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When done right, swaddling not only makes infants feel calm and secure, it can also help them fall asleep

Sounds straightforward, simple, and kinda perfect, right, given you have the right swaddler? Which is why you need the best swaddle and the best swaddle blanket. But wait. Sometimes swaddling a baby is so challenging it seems like you need a masters degree in engineering and Christmas elf-level gift-wrapping skills to pull it off. But, it turns out, a lot has to do with the blanket. The right swaddle blanket, a key part of every new parent’s gear arsenal, can keep baby snugly bundled, mimicking the comfort of a mother’s womb, at the same time as it eliminates the possibility of your little one unraveling and waking up chilly and angry. But you also want one that won’t cause your infant...

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There’s something romantic about heading into the great outdoors with just the clothes on your back, but the truth of the matter is that there’s some stuff—a jacket, hat, snacks, sunscreen—that you should have on you whenever you go hiking

That means you need a proper mens’ hiking backpack or daypack to hold it all, one that’s big enough to hold the stuff you need and comfortable enough not to ruin your time on the trail. When looking for a hiking backpack, only consider lightweight models with straps that can be adjusted to fit over your torso. Your pack should give you easy access to necessary items and a main compartment that’s spacious enough to fit your gear. Here are our favorite mens’ hiking backpacks to make sure your next walk in the woods goes well. Osprey Packs Stratos 24 Hiking Backpack This is the hiking backpack for those who prefer panel-loading organization on day hikes in wet or hot...

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