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Temperature Blankets Record The Weather Each Day Of The Year In Different Yarn Color

s Crochet continues to be a popular trend not only in crafting circles but also on social media overall. No matter where we turn online, we seem to find photos of the most beautiful or adorable crochet projects, including Baby Yoda cup cozies, Disney Villains, and even reusable sweeper pads. Lately, though, social media has been full of images of the temperature blanket crochet trend. Have you seen these incredible temperature blankets? They are a cornucopia of colored stripes that transform into a stunning memento of a calendar year based on daily temperatures. The yarn rows typically start with lots of blues to represent colder temperatures and transition into warmer colors like yellows and reds as the seasons change. Dr....

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Hello blog friends. I know a lot of people now have to wear a face mask when going out to be safe from the coronavirus.   People are sewing and making face masks out of material and scarves.  I thought it would be a great idea to crochet some since I don't sew. I crocheted a few for our family and they are so easy to crochet.  I made two of them in one afternoon.   I crocheted them in colorful multicolored cotton yarn. You can use any cotton yarn that you have on hand.  I liked using the multicolored yarn for the masks and thought they looked so cute.  If you have solid colored yarn you can use that too. Have...

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