The Best Handgun Holsters You Can Buy on Amazon

In Skyfall, when Q gives 007 his latest Walther PPK 9 mm Short, he describes it as “less of a random killing machine and more of a personal statement.” That philosophy is a maybe over-the-top expression of a gun buyer’s relationship to a handgun, but the short gun differs from rifles and shotguns in their ability to accompany owners through daily life for maximum protection. While not every state makes it easy for gun owners to conceal and carry their handgun, the best gun holsters do.

The following eclectic collection of handgun holsters offers suggestions for different types of weapons and various styles of containment and transport on a gun owner’s person. From hip to ankle to chest, with revolvers or automatics, you can find plenty of reliable holster options on Amazon.

Keep reading for the best handgun holsters you can buy on Amazon in 2021. And if you haven’t already, check out our guides to the best self-defense weapons, the best gun safes and the top handgun safes.


1. 1791 Gunleather Combo 1911 Holster 


The 1791 line of Gunleather holsters are made in general use designs and weapon-specific sizes. Regardless of the make and model intended for the end product, the 1791 holster is made of durable, layered leather and set for longtime use. Designs like this are ready for concealed carry use and include room for a spare ammo magazine.

Buy: 1791 GunLeather Combo 1911 Holster and Mag Pouch $71.99


2. Relentless Tactical – The Ultimate Leather Gun Holster


You can’t go wrong with simple, but effective — and the Relentless Tactical Leather Gun Holster will serve as a secure stop for a larger caliber, long-slide automatic. The arrangement of its strap loops allow for mounting on the hip or as a larger shoulder holster. Its solid construction also promises to wear well if you keep a given weapon for consistent use over the years.

Buy: Relentless Tactical - The Ultimate Leather Gun Holster $59.99


3. ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster


Many types of concealed carry holsters wrap the gun securely and include strap guides for belt use. The ComforTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster is a one-unit option with a flexible wrap around belt of its own — equipped with hook and ladder straps for comfortable adjustment. In addition to holding your small arms safely, there’s also a utility pocket for an extra magazine.

Buy: ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster $24.97


4. Shotgun Lilli Gun Belt


No, this clearly ism’t for any manner of concealed carry. In fact, we think the only state where it might be approved for public use only deep in the heart of Texas. Still, for target use or even for those small numbers of working cowboys who might need a bush popper to take out a snake or two, the Shotgun Lilli is a handsome and well-built choice. It’s also fun if you want to play gunslinger at your local target range.

Buy: Shotgun Lilli Gun Belt $89.95


5. Kosibate Shoulder Holster


Simple in construction and modern in design, the Kosibate Shoulder Holster is a good all-around option for basic small arms concealed carry use. While it can’t take on a larger caliber handgun, more compact 9 mm choices or other smaller bore guns fit conveniently. There’s also a hook and loop strap atop the holster release for securing the weapon. 

Buy: Kosibate Shoulder Holster $15.99


6. Federal 2 Gun Shoulder Holster


While the demo guns in the photo are the brightly colored props often used for self-defense training, the Federal 2 Gun Shoulder Holster is designed to take on two of the very real thing. Designed for comfortable use, the adjustable straps are key to an effective fit. Two guns mean double the weight, so the shoulder straps are reinforced and flexible. Finally, the holsters themselves accept larger caliber guns with longer barrel lengths.

Buy: Federal 2 Gun Shoulder Holster $34.60


7. Galco Great Alaskan Shoulder Holster


Somewhat of a throwback to the shoulder holsters of old, the Galco Great Alaskan Shoulder Holster is made of durable leather and arranged to keep your weapon on one side and an ammunition packet on the other for concealed carry use. Though most of the construction is leather, there are modern, adjustable straps at key points to adjust the fit. 

Buy: Galco Great Alaskan Shoulder Holster


8. DeSantis Black Mamba Chest Carry Holster



The “best for” category here was an easy pick here considering the size of the magnum beast encased in this image of the DeSantis Black Mamba Chest Carry Holster. Since the length of such a weapon makes waste band carry impossible and stretches the limits of a shoulder holster, this chest design offers a more comfortable option. Its easy access also allows for quick draw from its chest mount.

Buy: DeSantis Black Mamba Chest Carry Holster $75.79


9. MANMEI Ankle Pistol Holster


You might want to ignore the given photo as the purpose of a concealed ankle holster tends to go askew if you’re wearing shorts. Still, amongst all the options for a concealed carry ankle holster, the MANMEI is amongst the most comfortable. Meanwhile, it’s adjustable straps all it to hold your small arms of choice easily, regardless of how hard you’re hitting the stair master.

Buy: MANMEI Ankle Pistol Holster $11.99


10. 1791 GUNLEATHER 1911 Right Hand OWB Leather


We end where we began with the thickly layered and undeniably tough construction of 1791 Gunleather holsters. This basic OWB (Outside the Waste Band) holster will play home to long-slide calibers ranging from .38 and .45 to 7.5 and 9 mm. Its well-conditioned and treated leather structure adheres to the hip — strong enough to hold the weapon snugly and soft enough not to irritate the gun owner.

Buy: 1791 GUNLEATHER Right Hand OWB Leather $48.99


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