Tajezzo Smart BackPack REVIEW

Be the party, Bring the Fun

When it comes to backpacks, you can choose a boring mass-produced bag, or you can have a truly unique experience.  I have used a variety of hiking/camping bags, water bladder bags, book bags, tech bags, solar charging bags, battery backup bags, and have enjoyed several of the features of each bag.  Like Tony Stark choosing one of the suits from the Hall of Armor, different bags may provide advantages in some environments, while a few may excel in others.  Thus, I was truly excited to hear about a Kickstarter campaign that featured the waterproof, anti-theft, anti-collision, ergonomic, hands-free, speaker/battery, Light-Sensor smart backpack from Tajezzo.


The TAJEZZO Smart Backpack arrived in a 22 5/8 inches wide by 14 1/4 inches wide by 7 1/2 inches thick black cardboard box. The TAJEZZO name was boldly displayed along the top of the cover panel and the SMART BACKPACK LEO name along the bottom left.  Each of the side panels provided icons that detailed the features of the backpack.  The right side panel provided icons that detailed the following features: Polyhedral Structure, Waterproof, Anti-Theft, Anti-Collision, Ergonomic.  The left side panel provided icons that detailed the following features: Bluetooth, Hands-Free, Hi-Fi, Light Sensor, Speed Sensor.  The rear panel provided a few Chinese characters, and two QR codes along the bottom left of the panel.  Unfortunately, the links did not work with my iPhone 12 Pro Max camera.

I lifted the front flap, removed the internal black-colored cardboard shelf with “DARE TO BE” inscribed upon the surface, and then removed the internal contents.  Packaged nicely beneath the thick cardboard shell, I found a large felt black drawstring bag with “TAJEZZO” across the front, an eight-panel instruction manual, and a small sealed black envelope.  The envelope had the TAJEZZO name engraved across the front and a TAJEZZO BY TAO DESIGN tape seal.  I removed the tape seal and then removed the folded TAJEZZO advertisement (P2 Aguila, P4 Lyra, P5 Gemini, C1 Norma, C2 Norma, C3 Norma, A1 Aqua, A2 Vela, A3 Vela, N1 Orion, N2 Scutum, and N3 Scutum).  Most of the written material was in Chinese characters and I was not able to interpret much of it.  However, I did not fail to notice the Autobot symbol atop the P Series design drawing.  The eight-panel instruction manual was divided into a black-colored front half and a white-colored back section.  The black section provided a TAJEZZO EXPLORE UNKNOWN & Future LEO smart backpack title page, two panels demonstrating a white ink outline of the backpack, and a single reference data page (LEO SMART Backpack, 5000 mAh battery, 90% charging efficiency, Lithium-Ion Battery, DC5V/2.1A max output, DC5V/1.5A input, 4H charging top, 4-6H battery, 120Hz-20KHz frequency, 13W power, BT 5.0).


The white-colored front panels provided a step-by-step instruction manual.  The first panel showed the Switch, detailed the Bluetooth connection, play/pause function, on/off function, and the LED status (LED off=Speaker off, Flashing LED=Matching with Bluetooth, Solid LED=Connected).  The second panel detailed the “MODE SWITCH” lightbulb button and the four modes: 1.  Music Mode: dynamic lighting mode will flash with the rhythm. 2. Sports mode motion sensor. 3. Night Mode: Light sensor detects dim surroundings and illuminates for users protection. 4. Light Off Mode. The third and fourth panels reviewed the modes and then detailed the phone icon that serves as the call button.  A single press will answer/hang up a call, a long press will reject a call, a double click will call the most recent number.  Lastly, the fourth panel demonstrated the top music button and the ability to change between normal and bass mode. Personally, I found no reason to exit the bass mode.

