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57 Long-Sleeve Going-Out Tops to Add to Your Night-Out Wardrobe, Stat

The average going-out wardrobe is filled with halters, tube tops, and spaghetti strap-adorned crops. We love a sparsely strapped blouse—almost as much as we love a happening dance floor. But once the temperatures start to drop, not even a handy-dandy alcohol blanket can keep us warm in the cool nighttime weather. We need outfits that can take us from the frigid outdoors to the sweat-filled indoors. We need shirts that’ll keep us warm as we dart from club to club. We need long-sleeve going-out tops. The phrase “long-sleeve going-out tops” undoubtedly sounds like an oxymoron. Sleeves? In a bar crammed with people who are hot from drinking alcohol and even hotter from shaking their asses all night? The scene sounds...

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