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Cuffing Season 2020 Looks Different Than in Years Past—Here’s What To Expect

As temperatures drop, spiced drinks appear, and the chaos of seasonal family functions (even if just digital!) kicks into high gear, another calendar-sanctioned event begins: cuffing season. Cuffing season is the phenomena of singles seeking out a partner for October through February, basically for the express purpose of staying warm through winter and staving off loneliness. Along with cuddling and rom-com movie marathons, typical cuffing-season activities include Thanksgiving dinner, holiday events, New Year’s Eve revelry, and Valentine’s Day. That, however, was the pre-pandemic run-of-show; now, dating looks much different. So what does cuffing season 2020 look like? The answer depends on your needs. Togetherness has always been a key theme during the winter months, but because of social distancing, “togetherness...

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