The 45 Best AirPods & AirPods Pro Cases for Sale in 2022

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Apple AirPods have carved out a permanent spot in our pockets, which is why many people keep track of their favorite wireless earbuds with the best AirPods cases. These earbuds dominate the wireless headphone game with easy connectivity, high-quality construction and a sleek design.

However, AirPods have one drawback that many Apple customers are familiar with. Enduring the rigors of commuting, exercising and general use can decrease the lifespan of your AirPods case, especially if you throw the occasional drop into the mix, which is highly likely given the case’s rather slippery nature. The result? A case full of scratches, scuffs and signs of being used. The answer? One of the best AirPods cases or AirPods Pro cases.

Unsurprisingly, many Apple users invest in protective AirPods cases for their valuable listening devices. Additional AirPods security, whether a case or a cover, can keep your headphones safe while giving them more grip and scoring style points. We think this is a great idea, but before you buy one of the best AirPod cases, there are a few details you’ll need to think about.

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AirPods Cases vs. AirPods Covers

As you know, AirPods come with their own case. However, as we’ve mentioned, these all-white cases lack personality and can be prone to scuffs and drops. So, you have two choices. Either buy a new case to store your AirPods in or a cover for your existing AirPods case.

With the first option, you’ll get a case that snugly stores your AirPods and usually supports charging wirelessly or through a lightning port. However, with a cover, you get a protective wrap for the slippery Apple AirPods Case.

Away from the plain white of the original, there are cool AirPods cases made from several different materials and in a variety of designs. Some alternative materials that are worth your attention include:

  • Silicone
  • Leather
  • High-impact plastic
  • Ripstop nylon
  • Wood

Wireless Charging vs. Wired Charging

When you buy AirPods, you have to choose between getting a case that supports wireless charging or one that relies on the lightning cable to charge your AirPods. Of course, the latter is more budget-friendly, but it does take more effort when you get home. Wired charging isn’t as simple as placing your AirPods down in the right place. This is also a consideration if you’re replacing the case with one of your choosing. Ensure that the case you choose is compatible with wireless charging if that’s what you’re after.


AirPods Cases vs. AirPods Pro Cases

It’s important to note that the case for the AirPods Pro is slightly wider than the case for the previous versions, referred to as the AirPods 3 and AirPods 2. When shopping for the best AirPods cases, you need to make sure you’re buying a case designed specifically for the generation of AirPods you own. If your earbuds are looking a little worn-out, then check out our guide to the top AirPods deals, updated weekly.

different types of airpods cases

Three different sizes of AirPods cases. From left: AirPods 2, AirPods Pro, AirPods 3.

Fortunately, you’re spoiled for choice. No matter which type of Apple earbuds you own, there are tons of available cases, from designer AirPods cases to $5 silicone AirPods or AirPods Pro cases. To help you out, we rounded up our favorite AirPod cases for 2022 below. There are both cases and covers and options compatible with wireless and wired charging.

Scroll down and find the best AirPods case for every sense of style.


1. R-Fun AirPods & AirPods Pro Cases


Over the years we’ve found hundreds of stylish and whimsical AirPods cases, but for our “Best Overall” choice, we’re selecting a straightforward option that has proven its worth over and over again. The original R-Fun AirPods cases have more than 100,000 ratings from Amazon shoppers, and the new generation for the AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro are just as reliable. These popular silicone cases come in 34 different color options and include a carabiner clip. Slip one of these AirPods skins onto your earbuds and to keep them safe, clean and colorful.

r-fun airpods cases
Buy: R-Fun AirPods 3 Silicone Cases $9.99
Buy: R-Fun AirPods Pro Silicone Cases $7.99


2. BRG AirPods Pro Case


The BRG AirPods Pro Case is another straightforward option available via Amazon Prime. This simple black case has thousands of positive reviews and can be yours for just $4. This is your best bet if you aren’t tempted by the designer options above and below. This case won’t interfere with wireless charging and will keep your wireless earbuds safe.

best airpods case - BRG AirPods Pro Case Best Airpods Case

Buy: BRG AirPods Pro Case $6.99 (orig. $8.99) 22% OFF


3. Coffea Shock Absorbing Case


For only $10, you can really up the level of protection for your third-generation AirPods and the case with this shock-absorbing Coffea case. The premium silicone construction won’t leave any greasy fingerprints all over your case but also provides a grippy surface (unlike a bare AirPods case) to help prevent butter-finger moments. Even if that does happen, the shock-absorbing case keeps your AirPods safe. The case even has a metal carabiner clip to attach to your bag.

