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It doesn’t matter if you run a stock Subaru or a customized 4×4 with a bounty of bells and whistle

s. Knowing how to recover a stuck vehicle is important — especially without a winch. We all get stuck at some point or another. And if you’re in a vehicle, it’s important to be able to get yourself out of a jam. Creating a recovery kit and knowing how to use it is tantamount to safety in backroad situations. I break down the basics on building out a kit as well as a wealth of safety info to help you (or someone else) get out of a jam. Read for more on how to safely recover your vehicle. Exercise EXTREME caution when recovering a vehicle. People die every year attempting to recover vehicles. And beyond this, severe bodily injury OR...

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Temperature Blankets Record The Weather Each Day Of The Year In Different Yarn Color

s Crochet continues to be a popular trend not only in crafting circles but also on social media overall. No matter where we turn online, we seem to find photos of the most beautiful or adorable crochet projects, including Baby Yoda cup cozies, Disney Villains, and even reusable sweeper pads. Lately, though, social media has been full of images of the temperature blanket crochet trend. Have you seen these incredible temperature blankets? They are a cornucopia of colored stripes that transform into a stunning memento of a calendar year based on daily temperatures. The yarn rows typically start with lots of blues to represent colder temperatures and transition into warmer colors like yellows and reds as the seasons change. Dr....

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Photo Tom RichardsonAs all good fishermen know, rips are incredibly productive fishing spots

They are formed by current flowing over uneven bottom, which increases the current’s velocity and causes turbulence, both of which make baitfish more vulnerable to a variety of inshore predators, including striped bass, bluefish, bonito, false albacore and fluke. Here in New England, rips can be formed by sandy shoals, reefs, ledges, channel edges and wrecks, but the key factor in rip productivity is the presence of baitfish. No bait, no fish. Simple as that. You can fish a rip many different ways, including trolling and jigging, but one of the most exciting—and challenging—methods is casting lures and flies. To do this effectively and safely you’ll usually need at least 2 crewmembers, one to maneuver the boat while the other fishes....

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