I removed the TAJEZZO backpack from the black carry sack and examined the large plastic outer shell of the backpack.   Measuring 21 1/2 inches tall by 12 3/4 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches thick at the lowest section, the geometric design reminded me of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell.  Along the top of the outer panel, you will find a 5 1/2 inches wide by 5 inches wide by 2 3/4 inches tall trapezoidal light bar.  The lower section was designed to allow the backpack to rest upright upon the lower triangular wedge.  When I rotated the backpack around, I was again reminded of a TMNT costume design.  Located approximately 5 inches from the top of the backpack, you will find a 9 1/4 inches wide shoulder strap with a central 4 1/2 inches cutout, which I thought was quite ingenious.  Each of the shoulder straps was connected by 2 1/2 inches of webbing and left the centralized area unattached.  The design feature provided a centralized accessory carry handle that proved to be quite useful for manipulating the bag.  Just above the shoulder straps, you will find a 1 5/8 inches diameter “TAJEZZO VISIBLE MORE STYLISH” rubberized accent. Beneath the accent, you will find the included speaker system for the backpack.

Next, I turned to the shoulder straps to evaluate many of the exceptional design characteristics.  Beyond the carry handle with matte black TAJEZZO on the surface, I noted the shape adopted an X-shaped design.  Each curved shoulder strap measured 16 1/2 inches long by 2 3/4 inches wide and approximately 1/4 inches thick with padding.  At roughly 11 inches distal to the strap attachment points, you will find an obliquely angled leather strip with a silver accent.  The right strap provided TAJEZZO engraved into the strip, while the left strap contained a plain panel.  Beneath the leather embellishment, you will find a 3 inch by 3-inches by 5-inches rubberized triangular segment and then a 4 3/4 inches long by 2 3/4 inches thick webbing.  At the end of each strap, you will find a quick release/extend buckle with 1-inch wide lashing.  Quickly grip the loop and tighten the waist strap, or grip and pull outward to release the lashing.  Both of the flank lashings attached to the 4 inches by 4 inches by 5 1/4 inches wide triangular nylon section that was carefully stitched to the backpack.  On the inner surface of the triangular shoulder strap segment, you will find an adjustable (slides up and down) waistband strap with 3/4 inches lashing.  At the center of the left/right abdominal/chest straps, you will find a magnetic “Fidlock.” To remove the Fidlock, you will need to slide the outer section upward, while simultaneously sliding the inner section downward.  The magnetic attachment ensured that the two halves of the lock combined and the inner lock created a bit of theft deterrent.  Luckily, you can simply lift the front section to quickly remove the backpack. 


To access the inner compartment, I gripped one of the two black-metallic Tajezzo zippers pulls and ran the zipper along the 42 inches of zipper.  I was pleased with the easy zipper action and with the dual zipper pulls.  Once you open the backpack, you will find a wedge of nylon with a single button snap and a six-inch-long section of hook/loop connection along each side.  If you remove the snap and the hook loop section (4 inches wide by 6 inches tall), you can open the clamshell flap. The inner surface provided a 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall nylon flap with Tajezzo logo.  Just above the logo, you will find a white-colored tablet/charging tablet logo and a 4 1/8 inches wide by 5 7/8 inches tall cell phone pocket, which was large enough for the Pro Max version of the iPhone.  I lifted the flap, separated the 2 inches tall by 1 3/8 inches wide hook/loop, and reviewed the interior compartments.  The rear compartment measured 10 1/2 inches wide by 15 1/4 inches tall and was lined posteriorly by ribbed/raised fabric.  The front of the pouch was lined by soft felt material.  This compartment was designed for a laptop/MacBook and easily fit my MacBook Pro 2018 15” within a UAG protective case.  The next pouch (located just beneath the loop section), measured 7 7/8 inches tall by 10 inches wide and was designed for a notebook.  It will easily fit a Kindle, an E-reader, a small spiral notebook, or other like-sized items.  The final mesh pouch measured 6 inches tall by 10 inches wide and was accessible through the 8 1/2 inches long zipper with metal zipper pull. 

