Recovery Slides Give Your Feet the TLC They Need After Exercise

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Run any sizable distance and it’s fair to say you’re likely to feel it across your whole body. Puffed-up cheeks, sore arms and body-wide chafing are all things you might experience after putting in the miles. But in terms of which body part takes the biggest beating during a race, it has to be your feet. That’s why choosing the right running shoes is such an important decision. And also why a pair of the best recovery slides should be part of your running routine.

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What Are Recovery Slides?

Recovery slides, sometimes called recovery shoes, are footwear that provides your feet with the TLC they need after completing an intense workout, a marathon or just a training run. After the constant and long-lasting lifting and landing involved in running, your shoes become sweaty and your feet become swollen. That’s why slipping into a pair of recovery slides can be everything you need post-race.

Recovery shoes give your feet a space to breathe, dry and relax. They also include enough support — and often passive massaging — to ensure your feet can recover. These recovery shoes usually have open toes, additional mid-foot support and plenty of space to allow moisture to escape.

What Are the Best Recovery Slides?

When it comes to finding the best recovery shoes, there are several elements worth looking for.

  • Support: Recovery slides for runners should provide support for your feet. This is a must. After all, if your feet are still working rather than resting, what’s the use of having “recovery” shoes on your feet?
  • Comfort: A side effect of having the right amount of support is comfort. Supported arches, comfortable closures and soft materials make for a relaxing environment for your tootsies. This is key when it comes to maximizing recovery.
  • Breathability: Your feet are likely hot and sweaty post-run. Recovery slides can help ensure your feet cool off adequately and dry enough so that you don’t end up with a nasty case of athlete’s foot.
  • Style(?): Okay, so style isn’t really important in terms of your recovery. But, if you want to leave your house and continue to recover, it may be worth checking out some of the more aesthetically pleasing recovery slides.

Scroll down to discover our top pairs of recovery slides. Each pair of recovery shoes comes backed by lots of positive ratings from users who love what this type of footwear can do. We’ve also included a couple more versatile options that balance comfortable recovery with more function and style. Read on to find the right pair for you.

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1. Hoka One Ora Recovery Slides


With their dual-layer construction, unbeatable comfort and range of colors, these Hoka One Ora Recovery Slides are worthy of the top spot. As you place your feet into each shoe, you’ll instantly notice the top layer of ergonomically shaped EVA helps produce a level of comfort you’ll love. Underneath, an oversized midsole further adds to in-shoe bliss, while built-in grooves deliver all the traction you need for a secure ride. Baked clay, black and dune are just three of the available styles you can choose from.

recovery slides ora hoka

Buy: Hoka One Ora Recovery Slides $55.00


2. Chaco Men’s Chillos Slide Sandals


The Chaco Men’s Chillos Slide Sandals were built with chilling in mind. The simple, stylish design includes adjustable, 100% polyester Z-straps, which let you secure the shoes to your foot width. The super-lightweight EVA rubber sole adds to in-shoe comfort and also makes the sandals float in water. You’ll find an indented wavy patterning on the bottom of the sandals to improve grip. Plus, there are 12 colors to choose from.

recovery slides chaco chillos sandal

Buy: Chaco Men's Chillos Slide Sandals $49.95


3. adidas Unisex Adissage Slides


For ease of fitting, these adidas Unisex Adissage Slides feature an adjustable, hook-and-loop closure. This smart design allows you to securely fit the shoes to your feet, making sliding in and out of them afterward a quick and easy task. The 100% synthetic slides also feature a tough, grip-covered base alongside a midsole with EVA massage nubs for greater cushioning and overall comfort when they are on your feet.

recovery slides adidas unisex adissage

Buy: adidas Unisex Adissage Slides $22.40 (orig. $30.00) 25% OFF


4. PR Soles Original Sandals


To help maximize your in-shoe comfort, these PR Soles Original Sandals feature a spongy foam sole. This also includes several unique raised “triggers” that gently massage your feet and provide healing relief at the same time. The breathable and durable slides are made from a water-resistant material, making them easier to maintain and clean. In addition, a non-slip grip outsole ensures they stay secure on your feet.

recovery slides gone for a run sandals

Buy: PR Soles Original Sandals $34.99


5. OOFOS OOriginal Sandals


With more than 17,500 five-star ratings from Amazon customers, these OOFOS OOriginal Sandals are one of the most popular and best-reviewed options on our list. In addition to providing relaxing comfort for your feet through 100% synthetic foam construction, the slides look stylish, with their sleek, uni-color appearance. In addition, the benefits provided by this lightweight footwear are backed by science, meaning you can be confident in their ability to aid recovery and provide relief from fatigue, muscle tightness and general pain.

recovery slides oofos ooriginal sandal

Buy: OOFOS OOriginal Sandals $79.95 (orig. $99.00) 19% OFF


6. The North Face Men’s Triarch Slides


The North Face Men’s Triarch Slides are a standout option for several reasons. First, and most importantly, these shoes are comfortable thanks to the combination of materials used in their construction, including foam, lycra and polyurethane. Secondly, their construction also uses some recycled materials, making them more environmentally responsible than many other recovery slide choices. And finally, the shoes boast an eye-catching style in either black or gray with a prominent logo on the strap.

recovery slides mens triarch the north face

Buy: The North Face Men’s Triarch Slides $55.00


7. KANE REVIVE Active Recovery Slides


These ​​colorful KANE REVIVE Active Recovery Slides are durable, washable and quick drying. This combination of style and function makes them a great option for anyone who loves “active” recovery. Like the best Crocs, these slides are ready for almost any adventure, whether it be a day at the beach, a walk around town or just chilling at home. They also come in more than 10 different color combinations and feature built-in loops for hanging the shoes. This makes drying or storing a lot easier. In addition, the design includes holes, nodes and grippy surfaces to provide security and increased comfort when the shoes are on your feet.

kane revive kanefootwear recovery shoes

Buy: KANE REVIVE Active Recovery Slides $75.00


8. Birkenstock Unisex’s Arizona Sandals


With their open-toe, free-and-easy style, these Birkenstock Unisex’s Arizona Sandals are a great way to combine comfortable recovery with everyday style. While you might not instantly identify the Birkenstock as a recovery slide, it does perform the same function thanks to the support these sandals provide. The shoes are built to last and are made up of both fabric and synthetic materials. They also feature buckle closures to provide secure yet adjustable fitting. Furthermore, the sandals have more than 18,000 five-star ratings and come in more than 25 different colors, ensuring there’s a style to match every personality.

birkenstock milano sandal recovery shoes

Buy: Birkenstock Unisex's Arizona Sandals $99.99 (orig. $125.00) 20% OFF


9. KO-Z Recovery Slides


If you like the idea of having something truly unique (and super comfortable) on your feet, these KO-Z Recovery Slides combine eye-catching sleekness with unbeatable comfort. Five layers of foam in the footbed and ultra-soft memory foam across the top ensure in-shoe comfort that’s difficult to beat. The foam layer of looped wool in the arch further adds to the superb feel of these shoes. This addition also looks stylish and offers a moisture management element to the footwear. In addition, these slides come in several color options, including two-tone green, orange and blue, two-tone gray and black and gray.

recovery slides mens ko z deckers x lab

Buy: KO-Z Recovery Slides $130.00


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