“Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” – Part Eighteen

Here on my blog, I strive to share simple, everyday tips and tricks that can help make your life a little bit easier. But sometimes, the tips that I want to share aren’t something I can write a whole blog post about!

And since I simply cannot waste a good idea, I tuck them away to use at a later date. Today I’ll be sharing some of those tips and tricks with you in the eighteenth edition of my ongoing series “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?”

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1. Hidden Kitchen Storage
Need a convenient place to keep your measuring cups or spoons in your kitchen? The inside of your cabinet doors makes the perfect place to store small items, and you can do it easily with the help of a few Command hooks!

Not only are Command hooks easy to install, they’re easy to remove too. That means you can try out several different layouts or locations without worrying about doing any permanent damage to your kitchen cabinets.

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2. Picture Perfect Deviled Eggs
While it may not matter as much for egg salad or potato salad, you probably want your deviled eggs to have their yolks as close to the center of the egg as possible. And the trick to achieving dead-center yolks is surprisingly simple!

The key is storing the eggs on their sides overnight before you cook them. To do this, you can either tip the whole egg carton on its side and support it with other items in your fridge, or you can open the carton and tip each egg so that it’s resting on its side rather than on its end.

Either way, when you cook the eggs the next day, the yolks should stay right in the center of them. Your deviled eggs will turn out picture perfect!
3. Better Buttered Popcorn
I’ve always liked extra buttery popcorn, but pouring melted butter on top has its drawbacks! It’s impossible to evenly distribute the butter into the popcorn, which usually results in parts of it getting a bit soggy while the rest stays bone dry.

But I recently learned about a much more effective method that butter lovers like me will love! Make your own sprayable butter by adding 2 tablespoons of melted butter and 2 teaspoons of a neutral-flavored oil to a small food-safe spritzer bottle. You’ll find it much easier to achieve evenly buttered popcorn with this spray method!

(Oh, and one more thing… if the spritzer starts to stream rather than spray, the butter may have solidified. Just drop your spritzer bottle in a mug of hot water for minute or two to remelt the butter!)
4. Honey Fix
If your jar of honey is looking a bit rough after a few too many trips through the microwave, never fear! There’s a simple way to restore a crystallized or even nearly solidified jar of honey to its previously gooey and pourable state.

Make sure the jar of honey is tightly sealed, then place it in the top rack of your dishwasher and run a load of dishes. As strange as it may sound, it’s an easy and effective way to warm, agitate, and revive your honey without lifting a finger!
5. Hanging Cleaning Tools
Ever notice how the holes on the ends of your cleaning tools (like brooms, mops, dusters, etc.) are often too small to make them useful for hanging? As annoying as it is, there’s a simple way fix this problem.

Loop a zip tie or a piece of string through the existing hole, then secure it leaving a good amount of slack. Then you’ll be able to hang your tool on a hook using the zip tie or string rather than the too-small hole!
6. Sturdier Shopping Bags
One of my favorite things about my set of reusable shopping bags is that they each have a sturdy insert that keeps them standing upright. If you’re tired of your shopping bags toppling over, here’s an easy DIY solution to make them sturdier!

Find a cardboard box that is about the same size as your shopping bag, then cut the top flaps off and slide it into the bottom of the bag. The cardboard will keep the bag open and upright, making it much easier for you to use!
7. Green Onion Growth
Instead of buying a new bunch of green onions every time you use them as a garnish, you can triple their lifespan by storing them in a glass of water in a sunny spot. The tops will continue to grow as long as you don’t cut off too much at once!

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