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There are two new release Montessori books that you need to know about. The Montessori Book of Coordination and Life Skills (for ages 2+) and The Montessori Book of Words and Numbers (for ages 3+) by Maja Pitamic. These are both activity books, each book contains 70-80 activities. The activities are all very Montessori, which is fantastic for Montessori families who just want to be able to pick up a book or resource and know it will suit their teaching methodology. All of the activities are easy, easy to do and easy to present. They are not complicated. They also explain a lot. If you have ever questioned how to introduce colours to your child, or asked how Montessori parents introduce counting...

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Ford Bridgend Plant To Close By September 2020

Ford’s engine plant in Bridgend will close in September 2020, union sources have said. There are fears for around 1,700 jobs at the plant and a formal announcement is expected later on Thursday. One worker told the BBC before the news was confirmed that he was “devastated” by the speculation, adding: “South Wales is going to be like a ghost town.” Union sources said Ford bosses spent much of the meeting explaining how much cheaper it was to build engines at its plant in Mexico compared with Bridgend. The Bridgend site opened in 1980, covers an area of 60 acres, and is one of Wales’s major employers. It has been manufacturing engines for 40 years. The factory has been under threat...

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