Coffea Shock Absorbing Case Best Airpods Case
Buy: Coffea Shock Absorbing Case $9.99


4. Homstect Triple-Layer Protective Silicone Case


There’s nothing wrong with a protective AirPods case that isn’t flashy. The Homstect protective case provides additional protection for your earbuds with a triple silicone layer for more insulation and to create a shockproof barrier between your valuable pods and the ground. Plus, it maintains wireless charging capabilities without taking it out of the protective layer. The case is available in seven different colors to fit your style.

Homstect Airpods 3 Case
Buy: Homstect Triple Layer Protective Silicone Case $9.99


5. OTTERBOX Soft Touch Case for AirPods Pro


Although this AirPods Pro case only has a handful of reviews on Amazon, what stands out is that the average review is 4.8, with tons of customers leaving enthusiastic comments on why they love this case from reputable tech accessory brand Otterbox. It opens easily and is available in a range of colors. One reviewer writes, “Since it’s two pieces, it doesn’t have that weird thing that sticks out the back like the pure silicone ones do. I hated the look of those.”

OTTERBOX Soft Touch Case for AirPods Pro Best Airpods Case
Buy: OTTERBOX Soft Touch Case for AirPods Pro $23.02 (orig. $29.95) 23% OFF


6. Elago AW5 Airpods Pro Case


Anybody with a little bit of 90s gamer knows how incredible the Gameboy was. You can have that little piece of nostalgia live on with this Elago AirPods Pro case. It comes in three colors: black, pink, and the classic Gameboy grey with maroon buttons. There is even a handy carabiner to clip this awesome case onto a laptop bag or bookbag. Not only does it liven up an AirPods Pro Case, but it also protects it and maintains the wireless charging capabilities.

Elago AW5 Airpods Pro Case Best Airpods Case

Buy: Elago AW5 Airpods Pro Case $16.99


7. Spigen Urban Fit Airpods Case Cover


You may hear “knit fabric” and assume this Spigen Urban Fit Airpods Case Cover is for people less concerned with looking stylish, but that assumption couldn’t be more wrong. This sleek-looking case is easily one of our most aesthetically appealing options and delivers style and protection for your existing AirPods 1 or 2 case. You’ll also have five different colors to choose from, making this case an excellent gift for exceptionally stylish, music-loving friends or partners.

airpod cases spigen knit case Best Airpods Case

Buy: Spigen Urban Fit Airpods Case Cover $29.99


8. Mobosi Hard Shell Protective Case


This is a rugged and ultra-protective case that allows you to wirelessly charge your AirPods without the need to remove the case. It’s essentially the best of both worlds — rugged protection and wireless charging capabilities. The carabiner helps you quickly clip and unclip from your bags, so you always have your AirPods handy. Keep in mind this case is only compatible with the third generation of AirPods. Overall, it’s not a bad investment considering all the protection you get for only $15.

Mobosi Hard Shell Protective Case Best Airpods Case
Buy: Mobosi Hard Shell Protective Case $9.98


9. OLEBAND Air Podcase Case with Floral Pattern


This year floral AirPod cases were one of the most popular gifts for women featured on SPY. OLEBAND has dozens of cute AirPod cases with fun floral patterns, all available via Amazon Prime. We like the red-and-blue print pictured below, but you can also choose from sunflowers, roses and even cacti. Best of all, this brand has plenty of cases for AirPods and AirPods Pro.

