People Share Weird And Uncanny Things That Happened To Them That Are Beyond Explanation (78 Stories)

We humans are curious creatures, and our desire to know how everything works drives us to explore as far as we can see. But the universe isn't always willing to give us all the answers.

On the contrary, as one Reddit thread shows, sometimes we're left in the dark and simply have to accept the limits of our perception and cognition.

Created by platform user elibwell, it asked people the question, "What is the strangest thing that happened to you that you can’t logically explain?" and quickly went viral.

Since then, people have shared plenty of interesting stories, proving that life can easily be stranger than fiction. Here are some of the most memorable ones.


Both of my lungs collapsed at the same time (almost over 50% collapsed) and I was walking around like I was perfectly normal. Until I decided to go to the ER for bubble sounds in my chest. None of the doctors could figure out why this had happened to me. They didn’t know how I was just up and walking around and laughing

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When I was in college, a drunk dude fell from a 3rd floor balcony and got up and walked away like it was nothing. Seriously one of the weirdest/freakish things I’ve ever seen in my life.

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I was driving across the US and drove into Salt Lake City. For whatever reason, I got a craving for IHOP, so I punched it into Google Maps and followed the directions to a spot in the middle of town.

I walk in, and the place is....empty.

I don't mean like there were no customers. I mean there is literally not a person in the place. No wait staff, no customers, no cooks. Nobody. There was partially eaten food on all the tables. Bags and purses in the booths. TVs on everywhere. Burgers on the grill slowly burning. And there wasn't a soul in the place, like they all just vanished at once.

I was so freaked out I hopped in my car and drove until I hit the Nevada border before stopping to eat. Still have no idea what the f- happened.

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I hit a patch of black ice in the dark going 60mph down the highway. At the time, I drove a 1 ton cargo van. It hit the guard rail and flipped. Not only did I walk away without a scratch, the car was drivable and I was only 30 min late to work.

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I'm too young to remember this, actually. But my mom always tells this story.

Apparently, when I was younger, like barely able to speak, I was sitting on the floor playing with some toys nonchalantly with my mom when I just said "when I was in heaven, I met a woman who said you'd be the perfect mommy for me."

I apparently held the belief that I was in heaven before being born, and an angel looked at me and chose the mom I went to. My mom asked me to describe the woman, and I apparently described my mom's great grandmother perfectly. Down to the eye colour. I had never met my great great grandmother, nor seen a picture of her.

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I’m a firefighter and we got a call for an overdose around 3 am to a rough part of our district in the middle of winter. Unfortunately the patient was long gone and her dealer or whatever found her like that when he dropped some stuff. As we were packing up our stuff mind you this is a absolutely trashed mobile home, I hear something down the hall that said “lights?” I ask my partner if he said anything as it was just him and I cleaning up he said no. I walk to the far end of the trailer where I heard it and shine my flashlight I get a reflection out of the window. They have a small tool shed and it had a flickering light, it peeked my interest so my partner and I go out there. We hear crying and notice the door is padlocked. We cut it, and this little six year old girl was in there. She said her mom puts her in there when she gets mad at her. She said she got scared when she heard the sirens and didn’t know what to do. To this day I have no idea what happened or where the voice came from, but I’ll take the win on it.

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I had recently watched an early episode of criminal minds where an arsonist would lock people in their homes before lightning the house on fire. For whatever reason it kinda got to me. A night or two later I woke up out of a dead sleep and couldn’t get that episode out of my mind so I finally decided to just get up and check the front door. I swear I could not open the door. Unlocked it, but it was totally stuck. I woke up my husband because I was so freaked out. He also tried and couldn’t get the door open, and he’s a big guy! I ended up climbing out a window so I could push the door from the outside while he pulled from the inside. We finally got it open. I didn’t watch criminal minds for a long time after that.

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My girlfriend got out of the shower and called me into the bathroom to show me the mirror. There was a very strange, distinct handprint placed on the mirror.

I lived alone and she was the only adult that had been to my house in about two years. We each placed our handprints on the sides of the mystery handprint for reference and neither look anything like the mystery print. I still have no idea how it got there.

