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Milwaukee has announced a brand new M18 Fuel Sawzall in 2020 and it replaces the outgoing 2720 and 2721 models

The new M18 Fuel Sawzall is said to be their fastest cutting Sawzall (in it’s class) yet and it gets lighter too. It comes in standard and One-Key flavors. I would expect it to improve upon the existing M18 Fuel Sawzall while their M18 Fuel Super Sawzall remains the stronger and larger top dog in their lineup. Check out the full press release below for all the deets! MILWAUKEE, WI- Milwaukee Tool unveils the next generation of legendary performance and durability with their newest M18 FUEL SAWZALL® Reciprocating Saw. Designed for the toughest applications on the jobsite, this is the fastest cutting reciprocating saw in its class and the most durable SAWZALL® reciprocating saw yet. Also available is a version...

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It is typically normal to find a whole list of everyday carry essentials scattered all over your bag or perhaps your pockets

This goes to both ladies and gentlemen. Even with the best key organizers, it still becomes very tricky to manage these everyday carry essentials. But, what about your keys, whether house keys or workplace keys? We bet it’s quite a hassle organizing them in an easy-to-reach place. Key organizers are probably the most functional everyday carry possessions your hands can land on. This being so because of the role they play in making sure that your keys are neatly tucked away in an organized manner. How does this help? Imagine the constant annoying jiggling of the keys in your pockets. Honestly speaking- it can be annoying, let alone embarrassing. That’s why we are introducing you the best key organizers in...

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Planning a long camping, RV or boat trip? Or working at a construction site with no generator? It’s easy to find yourself away from the power grid and traditional AC wall outlets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t power your electrical devices

Batteries can provide plenty of portable, off-grid power to keep your devices running. But there’s a catch – batteries provide DC power, while most devices with a power cord require AC power. The solution here is to get one of the best pure sine wave inverters. These take DC power provided by batteries and transform it into AC power. However, there are a lot of considerations that go into choosing inverters like how many devices you have, how much power you need, and when you need it. We’ve put together this guide to help you navigate the world of pure sine wave inverters to find the one that fits your needs. After reviewing tens of inverters, looking at technical specifications...

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