50 Keys Lock Box Grey W- Carrying Handle

50 Keys Lock Box Grey W- Carrying Handle

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The Portable 50 Position Key Lock Box from Barska features a hook-style cabinet that makes key organization easy and convenient. Included colored key tags allow the user to label each key for easy identification, and a convenient carry handle located on the top of the lock box allows for ease of transport. The Portable 50 Key Lock Box has four pre-drilled mounting holes and included hardware for installation. The safe walls and door are constructed of 0.8mm solid steel and finished with a gray coating.


- 50 Numbered Key Hooks
- Convenient Carry Handle
- 50 Long Colored Key Tags
- Mounting Hardware
- Lock Box Keys


- Labeled Key Shelves
- Log Sheet
- Mounting Hardware
- Keys


- Lock Mechanism: Manual
- DOJ Approved: No
- Thickness: 1/32
- Lock Type: Mechanical Key
- Access Method: Front
- Body Material: Steel
- Product Weight: 4 lbs.
- Key Capacity: 50
- Outer Size: 9" x 12.5" x 3"
- Fireproof: None
- Waterproof: None
- Locking Sytem: Key Lock