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One morning I woke up and noticed my camera was on top of the sofa opposite my bed. I knew I didn’t put it there because it was a very expensive camera and it could very easily fall from this place. I had placed it in my cabinet. I went over, picked it up, and turned it on and clicked the button to view photos. There were hundreds of photos of me sleeping, all seemingly taken from the back of the sofa. I was literally so freaked out, I couldn’t stop crying. I lived alone. It was just photo after photo of me sleeping. The photos were taken in “quick snap”, where the camera takes approx one photo per second. I later realised the camera didn’t even have a “quick snap” setting so technically it was impossible for the camera to take the photos at all. The time stamps suggest all photos were taken between 2 and 3am. I’ve never figured out wtf happened, how the camera got to the sofa, or how it is even possible for a camera with no quick snap to quick snap, but I still have a USB with the photos on it and it still freaks me the f- out.

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When my daughter was little and she would get upset, something in the kitchen would randomly break. Happened way too many times to be coincidental and the things that broke did so in inexplicable ways. I clearly remember one instance very early in the morning standing in the kitchen, telling her she couldn’t have cake from the night before. She immediately looked angry and I heard a weird “plink” sound in the cupboard. Opened it to find the plate on the top of the stack was cracked in several places.

No signs of this in later years. She’s 24 now and I often allude to this and remind her boyfriend not to piss her off.

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So when I was a kid, I slept with my bedroom door open because my cat liked to cuddle me. Our hallway was just a round hallway, and I could see the bathroom door and my parent's bedroom door (though it was dark, it was in view). I also slept with my lights only dimmed.

One night, I can't sleep for some reason. I for some reason call out for my mom, and I see her standing near my doorway, kind of turned away from my with her hand on her face and her hair draping. I know it's her because she slept in a big purple t-shirt that night, but she's completely still. Static. Mind you, I'm wide freaking awake. I might have been watching TV before this (3 am disney channel, probably). When I call out to her, she doesn't move at all.

Blink. She's gone.

I start freaking out and calling out to her for real, and that's when I hear their door open and close and my mom rushes to my aid. I think she either slept with me all night or I stayed up all night watching TV to pacify myself.

I started sleeping with my door closed out of that and I don't look too carefully in darkness.

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I turned to the other person in the room, who I barely knew, and said "My sister is getting engaged right now," without having the intent of speaking at all.

He politely asked why I said that, and I had to shake my head and say "I don't know."

A few days later I found up that, sure enough, ah that exact moment on the far side of the world, she had said "yes" to Mr. Right.

I hadn't even known she was dating.


When I was about 12 years old I went up to Lake Tahoe with my friend and his parents who had a condo in Incline Village. One day, the two of us are walking to the bowling alley and cross a street in a crosswalk. Right before we get to the curb, a car comes really close to hitting us. All of a sudden, we're both up on the curb, like we were lifted a few feet. We both looked at each other strangely.

"Did you jump?"

"No, did you?"


We spent the next hour kind of dumbfounded. It didn't feel like a shove or any use of force. We were still in the street, then we weren't.


I had a sleep paralysis nightmare when I was a kid, where I saw a red-eyed dark figure standing in the doorway. It's always stuck with me, and I've called him the boogeyman ever since. One day I was browsing Reddit and somebody painted a picture of their "sleep paralysis demon". It was like the guy had painted my exact dream. And then a bunch of people commented that they had seen the same creature. It always makes me uneasy to think about.

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When I was like 8 I had a battery operated lamp that worked for like a week with no battery’s in it

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So this still baffles me but when I was a kid we had moved into a new house and while the realtor was showing us around the house I saw a lady sitting at a white dresser in a pink room and she even waved at me but when I asked my mom who that was she just brushed me off because she was trying to listen to the realtor. The weird thing is that there were no rooms painted pink in the house and my family just played it off despite me being adamant of what I saw. Anyway fast forward a few years and I'm in high school at this point and we start renovating the house and while stripping the wallpaper in the master bedroom we found out it was painted pink at some point. Still low-key freaks me out.

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This one is strange to me because it was so long ago and I'm convinced I have to be remembering things wrong. I was a young kid at the grocery store and I saw this toy helicopter (like hot wheel sized) that I really wanted for some reason. I, of course, didn't buy it, but it the memory of it stuck in my head. A few nights later, I had a dream where I was playing with the helicopter, but I realized it was a dream and stupid young me thought that if I put it under my pillow, it would still be there when I woke up. After that, I woke up and eagerly checked under the pillow to get it. For some reason, it was right where I left it in the dream. As a kid, I wasn't surprised to find it there as it all made perfect since to me then, but years later I have no clue how the toy helicopter actually got underneath the pillow.


