Where to get keys?


I have two boxes I need keys for, a Kennedy and an old Rem-Line. Both are open and I even have a key for the Kennedy, just want a second. Here's the problem. When I lived in NoVA, I knew of a chain of old school locksmiths as well as another decent locksmith shop, so I had three choices vaguely nearby.

I need either a key copied or cut from code for the Kennedy.

I need two keys made from code or from the lock cylinder for the Rem-Line.

I now live in Maryland and I cannot find any kind of brick and mortar, walk in locksmith shop. It's all mobile services; I've inquired of a few of them and they apparently just won't do what I want. I also inquired of a web site offering mail order keys for old toolboxes, he says he doesn't have the codes I gave him.

I've posted on my facebook asking if any locals know of a locksmith shop that may not have an online presence (probably what I want, frankly) and now I'm posting here to see if anyone has any bright ideas, other than me driving an hour plus each way to one of the shops that I bet could hook me up (but won't do it while I wait, so I'd have to make the trip again.)

thanks for any advice... #GeneralGarageDiscussion