OLEBAND Air Podcase Case with Floral Pattern Best Airpods Case

Buy: OLEBAND AirPods Cases $8.99 (orig. $10.99) 18% OFF


10. Bellroy Pod Jacket for AirPods 3 & AirPods Pro


We’re big fans of Bellroy, the company famous for its men’s wallets. The brand recently expanded with a new EDC collection, and these antimicrobial accessories are some of the best AirPods cases available in 2022. Adorably referred to as a “pod jacket,” this leather beauty is slightly more pricey than your average budget AirPod case, but it’s also not overpriced. The antimicrobial Pod Jacket uses 100% real, luxurious leather, making it an essential EDC item for AirPods lovers. It comes with a cord lanyard which can be secured to your wrist or clipped to a bag. This leather AirPods case is available for both the third-generation and Pro earbuds.

MODOS LOGICOS Charging Case Cover for Apple Airpods Pro Best Airpods Case

Buy: Bellroy Pod Jacket for AirPods $39.00
Buy: Bellroy Pod Jacket for AirPods Pro $35.00


11. CASETiFY PP-0005


CASETiFY is one of the leading producers of phone cases, and their AirPods cases are extremely popular. The primary reason behind the brand’s popularity is the diversity of designs the company offers. You can find cases featuring everything from butterflies to bubble letters, but we are big fans of these airport cases, specially created for frequent travelers. However, if you don’t find a design you like, CASETiFY also offers personalized cases made with a printed design or lettering unique to you. Each case includes a CASETiFY ring for attaching to your bag and supports wireless and wired charging through the lightning access port.

casetify - best airpods cases

Buy: CASETiFY PP-0005 $35.00


12. Off-White Diag Stripe Airpods Case


Ever since Virgil Abloh’s passing, everyone’s been trying to get their hands on a piece of Off-White, and it makes sense — the designer’s whole aesthetic was iconic. This is your perfect chance since these designer AirPods are 60% off right now. This chic case with diagonal stripe detail even features a magnetic fold-over top with a practical and stylish leather neck strap, so you never have to misplace your expensive earbuds again.

Off-White Diag Stripe Airpods case Best Airpods Case
Buy: Off-White Diag Stripe Airpods Case $154.00 (orig. $384.00) 60% OFF


13. Oakywood Wooden AirPods Case


This attractive case is a welcome alternative to the plastic and silicone options flooding the market. It oozes class with a visible and smooth woodgrain finish. The ultimate AirPods case for minimalists, it’s available in two kinds of authentic wood: oak and walnut. With a slim silhouette and a lightweight feel, this case will fit your AirPods safely and contain a fine leather lining. Available for multiple generations of AirPods, this also makes a thoughtful gift for your loved ones.

Oakywood Wooden AirPods Case Best Airpods Case
Buy: Oakywood Wooden AirPods Case $45.00


14. AirPod Case Boutique Retro AirPod Case


This hard shell case for AirPods 1/2, 3 and Pro models comes in various retro-inspired colors, including green, brown, black and white. Made from high-quality and impact-resistant silicone, this case has an expensive aesthetic but is available for an affordable price. It consists of a 2-piece design that covers the top and bottom separately, allowing the case to open seamlessly. A timeless accessory that will never go out of style.

AirPod Case Boutique Retro AirPod Case Best Airpods Case
Buy: AirPod Case Boutique Retro AirPod Case $10.92


15. Opposites Attract Casely AirPods Case


While many cases or wraps provide additional protection, not nearly as many offer a distinct style upgrade to your AirPods like the Opposites Attract Casely AirPods Case. And Casely provides these cool cases for different generations of AirPods. There are about 38 different styles to choose from, so you can find the AirPods fit that is uniquely you.

Opposites Attract Casely Airpod Case Best Airpods Case
Buy: Opposites Attract Casely AirPods Case $20.00


16. Nomad Modern Leather Case


This fine brown leather case for your third-generation AirPods or AirPods Pro ages like a fine wine. The leather patinas over time and looks more refined and sophisticated as the leather darkens. It does more than look good, as it also adds a layer of protection for your case and your AirPods inside with a protective microfiber lining. It also has a lanyard connection point, but that is not included. If you’re looking for top-notch style, this does not disappoint.

