When building content around your brand, the key to success leads in strategic planning followed by consistency.

Don’t burn-out by creating as much content as possible as soon as you can with no prior plan. Before you begin, it is best to plan out your content around what you want it to achieve. Consider these strategy points when working on content to support your brand.

Here are four things every content creator needs to know to create content which is relevant to your audience and grow your following across your chosen digital channels.

Position Your Brand

One of the many aims of your brand’s content is to build a momentum which grows an audience which is both relevant to your brand and is regularly engaging with your brand. This means the most vital thing your content needs to do in a crowded content marketplace is to stand out. The internet is a very busy and distracting place, and you need to position yourself as a quality content creator who is worth engaging with in order to hook your audience. You need to work out how to be different in a saturated market.

How to achieve this? You might want to find a niche within your niche. For example, if you are covering entrepreneurship, you may want to focus on a single sector, or how to grow on a specific digital channel. Work out what makes you ‘different’, or what you are an expert in, and articulate that difference.

Learn How To Promote Your Content 

Your content may be exceptional, but if you don’t tell anyone it’s there, your audience and reach will always be limited. Even at the start of planning and creating content for a new channel, you need to start to learn about paid traffic and digital advertising, and how best to market your content to a relevant and engaged audience.

Organic traffic also factors, and content creators need to learn the hundreds of ways they can promote their branded content on the digital platforms available to them. It is unlikely your audience is simply going to ‘stumble on’ your high-quality content, so get your content in front of the audience through promotion – don’t be shy!

Choose Your Platforms 

Instead of hosting everything you make on every platform available, do your research around your audience and choose which platforms are most important to you and where your audience is most likely to be spending their time.

Different platforms attract different audiences, and you need to align your target demographic with the platforms you choose to create content for. For example, Instagram has a younger audience whose content attracts under 35 year olds, whereas Pinterest has an older, female leaning demographic: perfect for home and interiors brands.

Some platforms do have a more ‘general’ audience, such as YouTube, but you still need to consider how you are changing your content and the way it is presented for each platform. Remember to tailor your content to those nuances, such as the size and length of video content and the use of hashtags.

Generate A Profit

Once you have poured effort, time and money into creating amazing content for your brand, you should consider how to monetize your content.

If your content has been well-planned and provides useful information and insight, then you need to consider your content as an asset in itself. Branded content is created to boost all parts of your marketing funnel, but it can also be its own revenue stream. Learn how to turn your content into a profit-maker through digital advertising or creating a paid channel for your engaged audience.


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