The inner layer measured 7 1/2 inches tall by 13 inches wide by 5 1/2 inches deep.  The rear well provided a deep chamber for clothing, shoes, socks, a jacket, or other larger items.  You can divide this section into two smaller compartments with the removable hexagonal administrator panel (15 inches tall by 13 inches wide).  To remove the panel, unclasp the four-button clasps along the corners.  The front of the panel provided two 5 1/2 inches wide by 7 1/2 inches stall elastic lined mesh pouches atop a smaller 11 1/2 inches wide by 5 inches tall trapezoidal pouch.  You can access the lower pouch through the included 10 1/2 inches long zipper with a plastic zipper pull.  The inner surface was lined by a single 11 1/2 inches wide by 11 1/2 inches tall trapezoidal mesh pouch with an elastic opening.  Just above this pouch, you will find a single plastic key clip.  I loved the modular design, the ability to remove the inner sleeve, and the deep chamber.  Just atop the chamber, you will find a hook/loop accessible chamber that housed the included speaker.  I liked how the company used fabric loops to control/guide the wire between the speaker and the shoulder strap button.  Additionally, I felt that they placed the cable in the optimal location to stay out of the way when adding/removing contents.  Although the speaker compartment was easy to access, there was no real reason to do so. 


I snapped the lower clasps, the top clasps, reattached the side hook/loop/clasp, then zipped the backpack up.  Since the zipper was located against my back, the setup afforded me another layer of theft protection.  The hard outer shell, although easily scuffed and marred, provided a large degree of protection to the internal contents.  The comfortable shoulder straps, the convenient carry strap, the sexy light bar, and the turtle shell design provided a useful outdoor carry option.  For added comfort, you will find a raised thoracic and lumbar support.  As a final bonus, hidden within the lumbar support, you will find another zippered compartment with a large metallic zipper pull.  I opened the 10-inches long zipper and found a 34 inches long tri-cable (USB-A, USB-C, Lightning). I plugged the lightning cable into my phone and immediately noticed the lightning symbol along the top right of the screen.  Starting at 11:20 PM and at 22% power, I was pleased to find that my iPhone 12 Pro Max charged to 24% by 11:21, 25% by 11:23, 28% by 11:30, and by 12:00 it was at 54%.  By 0200 my phone was fully charged.  The included 5000 mAh battery, with ~90% efficiency, was able to charge the 3867 mAh iPhone 12 Pro Max battery only once.  I found that the DC5V-1.5A output battery was reasonable but would have preferred a 2A+ output.  After the charge, the backpack was essentially depleted.  I plugged the included USB-A cable into a standard USB-A port overnight and found the backpack was fully charged 5 hours later.

To pair the speaker to your phone, press and hold the lower button until the female voice announces “Bluetooth.” Then, navigate to Settings, to Bluetooth, and then select “Leo Backpack from the list.” Once connected, I pressed the lightbulb button and changed between the modes. It took several cycles through the modes before I realized that the female announcer was using English. As an example, the thick accent made the words “mode” sound more like “mond.” I liked the music mode and the bouncing light feature. I liked the sport mode with the motion active lights, and I liked the light amplifying night mode.



The Tajezzo Smart backpack promised an immersive Bluetooth 5.0 music experience, in a multi-functional, versatile shell and it did not disappoint.  The backpack had plenty of room for a jacket, for a full-sized MacBook, tablet, phone, wallet, and other accessories. I loved the ability to add/remove the internal divider, the included padding against the lumbar/thoracic spine, and the internal padded compartment.  From the comfortable x-shaped shoulder straps to the magnetic FIDLOCK buckle, to the outer polyhedral PC/ABS waterproof outer shell, I found each feature added to the overall futuristic design.  The sound output was more than adequate for a small outdoor gathering and provided a reasonable balance between bass to treble. I tested both the normal and bass enhanced modes and found little need to exit from the bass enhanced mode.  Although true audiophiles may balk at the speaker, this device was not designed to go toe-to-toe with stand-alone speakers.  Instead, the Tajezzo speaker ensures you have the stage.

If you are interested in a unique backpack experience, look to the Tajezzo website for additional information.   
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