My dad owned a small garden shop, so I'd stay behind the checkout after school till the shop closed. This was until I see a tall man wearing all black, like a trench coat, walking past my dad and smiling at me before going into a staff only area. I jump up to stop him, even though I was 7. This back area filled with new shipments. I turn the corner but nobody is there. There was nowhere he could've gone. I ask my dad to check the CCTV after closing, but it's only shown me jumping up and running, and running out of frame. Weird stuff, never felt comfortable there again.

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Was the 25th anniversary of my dads death. Was as always, thinking about it all day long. He was only 49 when he passed.

Was passing a funeral home and got kind of sad, little more than normal. Was just hitting me hard. I was as at a stop light.

Looked at car in front of me...

License Plates read: LUV DAD


Time slipped by my friend and I one day. We got a contract in another town and drove out daily for 2 weeks. It was 1 hour to get there and 1 hour back but one day it took us 3 hours to get back to town. My friend realized something was wrong when his wife called him up asking why he turned his phone off and why he was so late. We left a little before 2pm and the call came almost at 5pm.

To this day we can't explain it, and to further complicate matters we both have receipts from a gas station we stopped at just before we got on the highway that are time stamped a bit after 2pm. My theory is that the aliens took us for 2 hours but who the hell knows.

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As a child visiting my Grandma's house (My Mum's - mum), whenever I left the house I'd wave next door to Ken who was always sat in the bay window looking out at the sea. They lived right on the coast off the North Sea in Hartlepool (UK) We'd never really talk, but just a little wave before I went to get into the car.

One time I'm leaving my Grans house, I'm in front of my Mum who's stopped at the door to talk to my Gran. So I head down the steps and towards the gate. I turn back and see Ken in the window. Big smile as usual, waving at me. I give him a wave back. He stands up, gives me the thumbs up, and wanders towards the back of the room. My Mum comes walking down the steps and asks "Who are you waving at?" I replied "Ken".

To this day, I can remember my mam's face. She just went white, but didn't say anything to me.

It was only a few weeks later when she plucked up the courage to tell me, that Ken had died a few days prior to our visit to my Grans.

I don't believe in ghosts, but I know I saw him. I can still picture his striped grey sweater with light stripes across it. Him waving and getting up out of his chair. There was no-one else in the house, he lived by himself.

Brains are weird.


I was walking to work one really early winter morning, and about 30 feet from my house it felt like it got significantly colder. I zipped up my jacket and kept walking, about a third of the way to work the light I was going to cross at went out. No crash I could hear or anything obvious, it just went from green to dead. I thought, "weird but I got work to do." At the half way point, with no sun light anywhere, a street light way ahead of me went out. I stopped because as it flickered before dying it made me uneasy. I stood for less than a minute, and all the streetlights in front of me, starting from the closest to the first light, started flickering and going out, and it was only the ones on my side of the road. At this point I said nope, turned around, went home and called in. I heard sirens later in the morning but was not going to investigate. Been maybe 5 years and it still freaks me out when a street light suddenly flickers and goes out.


I was driving to work on a two lane highway, and I was going about 65 in a 45 zone when for some reason I got the feeling that I should slow down.

I don’t know why that thought came into my head as I was a young douchebag who sped all the time, but it was strong enough that I let off the gas and slowed down tho the speed limit and right then, like 30 seconds later, a guy in a pickup pulled out of a parking lot right in front of me. I got on the brakes, but still t-boned him hard enough to knock the bed clean off his truck, and totaled both vehicles.

Neither of us were injured, but hard to say what effect another 20 mph would have had on that...


On Reddit one night, I read that thread where the OP hallucinated weird stuff until a commenter suggested that he check for a carbon monoxide leak. The commenter probably saved his life. I went to bed thinking, “Oh yeah, I never did check whether my new house’s smoke alarms also detect carbon monoxide. I need to check that out in the morning.”

At maybe 6 AM, my wife and I awoke to our fire alarms screeching, with a recorded voice telling us carbon monoxide was detected. We grabbed the baby and the dog, piled into our car in the driveway, and called the fire department to check it out. After they tested, they told us no carbon monoxide was detected, but sometimes fire alarms behave unexpectedly when their batteries are low.

