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s Virtual roundtable: Bespoke possibilities in luxury design Virtual roundtable: Bespoke possibilities in luxury design To specify or not to specify, that was the initial question that editor Hamish Kilburn put forward to our expert panel of designers and lighting masterminds for our latest roundtable, in association with bespoke lighting brand Dernier & Hamlyn, on bespoke possibilities in luxury design… There are a plethora of well-documented benefits linked to selecting bespoke products in a luxury brief – it eliminates the need to flex or drastically change the interior design scheme, for starters. Bespoke is therefore, in many if not all scenarios, the best and most preferred solution among leading designers where budget is no barrier. Or is it? In association...

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10 Tips for Working With Hazardous Materials on Construction Sites

Construction sites are the foundation for how buildings and structures come to fruition. They are some of the most critical areas for safety, too, as they have various potential hazards. It is important for workers to take precautionary steps to prepare for any situation. The hazards at construction sites include sharp materials and edges, chemical substances, debris and more. As workers venture into these sites, they must have the proper training and knowledge to handle a dangerous situation. Here are 10 tips for working with hazardous materials. 1. Procedures and Protocols One of the first steps of any job is learning the responsibilities, duties and tasks that come with each role. These protocols should be easily accessible for workers so...

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