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Make no mistake, this is a big moment for OnePlu

s. The company has built a loyal legion of fans – especially in India, with smartphones that have almost always delivered on their brand promise. One of the vital ingredients in the OnePlus success has been a brilliant blend of hardware and the UI. That was the first thing I spotted after unboxing the OnePlus Watch that transfers some of the key OnePlus attributes to a whole new category.   The first big win for the OnePlus Watch is design. OnePlus keeps things remarkably simple – a 46mm case finished in high-quality stainless steel (there’s also a limited edition that features Cobalt alloy that will release soon in India) with a 2.5D curved glass and a vibrant display. The silicone...

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If you are a hardcore gamer (or trying to become one), there are a few things you need to possess

The skills are, of course, a must! But the list really starts with good gaming equipment before you narrow down to the actual games.  Many avid gamers focus much of their resources on gaming machines, but forget one thing that makes all the difference — a gaming desk! You see, whether you got the best monitor or gaming console, you might not be at your best if you are just using your usual office or home table as your desk — you deserve better! A gaming desk puts everything you need at your fingertips, giving you all the space you require to a point of allowing you to customize your own gaming space. You get to establish better positions for...

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