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1. Use Your Mouth thatCommunication 2. Now Really, Use Your Mouth variety of sexual stimulationlike oral sex, 3. Take Sex Out Of The Bedroom more sex 4. Put Sex On The Schedule scheduling sex 5. Don’t Fall Into a Routine long-term relationship 6. Do Some Sexy Research Together 7.  Embrace the Quickie quickie 8. Remember: the Best Foreplay Begins Outside the Bedroom sexy text 9. Occasionally, Try Getting Off Before Sex orgasming too soongetting off 10. Try Out Some Toys For Her sex toy 11. Try Out Some Toys For You 12. Explore Other Erogenous Zones erogenous zones 13. Entertain Different Kinds Of Orgasms 14. Don’t Forget About Lube lubeare 15. Talk Dirty Talking dirtyadvice 16. Embrace Your Adventurous Side...

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The coronavirus pandemic has turned lives upside down in ways that we are still trying to figure out

And  for all of the family strain that has come from living under quarantine, it is perhaps divorced parents are feeling it the most keenly. With schools closed and kids home, co-parents are adjusting to a new routine, trying to adhere to social distancing practices while also honoring custody agreements that are already in place. “From the cases that we are seeing and hearing about, the biggest issue is about whether the parties are on the same page with social distancing,” says Sheryl Seiden, a founding partner at Seiden Family Law. “It is important for parents to remember that children need the love and affection of both of their parents in difficult and upsetting times like these, so parents need...

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