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We live in a world filled with short attention spans, where trust doesn't come easily

To keep their attention and gain their trust, you must make a great first impression. So if your goal is to get further ahead in your social or professional life, you need to get people to like you. Immediately. You need to be memorable. Today I'm sharing 10 surefire tips for nailing any first impression. Here's what we have coming up: Be on time and do your homework Wear the right uniform Greet people properly Make eye contact Assume they like you Get their name, remember it and say it correctly Control your body language Be a great listener Be open to talking about yourself Bring other people into the conversation Plus, the five mistakes you should avoid to make...

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THIS WEEK: As a lead-in to the end of an event that has been hit or miss, and as we speed towards Future State and status quo changes, Dark Nights: Death Metal: Last Stories of the DC Universe gives us a farewell filled with fan service.

Note: the review below contains spoilers.  If you want a quick, spoiler-free buy/pass recommendation on the comics in question, check out the bottom of the article for our final verdicts. Dark Nights: Death Metal: Last Stories of the DC Universe #1 Writer: Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire, Mariko Tamaki, Gail Simone, Christopher Sebela, Cecil Castellucci, and Mark Waid Artist: Travis Moore, Rafael Albuquerque, Daniel Sampere, Meghan Hetrick, Christopher Mooneyham, Mirka Andolfo, and Francis Manapul Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain, Ivan Plascencia, Adriano Lucas, Marissa Louise, Enrica Eren Angiolini, and Andrew Dalhouse Letterer: Deron Bennett, Steve Wands, Saida Temofonte, Travis Lanham, Dave Sharpe, and Josh Reed Cover: Tula Lotay and Dee Cunniffe The Rebirth era of the DC Universe is...

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I Want to Buy a New House

Do I Have to Get a Bridge Loan? You wake up one morning and realize you’re facing a similar situation as a lot of other people — your family has expanded, but your house has stayed the same size. Kind of like in Alice in Wonderland, when Alice eats the cookie in the White Rabbit’s house and grows until she’s bursting out of it. Time to move! But you have a problem: Without a ton of cash in the bank, you won’t have the funds to buy a new house until you sell your current one. There has to be a way out of this, right? There is. And you’re not alone — when financing a home purchase, 38% of...

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Feeling cramped in your small bathroom? There are ways to make it look and feel bigger, without knocking down a wall or doing a major remodel. Just follow these simple tricks to make your bathroom appear significantly larger. Easy Ways To Make Your Tiny Bathroom Look & Feel Bigger 1. Choose colors carefully Beveled Glossy Smooth Glass Reflective Wall Tiles (Amazon)  It’s common knowledge —  light colors reflect light. And the lighter you go in the color wheel, the better. Naturally, all-white is an obvious choice to make any room appear bright and airy — white walls, white floor, white counter, vanity, and so on. Using reflective tiles and satin paint finishes will bounce off light and brighten the room...

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Image courtesy of IMDB and Netflix’s ‘Extraction.’

The story-worthy problem is the beating heart of all superlative fiction. Unfortunately, creating this central core can often be overlooked. This is particularly true for writers relying on school training. English teachers didn’t mind we used twenty-five metaphors on one page because their goal was to teach us how to properly use a metaphor…not how to write successful commercial fiction. Creating the core problem and then—possibly (depending on genre)—the many overlapping layers and misdirections, is tough mental work. Story as Structure Like any structure, a story demands a strong foundation and sturdy frame. Without structure, it’s easy for author (and audience) to become lost. Without those elements? The story caves in. But, foundations and framing aren’t nearly as fun as...

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