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BYOP: The Best Portable Generators for Backup Power

Recent extreme weather events like hurricanes and wildfires have not only served as an immediate symbol of the need to take action on climate change, but also as a reminder of the importance of emergency preparedness. But if the last time you prepared for a disaster was during fire drills in school, you may not be sure where to begin. For starters, a designated emergency kit will help you meet your needs at home for several days, and a go-bag (a backpack or duffel with emergency supplies) can be a valuable addition in the event of evacuation orders. But if you’re going to be hunkering down in one spot for a long time, you might end up needing a portable...

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DIY Deck Building – Step by Step

Extreme How To - DIY Home Improvement Featuring MoistureShield Elevate Composites and CAMO® EDGE Clip®  Fasteners by Matt Weber The huge outbuilding that Joey Prestage built as his Man Cave needed a deck. It sits on a beautiful lakefront lot which requires a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the view. The lay of the land meant the deck would connect to the building at ground level beneath a sliding patio door. The deck would extend across a downhill slope to be supported by a beam and posts on the opposite end. Once built, the deck floor would be completed with railing and a roof structure attached the building, which will help protect it from rain, tree debris, and UV...

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