Nomad Modern Leather Case Best Airpods Case
Buy: Nomad Modern Leather Case for AirPods 3rd Gen $20.95
Buy: Nomad Modern Leather Case for AirPods Pro $27.95


17. Kmmin AirPods 3 Full Body Protective Case


This case has thickened edges for extra shock absorption and adds protection for your third-generation AirPods (it doesn’t fit second or first-gen). Even if you experience an unfortunate butter-finger moment, you don’t have to worry about scratches, dents, bumps or all of the above. Even though it’s a bit thicker and more rugged than others, it still maintains wireless charging. It even has a handy carabiner to connect it to your bags.

Kmmin Airpods 3 Full Body Protective Case Best Airpods Case
Buy: Kmmin Airpods 3 Full Body Protective Case $11.99


18. Fintie Case for AirPods 3


Not all protective cases need to be this airtight wrap around your AirPods case. The Fintie third-generation AirPods case proves that you can protect your AirPods and have them look like an additional accessory. This case essentially looks like a mini wallet for your AirPods and comes in five different colors, including a floral design pattern. The leather protects your AirPods, but you’ll have a leg up in the style department.

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Fintie Case for Airpods 3 Best Airpods Case
Buy: Fintie Case for Airpods 3 $9.99


19. PodSkinz Silicone AirPods 1 & 2 Case


If you want a straightforward, well-made AirPods skin, go for this case from PodSkinz. It protects your wireless earbuds from scratches or tiny drops without being too bulky in your pocket and has over 9,500 reviews to back up its case (pun intended). Key features include a visible battery light, wireless charging capability and a dust-proof finish.

best airpod cases 2021 - PodSkinz Silicone AirPods 1 & 2 Case Best Airpods Case
Buy: PodSkinz Silicone AirPod Case $7.00


20. Spigen Rugged Armor AirPods Pro Case


In 2019, Apple introduced its souped-up version of AirPods, called AirPods Pro. Unfortunately, many cases built to snuggly house AirPods won’t work for the Pro, so if you’ve invested in the latter, you’ll need to buy a different case. The Spigen Rugged Armor is built specifically for AirPods Pro. It features shock absorption and a carbon fiber design for added protection. Plus, it sports a clip for attaching to your key ring, and the case is also compatible with wireless charging, boasting a visible LED light for that purpose. Spigen makes some of the best iPhone 11 and 12 cases available on Amazon, so it’s no surprise they also make the best AirPods Pro cases.

best airpod case - Spigen Rugged Armor AirPods Pro Case Best Airpods Case

Buy: Spigen Rugged Armor $14.99


21. Doboli Silicone AirPod Cases (2-Pack)


AirPods are expensive, so you might be looking to spend as little as possible on a case. For budget shoppers, we recommend this two-pack of cases from Doboli. They’re $8 ($4 apiece), making them the most affordable cases we could find. Stash one as a replacement, get a fellow AirPod user to split the cost or gift the second one.

best airpods cases - Doboli Silicone Airpod Cases (2-Pack) Best Airpods Case
Buy: Doboli Airpod Cases (2-Pack) $5.94 (orig. $7.99) 26% OFF


22. elago Duo Silicone Case for AirPods


When you need a case that changes color as much as you change your mind, these elago silicone cases are a delight. Designed to allow both wired AND wireless charging, each case comes with two different colored caps, giving them a unique, customizable feature that’s not seen in any other type of AirPod case. They’re made from silicone and are designed specifically from Generation 1 and 2 models only.

elago Duo Silicone Case for AirPods Best Airpods Case

Buy: elago Duo Silicone Case $6.99


23. Heydey Apple AirPods Gen 1/2


You’ll surely get compliments no matter what color you choose for this silicone case. It’s sold in colors more unique than your average choices, with colors like Electric Magenta, Bright Teal, Leopard Print Gold and Orange Coral. These colors are also highly visible, so you won’t have to root around in your bag too much. That being said, these cases are only available for 1st and 2nd-generation AirPods. Complete with a ring-style clip.