This was maybe 5 years after moving into a house that’s new construction, so yes, I was super delinquent in checking it. It wasn’t even the first time I’d read that story on Reddit. Anyway, there is absolutely a logical explanation: an improbable but possible coincidence. But that’s how I ended up spending huge piles of money on a bunch of Nest Protect units, so I could at least get a pleasant phone notification when my alarms’ batteries are low.


In 1996, I had just dropped out of University and was moving home to my parent's place. My tail was firmly between my legs, I had almost no money and no job prospects. Basically I was screwed.

I had an old Jeep Comanchee with all my belongings in the back and 200 miles to go. I borrowed $20 from a friend for gas and started the trip. I got to a point that was 30 miles from home and was on empty. I pulled into a gas station/rest stop and sort of cried for a minute in my truck. I needed $5 for gas to make it the rest of the way and had nothing. There was no way I could call my dad and ask for help...he was already so disappointed.

After a minute I started searching around my truck for change...anything...I opened the glove box and there were these paper 'loyalty bucks' for a gas station that I never used. It turns out it was the exact gas station that I was stopped at. $4.70 worth of bucks. I found another $2.00 in change, put $6.00 in the gas tank and bought a coke.

I made it home.

Fast forward 20 years, I had sorted my cr*p out and am a lawyer...that Gas Station hired me as their outside counsel...I got to tell this story to the President of the company.


When I was 10 years old I didn't want to go to school one day. I faked a stomachache so my Grandmother would let me stay home. Ive always been a bad liar, so my Gma tried to call my bluff. She told me if I was too sick for school then she would be scheduling me a Drs Appointment. 3 hours later I was rushed into emergency surgery. My fake illness was actually appendicitis and It was so inflamed that if I hadn't come in that day my appendix would have ruptured potentially killing me. I felt 100% fine that day. Faking sick saved my life...


I used to fence (the sport, not stolen goods). I was at a tournament and had just started a bout against a competitor. You win the bout by being the first to 5 points. I score what I believe to be first point, but the official indicates the match is over and I've won. I stood there confused for a second, but my opponent seems to agree and salutes and approaches for a handshake, so I go along with it. I check the scorecard and it says I've won 5-2. Totally lost probably 4 or 5 minutes of time. Hasn't happened since to the best of my knowledge, but it's been 20 years and I still wonder what happened.

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Long story short, I lost a jacket at a roller rink when I was in 3rd grade. I had a lucky rabbit foot in the pocket that I bought at the skate shop inside.

Months later, my mother, who is adopted, found her birth mother and her half sister. The first time I went to my newly found Aunt's house, she said she had a jacket that might fit me. It was my jacket, rabbit foot still in the pocket.


Several times a year I'll suddenly get a though that it's been a long time (usually months) since I last spoke with a particular friend or relative, then I will get a voice call or an email from that person within a few hours. Can't explain it. I never tell them about this because I fear losing this strange thing that I have. Anybody else have this?


It's hard to pick the strangest, but there was the time a can of soda exsploded, and then didn't.

I was working in my garden and had gotten myself a can of coke zero. I cracked it open on my way out the back door, took a few hearty chugs and sat it on my small garden table I keep out by my raised beds, and got back to working in the garden. I have on wireless earbuds and listening to a podcast as I work on cleaning the pumpkin patch of weeds, when out of the blue I hear and practically feel a loud BANG, to the point I exclaimed louded "what the f*ck?!" and pull my ear buds out.

I live in a rough neighborhood, there's been shootings and what not so I kind of duck down and start looking around to get a feel of things. That's when I see it. My can of coke is knocked down to the ground and just spitting foamy coke every where. No way that's the noise, right? But I run over and pick it up (with the logic being diet coke probably isn't even good for plants) and I wipe it clean and start looking it over and I realize not only is it full, it's completely unopened. I know I opened it, I know I drank half of it, and I know moments before I had seen it laying on the ground shooting coke up into the air. I even had to wipe it off.

I have no idea what the bang was, or how my open spilled coke suddenly became full and unopened in my hands.


At friends house. Friend was in garage working on dirt bike. Driveway empty because parents left a while ago. Go inside to grab a soda but decide to look for his cat. Who I haven't seen all day. I walk into the office and as Im calling her name, a deep man's voice goes "Meow" right into my right ear. I jump and run around the main floor looking for who said that. Didn't find anyone.


