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Halloween Party Planning: Common Horrors to Avoid

You want your Halloween party to be a scream, but not in a truly awful, lame, or man-this-sucks kinda way. Keep these warnings in mind as you make your plans, whether you’re throwing a real badass rager or a Disney-ish gathering with games. It could save you from morphing into a monster on Oct. 31. Horror #1: You Run Out of Food, Drinks, or Ice Set the SceneInstagram-Worthy Halloween Party DecorationsRunning out of food or drinks is THE cardinal sin for Chowhounds (whatever the occasion). Plan to have more than enough food (see Horror #5), but don’t force it on people either. Save the guilt trip. Your homemade, tempting food—like our Chopped Fava Bean Crostini with Pecorino recipe and our...

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