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Sharmadean Reid Is Fighting For A Workplace That Actually Works For Mums

This story is part of Black Ballad’s takeover of HuffPost UK, a week-long series by Black women on parenting, family, and our post-Covid future.  Sitting in her car, with her nine-year-old son Roman in the passenger seat, Sharmadean Reid is refreshingly honest about parenting during a pandemic.  “I had a massive breakdown in the beginning, because Roman was going to private school. It had lockdown a week before all of the other schools, because posh people like to travel and there were two cases in the school, even before they announced that schools needed to close,” says the beauty entrepreneur. “I am a Black mum who wants her child to do well and be amazing and I was freaking out...

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The post 7 Ways To Care For Your Reproductive Health appeared first on Peaceful Dumpling.

Health is so in right now. So many of us are interested in living well through healthy eating, exercise, and mind-body wellness. So why don’t we, as a culture and society, talk more often and openly about reproductive health? As sad as this is, I think that there is still a sense of shame attached to our bodies and reproductive systems. Remember that time when a 22-year-old artist Ruki Kaur posted a period photo that was removed from Instagram (which was re-instated by IG, following the media furor)? While I don’t think it’s necessary or advised for people to post bodily function photos on social media, just in general, the photo itself (see below) wasn’t gory or graphic, but aesthetically intentional....

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