Heydey Apple AirPods Gen 1/2 Best Airpods Case
Buy: Heydey Apple AirPods Gen 1/2 $9.99


24. HeyDay Apple AirPods Pro Printed Case


This plastic hardshell case has rounded edges and a style to ignore. From tortoiseshell to colored marble and gold flakes, you won’t find kitschy polka dots or stripes over here. Heyday’s patterned AirPods Pro case also features a bottom cutout for charging without needing to remove the case. The tortoise shell print is one of the most popular choices, and people love clipping it to their bag and showing it off with the included carabiner.

HeyDay Apple AirPods Pro Printed Case Best Airpods Case
Buy: HeyDay Apple AirPods Pro Printed Case $12.99


25. Insten Honeycomb Case


This gray silicone case by Insten acts like a skin for your AirPods 1 or 2, hugging it tightly. The textured surface also helps make this case extra durable, giving it maximum protection from drops or scratches. It features precise cutouts that allow access to ports, buttons and controls without requiring you to remove the case. A universally attractive option that looks great with all smartphones.

HeyDay Apple AirPods Pro Printed Case Best Airpods Case
Buy: Insten Honeycomb Case $9.99 (orig. $15.99) 38% OFF


26. LifeProof Eco-Friendly AirPods Case


Worried about your carbon footprint? LifeProof’s eco-friendly case for AirPods Pro and 1st/2nd generation is available in chic and unexpected colors with an embossed front. It’s made with 75% ocean-based recycled plastic, so you can help support saving marine life while jamming out. The case can charge earbuds wirelessly and is also delivered in recyclable packaging. Customers appreciate the rubber portion of the back that allows you to push the connect button without taking the case off.

LifeProof Eco-Friendly AirPods Case Best Airpods Case
Buy: LifeProof Eco-Friendly AirPods Case $24.83


27. MODOS LOGICOS Charging Case Cover for Apple Airpods Pro


If a slim profile is what you’re after, check out this MODOS LOGICO faux leather case or AirPods Pro with snap closure. It has a subtle air of Italian sophistication and is much less chunky than hard case alternatives. A soft interior adds an extra layer of protection, and it’s also easier to clean than silicone cases, which one buyer explains are prone to “getting dirty and cruddy.” Instead, gift yourself (or someone else) with this luxurious option.

MODOS LOGICOS Charging Case Cover for Apple Airpods Pro Best Airpods Case
Buy: MODOS LOGICOS Charging Case Cover for Apple Airpods Pro  $9.99


28. OtterBox AirPods Ispra Series Case


You use a case to protect your AirPods, so you don’t want them to get scratched or scuffed when they’re in the case. Unfortunately, loose cases allow the earbuds to rub up against each other. While scratches from this motion are rare, they can occur. The best way to prevent your AirPods from being damaged while inside your case is to buy one which snuggly holds each earbud in an upright position, like the OtterBox AirPods Ispra Series Case. This colorful case boasts a grippy base and a carabiner for attaching it to your keyrings. It’s also compatible with wireless charging.

best airpod case otterbox Best Airpods Case

Buy: OtterBox AirPods Ispra Series Case $29.95

Buy: OtterBox AirPods Pro Ispra Series Case $29.95


29. Kekilo Airpod Case


Metal is another good upgrade for AirPod Cases. It’s more durable (thanks to a silicone inner layer) and sleeker but won’t help much with the slipperiness of AirPods. The case includes ear hooks, a wire that connects the two AirPods (if you’re prone to losing them), and a carabiner for attaching to your bag or belt.

Metal Airpod Case
Buy: Kekilo Airpod Case $4.99


30. BAGGU Puffy AirPods Case


Choose the BAGGU Puffy AirPods Case for something a little softer in your pocket. This case is available in four different eye-catching designs and can be machine washed to keep it smelling fresh. It’s also constructed from ripstop nylon, which is partially recycled and more pleasant to touch than silicone. Furthermore, the design includes a secure velcro closure and a loop for attaching your case to your clothing or backpack.

baggu airpod cases Best Airpods Case

Buy: BAGGU Puffy AirPods Case $15.00


31. Fun Fashion Airpod Carry Case


These cute carrying cases offer an adorable way to store your kids’ AirPods. Choose from four cuddly carrying designs, including a cuddly teddy bear, a cute cat and more. Each case is made from extra-durable silicone, and they all include a handy hook for easy-breezy keychain access.

