submitted by Mikey Bautista It’s starting to get ridiculous...

submitted by Mikey Bautista
It’s starting to get ridiculous what you can get out of an affordable EDC light. What used to be enthusiast, specialist (meaning expensive) features like rarer metals or good LED tints are now becoming commonplace, offering exceptional combinations of performance and value. Not so long ago a compact, high-CRI, multi-LED flashlight at an affordable price was unheard of. Today, the AceBeam TK16 makes flashlight dreams come true, with solid features, a choice of hardware to suit your needs, and a great price for a light that’s the smallest it can be.

At only 2.61“ long, the TK16 doesn’t take up much space, giving it a compact profile in hand or attached to your pocket or gear. But even with a small footprint it manages to pack plenty of useful features, starting with a triple emitter design (in three configurations) that gives it your choice of power, throw, or in the model featured here, high CRI by way of 3 x Luminus SST-20 LEDs nested in TIR optics for a floody beam. With a rating of 95+ CRI, this means that the TK16 gives one of the most naturally accurate and eye-pleasing beam tints on the market. Its six modes are controlled via a tail electronic switch, including a 1,250-lumen Turbo (on the included 16340 battery, before stepping down) and  the always-useful 0.5-lumen Moonlight mode, both of which have shortcuts for instant access. While the tail is an uncommon place to find an electronic switch which is usually on the side, the good news is it’s in a recessed space so the TK16 can still tailstand for candle operation.

The TK16’s two-piece body is built from anodized aluminum alloy, and screws together in a nice seal thanks to premium anodized square threads and its o-ring. A specific IPX rating isn’t provided, but Acebeam states that the light is capable of resisting 2 meters submerged in water and 1 meter of impact. The body tube features big, chunky knurling for grip, while a detachable gold-plated clip takes care of attached or pocket carry. It’s a light carry at 1.31 ounces without its battery, making it a prime candidate for EDC.

The AceBeam TK16 is the very definition of a flashlight punching above its weight, with plenty of enthusiast features without the associated price tag. Pick up the SST-20 high-CRI version at the link below, where you can also check out the other LED options for sale.

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