Small Home Command Center Makeover

I shared this small home command center makeover on my Instagram Stories, but thought I would share it here as well. It’s such a tight space that I couldn’t take photos with my big camera so iPhone photos will have to do. This was a quick little project, but one that makes a big difference in how this space functions for us.

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We have a narrow bit of wall between our pantry and laundry room where keys are hung and the kids’ school papers had been stored. Prior to this makeover I relocated the papers, but this space still wasn’t functioning as well as it could be functioning. And let’s face it, it’s not good looking at all.


My goal was to have more key hooks, a spot for a calendar, and a place for small important papers. I do have some paint touch ups to do once we can get back out again, but I’m thrilled with how it turned out.

small command center
small home command center makeover

Key Hooks

This thin hook rail is a perfect fit for this narrow wall and has hooks galore. We no longer have to double stack keychains. The hooks stand out from the backplate more than other rails I found. This makes it nice for sunglasses as well.


I used to have a dry erase calendar that sat on our kitchen counter. Project due dates, upcoming tests, etc were kept there so the kids could keep track of school events. This also keeps my phone’s calendar from being packed with multiple events.

I know a lot of people love dry erase calendars, but I hated ours. This paper calendar is easier to write on than a dry erase board. I’m not having to use a big fat marker in a small space, and things don’t get erased accidentally. It’s a heavy cardstock with print on both sides. You can purchase it with a nice wooden hanger or just the refill paper which is what I did here. I used these clips to hold it together and to hang from a nail.


This narrow cork board is this perfect size. I can pin small papers like invites, coupons, etc. here and no longer have them go missing.

Shop the Look

Satisfying little projects like this are great to tackle while we’re all stuck at home. You can order in everything you need so there’s no need to leave the house. Getting a command center tackled now means it will be ready to go when life gets busy again.

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