Spirit Is A Back Seat Driver


Lately, something important has changed. I've been 'letting go' and amazingly, Spirit is a wonderful 'back seat driver' for my experiences in my day.

Remember when I was talking about the treasures of others, and how we are healing one another just by being us? It's even more than the key codes and activation sequences. Let me explain...

I have been having people tell me their stories. All kinds of stories. Some are kind of funny, some are painful. A funny one, was a retired orthopedic surgeon who was a patient telling me about a patient who had fallen out of a tree. He had no insurance. So they couldn't do surgery on the guy. Instead they put the long arm casts so the bones would heal. The arm is locked at ninety degree angle in this position. 

The surgeon turned to me and said, 'how is that man going to wipe his butt like that?!' Apparently the man had been cheating upstairs with someone's wife, the husband came home, and he tried to climb out the window...sounds like a soap opera, doesn't it? But it was real life!

Another shared how his Lunar New Year wasn't well. Sudden health problem in mother in law, needing surgery. Then his 'teacher' died. His 'teacher' was back in Viet Nam with him, and my friend was so poor, he was hungry all the time, and this man actually fed him/gave him food. They both relocated to the states, with the teacher in northern California. He drove to pay his respects. And once he arrived, he got the call that his father in law passed. He was so close to the mother in law, his wife, he would kiss her hand and ask her if she would miss him when he was gone, he was so loving and doting on her. With Covid there wasn't any space in the funeral home, but miraculously one cancelled so he was able to move his father-in-law's ceremony up. 

Such burdens that are invisible! Unless someone trusts you enough to share.

Yesterday, a doctor confided in me that his friends had asked him to sign for a loan for some equipment for their medical office. He did. He said they promised to pay. They never told him they started falling behind on the payments. He was on the hook for two million dollars! He lost everything he had, home, money, everything. He said the friends said if he went to collect from them their wives would divorce them. So he sued. It took fifteen years. Over one hundred thousand dollars out of pocket. And he 'won'. On paper. The others went to the Bankruptcy court. Apparently it is 'above the law'. So the friends never had to pay. He just has the 'honor' of 'winning'. 

Without skipping a beat, he told me that the things he learned about himself through the experience, was a gift, a priceless gift. He said he would do it all over again, to help his friends, even if he knew they were to betray him again. Because it was the right thing to do. 

I had no idea all that was walking around inside him!

So, when you are energetically available, people are going to start to open up to you.

Another thing is that this doctor wanted to know MORE about the spiritual world and healing. It was like a preschooler wanting to learn, and asking questions, and I was delighted to help open up this whole new world of healing for him. Reminding him of how the energy imbalances lead up to disease (an Eastern concept) and by healing them the body can heal. Not just treating the symptoms. 

I hope to be available like this to more people in the medical field! The awakening is going to be lots of fun for all of us if this experience is like a sneak preview of it. I'm happy and content.

I work today. Ross gives you his blessings and love too.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple