The Coolest Carrying Cases for Your Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods have carved out a permanent spot in our pockets. They dominate the wireless headphone game with easy connectivity, great quality and sleek design. In other words, they’re here to stay.

However, AirPods have one drawback that Apple customers are familiar with; they’re not very durable, and the case is quite slippery. This means that clean plastic might scratch, wear or get dropped. And when you’re taking the headphones everywhere, this can be a real problem.

For this reason, many users are turning to protective carrying cases. It keeps your headphones safe while giving them more grip and scoring some style points as well. We think it’s a great idea, so we rounded up 13 of our favorites below. From durable options to colorful (and adorable) designs and more, check out some of the best Apple AirPod cases for 2020.
   1. PodSkinz Silicone AirPod Case

If you want a straightforward, well-made AirPod skin, go for this case from PodSkinz. It protects headphones from scratches or small drops without being too bulky in your pocket and has over 3,500 reviews to back up its case (pun intended). Key features include a visible battery light, wireless charging capability and a dust-proof finish.

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Buy: PodSkinz Silicone AirPod Case $5.95
   2. Doboli Airpod Cases (2-Pack)

AirPods are expensive, so you might be looking to spend as little as possible on a case. For the budget shoppers, we recommend this two-pack of cases from Doboli. They’re $8 ($4 apiece) making them the most affordable cases we could find. Stash one as a replacement, get a fellow AirPod user to split the cost or gift the second one.

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Buy: Doboli Airpod Cases (2-Pack) $7.99
   3. Killspencer Keychain Airpods

Instead of carrying your Airpods in your pocket or bag, attach them to your keychain to always have them within arm’s reach. Made from real premium leather with an elegant (and smart) black metal eyelet for extra reinforcement, these AirPod cases won’t lose their luster or wear out over time. With options to cover your 1st Gen, 2nd Gen or Pro AirPods, there’s an option for every type of user.

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Buy: Killspencer Keychain Airpods $35.00 Buy It    4. Fun Fashion Airpod Carry Case

These cute carrying cases offer an adorable way to store your kids’ AirPods. Choose from four cuddly carrying designs, including a cuddly teddy bear, a cute cat and more. Each case is made from extra-durable silicone, and they all include a handy hook for easy-breezy keychain access.

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Buy: Fun Fashion Airpod Carry Case $11.96 Buy It    5. Icarer Leather Airpod Case

Leather AirPod cases offer a serious style upgrade over silicone. We like this one from Icarer because it’s made of a premium, genuine leather and has a metal clasp that matches the vintage style. It’s slightly pricer at $20, but for something you’ll use every day, it’s a worthwhile upgrade.

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Buy: Icarer Leather Airpod Case $19.79
   6. Kekilo Airpod Case

Metal is another good upgrade for AirPod Cases. It’s more durable (thanks to a silicone inner layer) and sleeker, but won’t help much with the slipperiness of AirPods. The case includes ear hooks and a wire that connects the two AirPods (if you’re prone to losing them), as well as a carabiner for attaching to your bag or belt.

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Buy: Kekilo Airpod Case $12.95
   7. Shiny Metallic Edgy Hard Protective Shockproof Case

Looking for a case that really stands out? Add a little bling to your scene with these ultra-shiny shockproof cases. Available in red, silver, gold, and dark grey, they’re sure to make your AirPods stand out, which will definitely come in handy when it’s 2:00 AM and you can’t remember where you placed them last. Complete with carbineer and designed to support wireless charging, these awesome cases are only compatible with 1st and 2nd Generation models.

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Buy: Shiny Metallic Shockproof Case $22.00 Buy It    8. elago Duo Silicone Case

For when you need a case that changes color as much as you change your mind, these elago silicone cases are a delight. Designed to allow both wired AND wireless charging, each case comes with two different colored caps, giving them a unique customizable feature that’s not seen in any other type of AirPod cases. They’re made from silicone and are designed specifically from Generation 1 and 2 models only.

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Buy: elago Duo Silicone Case $8.99    9. Micok Waterproof Airpod Case

Whether you’re hiking in the rain or fumbling with your stuff over a street puddle, having a waterproof case will certainly provide some peace of mind. Our favorite waterproof case is this one from Micok because it’s reasonably priced at $12 and features an easy-to-use peel-back top. Reviewers say the case works great, keeping AirPods safe from water and drops alike.

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Buy: Micok Waterproof Airpod Case $10.99
   10. Joyleop Nintendo AirPod Case

Want a conversation-starting case? Go for this Nintendo Gameboy-themed case. It’s more interesting than a regular silicone case — and certainly more interesting than the stock black or white AirPod case. It’s still durable enough to keep your AirPods safe, and also has a carabiner for attaching to your bag or belt.

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Buy: Joyleop Nintendo AirPod Case $11.99
   11. Twelve South AirSnap

This case from Twelve South scores top points for style. It showcases a unique flap-top closure that does double duty by looking great and providing real protection. The case comes in either leather or twill with color options for both.

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Buy: Twelve South AirSnap $34.99
   12. Halleast AirPod Case

For those of us that constantly drop our AirPods, this case from Halleast is the way to go. It boasts a super tough metal and rubber construction that offers maximum safety while also giving the case a rugged, masculine look. This makes it great for travel as well as daily use.

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Buy: Halleast AirPod Case $15.95
   13. Zalu Airpods Case

If you’re picky about the color of your AirPod case, check out the color options on this Zalu case. You have 30 vibrant colors to choose from, so you can match the case to your bag or personal style. Customers say it fits great, looks good and offers some real protection.

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Buy: Zalu Airpods Case $5.99
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