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The bread knife isn’t just for cutting crusty loaves! Its serrated edge not only allows us to slice bread thick or thin, but it also makes the bread knife the ideal knife to cut through foods such as tomatoes

It can also perform an extra duty as a carving knife for roast meats! Serrated bread knives are available in different lengths with pointed or scalloped serrations and as flat or curved knifes. In this article, we consider the difference between these, as well as what design features make the bread knife so effective at cutting bread. To help you in your choice of new bread knife, we also review some of the best bread knives on sale and look at the pros and cons of each. ​Best Pick The NSF certified Mercer Culinary wide wavy edge bread knife with its 10" high carbon stain free Japanese steel is our best pick of the bread knives. View on Amazon ​Budget...

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Who doesn't love barbeques? They're great in sunny weather and make for great family gatherings and parties

Of course, the food at barbeques is the most important thing that will make or break the entire function. So it's no surprise when the tools needed to cook up tasty barbeque food are essential for barbeques and the kitchen. Barbeque gloves are such an example. Not only will they keep your hands protected but they also offer sanitation and hygiene during the cooking process. In this article, we will be listing some of the best bbq gloves that you may want to consider if you're looking for the perfect pair. ​Best Pick Our best pick is the Grill Heat Aid Extreme Heat Resistant Grill/BBQ Gloves. They come in several colours and sizes, are great for both indoor and outdoor...

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