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1. Use Your Mouth


2. Now Really, Use Your Mouth

variety of sexual stimulationlike oral sex,

3. Take Sex Out Of The Bedroom

more sex

4. Put Sex On The Schedule

scheduling sex

5. Don’t Fall Into a Routine

long-term relationship

6. Do Some Sexy Research Together
7.  Embrace the Quickie


8. Remember: the Best Foreplay Begins Outside the Bedroom

sexy text

9. Occasionally, Try Getting Off Before Sex

orgasming too soongetting off

10. Try Out Some Toys For Her

sex toy

11. Try Out Some Toys For You
12. Explore Other Erogenous Zones

erogenous zones

13. Entertain Different Kinds Of Orgasms
14. Don’t Forget About Lube


15. Talk Dirty

Talking dirtyadvice

16. Embrace Your Adventurous Side

involvedlight bondage

17. Don’t Forget About Sexual Hygiene
18. Keep Up a Healthy Masturbation Routine
19. Try Solo Play Together
20. Do Your Kegels

kegel muscles

21. Consider “Edging”

Orgasmsreally goodEdging

22. Consider Maybe, Possibly Making a Sex tape

per day

23. Don’t Underestimate Her Pleasure Points
24. Sometimes, Forget About Orgasm All Together


25. Don’t Forget About Aftercare

intimacy and affection

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