The 7 Things You Need To Know To Make Your Swimsuit Last

Swimming is one of those activities that requires special equipment even if you only do it once a year. It’s like skiing in that way. Even if you only go skiing once, you’ll still need to find some snow gear, skis, and poles to use! But swimming is a bit more forgiving than skiing in that you really only need one thing to do it: a swimsuit.

And I don’t know about you, but when I find a swimsuit I actually like (no easy feat to be sure!) I want to hold on to it for as long as I can! Unfortunately, swimsuits are one of the most tricky pieces of clothing to take care of. So tricky, in fact, that many of us end up replacing our swimsuits annually (or even more frequently) because of damage or wear. But no more, I say! :-) This year is going to be different, because I’m determined to make my brand new swimsuit last as long as it possibly can.

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I recently did some research and came up with 7 easy tips for taking care of swimwear, and I’ll be sharing those tips with you in today’s post! With the help of these tips, you can enjoy as much pool or beach time as possible this summer, and know that your favorite suit is going to keep looking great for months and months to come!
7 Easy Ways To Make Your Swimsuit Last Longer

1. Have More Than One
Rather than wearing one swimsuit all summer long, it helps to own at least two. The benefit to having more than one swimsuit is that you can alternate wearing them. If both suits are only being worn half the time, they’ll both last longer because of it!

2. Rinse Off Before Swimming
After you put your swimsuit on (but before you hop in the pool or ocean), rinse off in the shower and make sure to soak your suit. If you soak your swimsuit with clean water first, it will absorb less of the chlorinated water or salt water while you’re swimming.

3. Rinse Off After Swimming
Then when you’re done swimming for the day, hop back in the shower with your swimsuit. While you’re washing the chlorine or salt off your skin, use the same soap or body wash to give your swimsuit a quick scrub. Rinse it well and let it air dry.

4. Wash It Like A Bra
Just like a delicate bra won’t fare well in a typical washing machine cycle, neither with a swimsuit. Taking the time to hand-wash your swimsuit will lengthen its lifespan considerably, and it’s actually pretty quick and easy to do!

For step-by-step instructions on hand-washing your swimsuit, simply follow the same instructions I provided for hand-washing bras at the link below! :-)

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5. Dry Carefully
The safest way to dry a swimsuit is to lay it out flat, either indoors or in the shade, and allow it to air dry completely.

Here are a few “don’ts” to keep in mind when it comes to drying a swimsuit:
Don’t hang it up to dry, or the weight of the water could stretch it out of shape. Don’t dry it in a dryer, or small tears could develop in the fabric And don’t dry it in the sun, or the sun could bleach the material and damage the elastic.

6. Beware Of Hot Tubs
Hot water and chlorine can both be hard on swimwear. But put them both together, and it’s no wonder that a few hot tub soaks can be enough to ruin a nice swimsuit! Just make sure to wear your least favorite suit when you have hot tub plans.

7. Use Special Cleansers
If you’re spending a lot of time in chlorinated pools, you may want to consider investing in a chlorine neutralizer like Summer Solutions. This special cleanser helps neutralize and remove chlorine from your swimsuits, which will help minimize damage and keep your suit looking nicer, longer!

Are you planning to do any swimming this summer?