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High Above Lookout: Review

High Above is the brainchild of JC Canfield, who got his chops under Dana Gleason at Mystery Ranch before deciding hip (fanny) packs needed a serious come back. Based in Bellingham, WA, High Above has created everything from backpacks, to hip packs, to a sweaty-gear focused duffel successfully funded through Kickstarter. I would say that the Lookout falls into the second wave of High Above offerings. I still have an original, pre-updated Das Radpack that I use all of the time. The Lookout is the culmination of JC’s experience in designing hip packs. It’s durable, lightweight, and full of features you’d want on or off the bike. Tech Specs Imperial Metric Height 5.25″ 13.3cm Length 9″ 22.9cm Depth 3″ 7.6cm...

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