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Born from old factories and industrial warehouses, today’s industrial style interiors have become very chic and desirable, whether or not they are in a truly industrial space

While this decor trend became popular at the time when urban areas stared converting lofts to living spaces, today many a suburban home features industrial decor. Sometimes this is carried throughout the space or just included in the form of smaller elements in the house. Either way, there are some key characteristics to industrial decor that should be considered when designing a space that is intended to fit this style — as well as your own! Industrial chic decor ideas Mix it Up Architectural elements of these spaces are exposed bricks, visible pipes, concrete floors, and large windows. The combination of these features helps create an open space that feels like warehouse or factory. In addition, the materials used in the...

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After explaining how John’s fly fishing side gig inspired a few major changes in our sunroom last week (i.e. we got rid of every last scrap of décor…), so many of you asked for the scoop on how he organizes his outdoor fishing gear! So, today I’m back to share a full tour of his fly-tying space, including several “man-friendly” décor ideas. I’m the first to admit that this type of décor is a little different than my own personal taste, but I really do love so many things about John’s fly-tying room. I’m pretty darn confident that you’ll find more than a few things to love in the space, too, so keep scrolling for the tour.  To orient you, John’s...

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