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Who has time for a three-hour-long commercial for anything? Unless there’s a lightsaber at the end of it, no one I can think of

But in addition to an epic Twitter thread, Disney has just dropped an insanely long video montage called “Basically Everything Coming to Disney+ in the U.S.” At three hours and 17 minutes, you’ve really got to linger on the word “basically,” because seriously, what was left out? Just for reference, this is roughly the same length as The Godfather, Part II, and Gone with the Wind. Even Scarface, arguably one of the most notable films of this era, clocked in at under three hours. Interestingly, with this absurdly long commercial (they call it a montage, but it’s a commercial, come on) Disney somehow did not create the longest commercial of all time. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, that infamous honor...

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REPORT: What Apple Pay At Five Says About The Future Of Mobile POS Payments

Apple Pay went live five years ago yesterday, on Oct. 20, 2014. When Tim Cook took the stage a month beforehand to announce this mobile payments innovation, he shared Apple’s vision for modernizing how consumers and merchants would interact at the physical point of sale. Instead of wasting time fumbling around for plastic cards and swiping them at terminals, consumers would use the mobile devices always in their hands to check out quickly, easily and securely with Apple Pay’s mobile wallet. He used this video to make that point. In true Apple fashion, the user interface was clean, crisp and slick. Apple Pay’s security and privacy protocols were state-of-the-art, leveraging the NFC standard and their Secure Element to enable secure,...

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5 Foolproof Ways To Live a Vibrant and Powerful Life At Any Age

I grew old when I was a teenager. Doctors diagnosed arthritis in my knees when I was 14. I was tired all the time. I was grumpy and snapped at people I cared about more than you’re supposed to when you’re teen. I kept getting fatter until I hit 300 pounds in my early 20’s, no matter how much I worked out, or how much low-fat low-calorie crap I ate. After 18 months of working out for 90 minutes a day, six days a week, I still weighed 300 pounds, and I felt old. Lab tests showed I was at high risk for stroke and heart attack, and my brain function was declining before I was 30. My blood sugar...

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