This is the perfect power station to take camping with you - Bluetti-EB70 700Watt Portable Power Station

Going camping can be one of life's real joys, but there's something a little scary about the idea of being completely without power for however long you're going for. 

While going without a power station might make for the most rugged, authentic experience, being able to rely on a portable source of power can make all the difference, and really unlock camping's relaxing potential. Bluetti's EB70 is a brilliant power station that could make your next camping trip really superb - find out more about it below!
Amazing power capacity
The EB70 has, at its core, one function to fulfil, and that's powering your devices, lights, appliances and more. That's why it's key that Bluetti has squeezed in an absolutely massive amount of power, to make sure that it has enough juice to meet your needs.

With a typical capacity of 716Wh, you've got enough to charge loads of devices at once, and it's a really perfect addition to a camping setup. By adding an EB70 you can suddenly power a portable grill, a heater, an air pump for mattresses, and way more besides, to ensure that you can bring some home comforts with you while you're out and about. It means that you can really enjoy the best of both worlds. 
Super convenient
Having a huge bank of power is really useful, but another thing that sets the Bluetti EB70 apart is how easy it makes it to use that power. You get a range of charging ports for smaller devices like smartphones and laptops via USB - and even a wireless charging pad for maximum ease.

On top of that, though, there are a range of bigger ports for appliances and other items which might have traditional wall plugs or other charging cables. Whatever you need to power, you'll be able to hook it up to the EB70, which means you can be confident in planning even ambitious campground setups. 

You can also pick up the EB70 with its comfortable carrying handle for easy relocation, and it comes in black, red and blue to let you pick a model that fits in with your chosen aesthetic, too. 
Charge it however you like
Of course, while charging things from your Bluetti power station is the whole reason you'd pick one up, it's also important to think about how you'll be recharging the EB70 itself. Too many power stations have really limited capabilities on this front.

Bluetti, though, has made sure that the EB70 can be charged in a variety of helpful ways. You can plug it into a wall outlet to keep things simple, power it up from your car, hook it up to a traditional gas generator or even use solar panels to give it some juice. Regardless of how you choose to do it, it'll get powered up nice and quickly to make sure that you're able to get going when you need to.

These are just a handful of the many factors why the Bluetti EB70 is such a great choice for anyone looking to pick up a new power station for a camping trip or any other reason. You can find out even more about the EB70, and order one for yourself, on Bluetti's website.