Upscaling Homes With Subtle Modern Glam Decor

Modern glam decor puts the charisma back into contemporary interiors. Shining metallic accents and luxe marble elements take the look way upscale, whilst neutral white and wood tone backdrops remain calm and collected. The four refreshing home designs we’re looking at today tackle the modern glamorous decor aesthetic with a subtle approach, leaving room to breathe around key pieces. Captivating furniture choices favour the elegant over the highly ornate, and high-end lighting options are tasteful without a whisper of ostentation. This is a key look for discerning homeowners who appreciate all of the finer things in life, without desire for the pretentious, showy or loud.

Designer: Maria Belousova   Visualizer: Alina Berezovetskaya  

A large rug sets down a hushed white base in the living room of our first modern glam home interior. A clean white contemporary sofa matches the light rug, whilst an unusual floor lamp and a small side table extend slender brass accents.

Behind the L-shaped sectional sofa arrangement, a bespoke installation of bookshelves organise an asymmetrical tower inside of a wide alcove. Concealed LED strips emit subtle illumination from behind the ledges.

Small book stacks and sculptural decor pieces are placed sparingly along the bespoke bookcase to give each item its moment.

A stunning square marble coffee table injects a monolithic moment of glamour into the heart of the lounge, with sweeping swathes of black smoky vein.

A matching black and white marble side table and decorative hearth expand upon the fabulous stone accent.

The marble side table is paired with a designer lounge chair, to make a stylish reading area next to another custom-made bookcase design. On this side of the room, the bookshelves are cut from solid white marble, and placed within the confines of smooth, soothing wood tone. Recessed lighting softly highlights the narrow tower.

The open layout places the dining area within a metre of the lounge, but the delicately light and airy decor scheme maintains a spacious and uncluttered feel.

Sturdy trefoil shaped legs give the modern dining table a unique look, whilst the wood finish maintains a modest and understated aesthetic.

An extraordinary dining room chandelier drips brass strands between orb shades.

Six curvaceous Gubi Beetle chairs add to the brass accent theme.

A marble backsplash gracefully links the one wall kitchen with the other deluxe black and white stone accents in the space.

Visualizer: Shexia Space Design  

Our second modern glam home interior is warmed through with blush and berry coloured accents. A single blush pink scatter cushion breaks a crisply white curved sofa design, which arcs around a set of equally shapely nesting coffee tables.

A wood panelled and copper framed TV wall builds a unique partition between the lounge and kitchen.

Muted berry drapes, a voluptuous blush accent chair and a mildly tinted rug set out a mellow spectrum of colour.

Chic dining chairs stand on gleaming copper frames, made bright against crisp white backrests.

A modern dining chandelier falls in a tangle of orbs and gold, expanding the materials palette into mixed metals.

The racetrack shaped dining table with ribbed legs puts the dining set bang on trend.

Fluted glass doors echo the textural element of the table. A large wall clock makes an eye-catching display above a beautiful patterned sideboard with brass inlays.

Visualizer: Fabolix Team  

A majestic marbled epoxy resin statement wall makes an unforgettable first impression inside our third modern glam home design. The special feature is enhanced with gold to escalate the glamour. A glass coffee table expands on the gold accent with its elegant metalwork base.

In the kitchen diner, a hooped modern chandelier complements the circular shape of the small dining table. Unique dining chairs form a sculptural surround.

The small kitchen is a simple white, one-wall installation, with monochrome terrazzo patterning the backsplash.

Pale gold handles add a luxury element to white closets in the home entryway, mounted upon finely ribbed doors.

The same ribbed material adds unexpected detail to the closet interior, which is then highlighted under LED bands.

The master bedroom is home to a particularly unique platform bed that has been fashioned to portray one folded piece.

Dimmable wall sconces produce dramatic, atmospheric light.

Matching vanity stools are teamed with twin vanity mirrors to form a double dressing table area.

Chevron flooring tracks through from the bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe, where another two identical vanity stools sit in wait.

Herringbone mosaic tiles create a textural backdrop for a robe hook in the bathroom. The statement tiles valiantly compete for attention against an elegant archway into the shower area, and an intriguing pedestal sink design.

3D floor plan.

Visualizer: Elena Shpak  

Our final tour takes place at an 80 square metre flat in Kiev, Ukraine.

An L-shaped sofa hugs the wall of a somewhat narrow living room. The matching ottoman has been paired with a wraparound side table, to create the effect of nesting coffee tables.

Roman window blinds softly unfold shade onto full height windows, creating a cosy cocoon around the TV area.

Modern wall panelling adds to the snug effect, and encases the small lounge with subtly interesting texture that does not overwhelm the space.

At the back of the open concept, a fresh muted mint and white kitchen island is paired with a contrasting wood dining table. The mint and white colour combo is matched by bold kitchen and dining pendant lights, which are the multilight Vibia Cosmos.

The decorative grooves that shape the wall panels have been continued over interior doors to create a seamless, high-end finish.

A knitted throw brings the mint accent to the bedroom. Mini pendant lights add drops of gold.

Gold side tables add lustre around the upholstered bed.

Glossy wardrobes receive a rich golden trim.

The mint element is replaced by pastel pink accents in the kid’s room.

Marble panels flood the small bathroom with light, subtle glamour.

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