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10 Tips For Preventing Your Child From Swallowing A Toy

Parenthood is full of infinite joys and, unfortunately, many moments of stress, too. Parents agonize over the well-being of their children, and sometimes it can seem as though danger lurks around every corner. A common fear stems from the possibility that you child might accidentally swallow a toy and get hurt. These 10 tips will help you understand why children are so susceptible to swallowing foreign objects, how to recognize the signs that they’ve had a swallowing accident, and what to do about it if it happens. 1. Learn About Why They Do It Children are born with a natural instinct to put things in their mouth. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as mouthing, which is an important step...

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Graya Constructions’ Andrew Gray’s stunning new home

After a decade of building homes for other people, Andrew Gray of Graya Construction built his own forever home high on a hill in the inner Brisbane suburb of Paddington recently and it’s a beauty. While resale was considered, the tri-level home is anything but ordinary with neutral feature brick, timber, concrete and natural stone combining for a relaxed, urban vacation vibe. The home features a three-story chimney. Photo: Cathy Shusler “We wanted our home to feel like a haven. We went with a light colour palette, something that was neutral and more coastal, so we could get a holiday feel. The light tones of the brick and how we’ve used it throughout the house has brought that sense of...

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