Fun Fashion Airpod Carry Case Best Airpods Case

Buy: Fun Fashion Airpod Carry Case $19.74


32. MOBOSI Vanguard Armor Series Military AirPods Pro Case


On first viewing, it becomes instantly apparent that the MOBOSI Vanguard Armor Series Military AirPods Pro Case is built with protection in mind. You can also conclude it achieves this goal as it’s accompanied by 5,900 five-star reviews from happy Amazon users. The case includes a robust bumper guard for protecting against scratches, drops and unexpected shocks. It also supports wired and wireless charging without removing the case. You’ll find an accompanying carabiner for attaching the case to your other belongings. In addition, you’ll have the choice of black, dark blue, midnight green and purple.

mobosi heavy duty airpod case Best Airpods Case

Buy: MOBOSI Vanguard Armor Series Military AirPods Pro Case $12.98 (orig. $21.98) 41% OFF


33. pmcases Personalized Photo Case


Take your AirPod case personalization to the next level by covering it with your chosen picture. Whether you prefer a photo of a pet, partner, groovy pattern or your most memorable occasion, you’re in control of the aesthetic with this fully personalizable case. The case is constructed from tough plastic to protect your original AirPod case while featuring a cutout to ensure it’s easy to charge your device.

airpod cases personalized dog face Best Airpods Case

Buy: pmcases Personalized Photo Case $19.98


34. AprilandKiwi Airpods Pro Leather Case


One way to ensure you always know which case is yours is to get it personalized. This beautifully crafted AprilandKiwi Airpods Pro leather case comes in four different colors and it allows for personalization in eight different font styles. The classy, handmade case is also shockproof for protection and sports a spring-loaded loop that can hook onto your clothes or other items for security.

aprilandkiwi leather case Best Airpods Case

Buy: AprilandKiwi Airpods Pro Leather Case from $24.90


35. WeirdOldSnail AirPods PRO Pouch


If you always wear a belt or have a backpack strap you’d like to attach your case to, the WeirdOldSnail AirPods PRO Pouch may be the right choice. This smart and stylish case is made from synthetic leather for a classy look. It also includes a cut-out in the back for feeding a belt through, and a top cover held securely in place by a velcro closure. This handmade pouch is also available for AirPods 1 and 2 and the Pro model.

belt weirdoldsnail pouch, best airpods cases

Buy: WeirdOldSnail AirPods PRO Pouch $28.00


36. Rifle Paper Co. Apple AirPods Case


Sometimes a splash of color in your day can help put a smile on your face, which is why the Rifle Paper Co. Apple AirPods & AirPods Pro Case is definitely worth your consideration. The solid, protective case comes in six different floral designs and includes a golden ring for attaching your case to other items. There’s also a cut-out on the bottom to allow for in-case charging, and the case is available for both original and AirPod Pro models.

flower rifle paper co case Best Airpods Case

Buy: Rifle Paper Co. Apple AirPods Case $24.99


37. Catalyst AirPod Case


The Catalyst AirPod Case makes use of silicone to deliver a case that is protective, waterproof and attractive to look at. The versatile design comes in five monotone options and includes a built-in carabiner, flippable hood and a removable cover that prevents dirt and water from entering the charging port. The IP67-rated waterproof case’s compact size makes it ideal for adding to a keyring or storing in your pockets.

Catalyst AirPod Case Best Airpods Case

Buy: Catalyst AirPod Case $24.99


38. Icarer Leather Airpod Case


Leather AirPod cases offer a serious style upgrade over silicone. We like this one from Icarer because it’s made of premium, genuine leather and has a metal clasp that matches the vintage style. It’s slightly pricer at $20, but for something you’ll use every day, it’s a worthwhile upgrade.

