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Looking for creative ways to organize your bathroom without a storage space? You’re lucky today because we got you covered! It’s true that without drawers and cabinets, keeping your stuff can be a little tricky. But, before giving up on the thought that you can’t organize things in the bathroom, there are many ways you can do to arrange them. With just a few techniques and other tools at home, you’ll be successful in getting everything in place. Smaller things like toothbrushes and toothpaste won’t get in the way anymore or will be easily accessible for you. For the larger things, you can arrange them in a corner where you can place smaller stuff in or on top of them....

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Feeling cramped in your small bathroom? There are ways to make it look and feel bigger, without knocking down a wall or doing a major remodel. Just follow these simple tricks to make your bathroom appear significantly larger. Easy Ways To Make Your Tiny Bathroom Look & Feel Bigger 1. Choose colors carefully Beveled Glossy Smooth Glass Reflective Wall Tiles (Amazon)  It’s common knowledge —  light colors reflect light. And the lighter you go in the color wheel, the better. Naturally, all-white is an obvious choice to make any room appear bright and airy — white walls, white floor, white counter, vanity, and so on. Using reflective tiles and satin paint finishes will bounce off light and brighten the room...

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