Review: Let the CleanKey from KeySmart Become Your Antimicrobial Extra Hand

clean keyRight now it’s best not to touch public surfaces, like door handles and buttons. The CleanKey can be your antimicrobial replacement fingers.

What Is CleanKey?

From the clever folks at KeySmart (see our review), CleanKey is a tool for opening doors, pushing buttons, and otherwise interacting with public surfaces without touching them directly. CleanKey is made of an anti-microbial alloy that helps “slow or kill the spread of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi.” You use CleanKey as a hook or button-pushing extension of your hand, reducing the chances you’ll pick up unwanted contamination.

CleanKey – What’s in the Box?

If you purchase from the SmartKey website, you get one CleanKey and a retractable carabiner so you can hook it to your belt or pocket to make it more accessible.

How to Use CleanKey

Clean KeyPut it on your key chain, or use the carabiner. When you need to use a door handle, push keypad buttons, turn on a sink fauchet, or anything else in public where there’s a chance of cross-contamination, just use the CleanKey instead, and avoid making direct contact with the parts of the CleanKey that touch the public surfaces. Then clean the CleanKey using steel wool or a disinfecting wipe.

Why You Should Get CleanKey

I’ve been getting tired of using elbows and hips to try to open doors and flush toilets, and pushing buttons on check-out atm devices was unavoidable, so having a CleanKey has been a handy (pun intended) extra little piece of mind while we work through the current state of heightened awareness over disease vectors. It also feels like a satisfyingly-solid piece of hardware, and works as a bit of a fidget toy as well, so as I’m training myself to interact with public surfaces in new and more cautious ways, the CleanKey is somehow very comforting to carry.

You can get a CleanKey with retractable carbiner for $25 on their website (or 4 for the price of 3!).

Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this item for review purposes.


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