Leather Airpod Case Keychain Best Airpods Case
Buy: Icarer Leather Airpod Case $19.99


39. Twelve South AirSnap


This case from Twelve South scores top points for style. It showcases a unique flap-top closure that does double duty by looking great and providing real protection. The case comes in either leather or twill, with color options for both. Best of all, you can still charge your AirPods wirelessly with this case.

Twelve South AirSnap case Best Airpods Case
Buy: Twelve South AirSnap $28.89 (orig. $34.99) 17% OFF


40. Killspencer Keychain Airpods


Instead of carrying your AirPods in your pocket or bag, attach them to your keychain to always have them within arm’s reach. Made from genuine premium leather with an elegant (and smart) black metal eyelet for extra reinforcement, these AirPod cases won’t lose their luster or wear out over time. There’s an option for every type of user with choices to cover your 1st Gen, 2nd Gen or Pro AirPods.

Killspencer Keychain Airpods case Best Airpods Case

Buy: Killspencer Keychain Airpods $35.00


41. Mous AirPods Pro Case


Unsurprisingly, several options are vying for the title of most stylish AirPod case, but the Mous AirPods Pro Case takes the crown. The high-quality leather finish oozes class and luxury. It’s available in either black or brown and provides plenty of protection for your case and the AirPods inside. It boasts built-in AiroShock protection technology. Lastly, the case is compatible with wireless chargers and includes a tethered ring handy for attaching to bags or clothing.

mous pro case Best Airpods Case

Buy: Mous AirPods Pro Case $19.99


42. Dolce & Gabbana AirPods Cover in Gange Calfskin


Should you want to splash out on an AirPod case, you can’t go wrong with the Dolce & Gabbana AirPods Cover in Gange Calfskin. This unlined cover can protect your AirPods from drops while keeping them looking super stylish. The craftsmanship of this accessory is visible in the clean lines and soft Italian-tanned leather. Plus, the branded logo means everyone else will see that your AirPods are carried in a designer case. The Dolce & Gabbana cover is available in five colors, but the white cover fits well with the Apple aesthetic.

best airpod case dolce gabbana Best Airpods Case

Buy: Dolce & Gabbana AirPods Cover $165.00


43. Ahnspiceo AirPods 3 Case Cover


Admittedly, this case is a bit on the sillier side, but when you think about it, it can add another layer of protection because who wants to steal someone else’s Vaseline? Of course, hiding your AirPods from the rest of the world isn’t the only bit of protection this case provides. It’s shockproof and scratch-resistant, so beyond looking like a personal toiletry, it does provide protective benefits.

Ahnspiceo Airpods 3 Case Cover Best Airpods Case
Buy: Ahnspiceo Airpods 3 Case Cover $8.99


44. Kodak x CASE-MATE Airpods Case


This case from Case-Mate features Kodak’s iconic branding, making it a stylish throwback option for photography enthusiasts. There’s a small round carabiner clip that can be attached to your belt loops or bags. Case-Mate also makes tons of other stylish and eye-catching cases, which you can choose from this listing.

Kodak x CASE-MATE Airpods Case Best Airpods Case
Buy: Kodak Case-Mate Airpods Case $15.22 (orig. $19.99) 24% OFF


45. Courant Airpods Pro Leather Case


This case from Courant is made from leather and perfectly matches Courant’s other accessories, such as their leather charging pad. It’s made from Italian leather, and you can add a free monogram. The case is available in black, ash and bone, but we’re partial to this appealingly rugged saddle color.

Courant Airpods Pro Leather Case Best Airpods Case
Buy: Courant AirPods Pro Leather Case $45.00

Update: This article was last updated on July 21, 2022, at which time pricing was updated throughout. We also added the AirPods Pro option for the Nomad Modern Leather Case and removed the Besoar AirPods Case (Most Fun) and Silicon Maid LLC AirPods Case (Most Protective) since neither is available at this time. We moved the popular Bellroy Pod Jacket cases (Best Antimicrobial) higher up in this shopping guide. Finally, we selected a new “Best Overall” option, the R-Fun AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro silicone cases.

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