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Are you aware that in addition to sex, narcotics, gambling, gaming, and shopping, you can also be addicted to toxic relationships?

  Yes, being addicted to a person is officially a THING: it’s called codependency. Interestingly, there are many commonalities between codependency and being a Highly Sensitive Person (or HSP), specifically in the areas of emotional reactivity and empathy. In simple terms, this means that an HSP is a sucker for fixing someone’s suffering (even if that someone is HIGHLY unsuitable for them) because their heart quite literally goes out to a person in need, and their knee jerk reaction is to want to jump in and RESCUE them. This is the very same hook that reels in a codependent person. As an HSP, you will have become accustomed to being labeled ‘too sensitive’ or ‘dramatic’, and being made to feel...

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