week to create an affordable accessories roundup post. Because while your outdoor furniture is built to last many many years, you just might want to switch up some throw pillows, add a rug or heck FINALLY get that fire pit you’ve always dreamed of. Doing those things should NOT have...

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photo by sara ligorria-tramp for EHD | from: my dream dorm

Let me paint you a picture of yesteryear. It’s 2006 when I was a young, naive 18-year-old moving into her dorm room. Back then, the world was different. The iPhone had yet to change (*cough* take over) our lives forever, Facebook was strictly for college students and Instagram and Pinterest did not exist. Let me repeat that last part. Instagram and Pinterest DID NOT exist until 2010. I was already out of college when those came on the scene. Also, I think online shopping was a thing but I was NOT partaking. Too risky if you would have asked me. “I’m old school,” I would proclaim. I had in my mind that I  needed to see and touch whatever I...

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