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Two years ago, but it seems closer to ten, a nice deputy editor for a new publication approached me to write a piece

He had been reading me forever and was working for this company with a bunch of money invested in it, could pay pretty well and expose me to some new readers not only on the web but a print magazine he compared to Rolling Stone. I said yes and we were going back and forth about what my first piece should be, and then my mom died. Freelance gigs are usually a little stressful and all-consuming for me, but for some reason I still wanted to do it. Looking back at my emails, I was literally trying to schedule around the days off I had other than the one for the funeral. I agreed to write about the Halloween series,...

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Q: What is on your bucket list for this fall?

A: My main goal this fall is getting mini back into the swing of school and normalizing all of the COVID-related changes. I know that sounds so ridiculous, but right now, I’m feeling desperate to settle into a good rhythm. We’re still battling a lot of tearful pick-ups and drop-offs around here, and the occasional resistance to wearing mask/shield. I want to be through the transition and into the pattern. I’m sure a lot of moms can relate to this right now. On the “fun” side of things, we have already purchased timed tickets to go apple picking at Fishkill Farms, and we are also planning to visit Storm King Art Center (an outdoor art gallery) if we can swing...

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It’s easy to scare up some fun with Halloween decorations from The Home Depot

Sadie Lish of Clover Lane Blog was able to take advantage of a few products to create a spooky Halloween porch with her kids. Halloween decor is out in full swing at The Home Depot and MY KIDS ARE HERE FOR IT. Every time we go there in the fall (which is at least three days a week), we have to walk through the Halloween section. Clearly, I needed to take some items home with me to create a spooky space they could admire at home. First things first: Research and Development This might be the easiest step to creating the perfect look. For our research and development, we headed down to our local Home Depot. We walked through the...

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