Not to me, but to my dad. He would get horrible nosebleeds as a teen/young adult so he had cauterization, and they all but stopped by his late twenties. Fast forward 20+ years and he’s driving on the highway with my mom and sister, approaching an area where it drops to one lane. His nose starts hemorrhaging out of nowhere, hadn’t happened in forever. He pulled over for about 2 minutes to staunch the bleeding, then they were on their way. They were quickly stopped by a small line up of cars, dead stopped. No emergency vehicles were on the scene yet, but there’d been an accident. Turns out a head-on collision with at least 2 fatalities had occurred about 2 minutes prior. A bloody nose quite possibly saved my family’s life.


My great grandma died and we buried her across town. Like, way catty corner. So we’re at the burial and they release some doves that are supposed to fly out, turn around and buzz us. But instead, they keep flying. So ceremony ends and we drive to my grandmas house waaaaay across town in the styx. We pull up, and the doves are there. My grandma starts bawling, saying it’s a sign and stuff. We had to call the guy to come get them. Said he had never seen anything like that before.


So theres this band called birthday massacre that a weeb introduced to me in the 7th grade. They were Japanese spoke Japanese and seemed all around wierd. Watched some of thier videos for a few months, forgot about them. 6 years later start listening to them again accept all thier music is in English, watch all the videos same thing accept the band is white. I still have no clue what the f*ck happened.


A car going 50-60 kpm hit both of my knees in 2008 (it was 100% my fault, I wasn't paying attention when I crossed the road) and not only I didn't have any broken bone whatsoever, I dind't even fall. (I did flinch quite a lot, though.)

My knees and leg hurt for about 2 days, but I really can't explain how a car going relatively fast hit me only got me to have barely more than a couple bruises.


I was out on a deep sea fishing boat just a few miles off Cape Canaveral before a shuttle launch. We hear this loud rumbling noise come across the water. Everybody heard it, and we all assumed it was the launch but couldn’t locate it. Then we see the shuttle climb its trail of rocket exhaust into space...silently.

That is not the order in which those things are supposed to happen according to...physics.


I have a vivid memory of being at the Statue of Liberty as a child, on my dad’s shoulders, seeing the skyline of NYC. I remember what we ate for lunch that day, etc. I remember the ferry we took. I’ve always thought about this memory and talked about it, but my family denies I ever went to NYC. I didn’t go for the first time until I was 23, but strangely enough, when I went, I remembered everything just how it had been when I was there with my dad.

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I drove home at 2 am one night. I live way in the country. I was on back roads I've drove many times, and this car looked like it was coming over the hill quite a ways away. As I got closer it seemed like it was parked just over the hill waiting. I stopped and waited as it was a long way off when I first saw it so it should have come over the hill a while ago. Waited 5 minutes. ( seemed really weird for where I was. No houses around ) Started to drive up to it and the light got super bright and then it went dark. There was this blue stuff in the air above the road as I drove to where I thought it was. "Ive gone insane" I thought. Looked like ozone burning. The second time it happened my buddy was with me. same time same spot. Blew his mind. We never talk about it now. Location : 53.540777,-110.177447


When I was in primary school (like year 1-2) ;in the cafeteria there was all these cups filled with milk every lunch. Red, green, blue BUT ..only one yellow cup. Everyone would fight to get the yellow cup like it was the holy grail and it had been this way for years.

One night I had a dream that the cafeteria had gotten more yellow cups in, and low and behold the next day...

Hundreds of yellow cups.

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I was in traction in hospital, a guy who said he worked maintenence came into my room to repair the light above the shower. I was in traction and could never leave the bed I was in, we joked sarcastically how the light would be so handy for me. He asked what happened to me, and he told me about the terrible industrial accident he was in. He said he would come back and visit me and bring photos of the injuries that the Dr.s said would leave him unable to walk (same diagnosis I had been given). He did come back with photos, we had a good talk, I felt very encouraged when he left. The next few days I told different staff members about this nice young man. They all told me no one with that name worked maintenence in the hospital. They had not heard of him and said maintenence was not working on our hospital floor that day nor the whole week.


I was in my room watching Hulu (The Simpsons, doesn’t matter) and a Burger King commercial comes on but it’s just the king mascot and he’s like “let’s have a staring contest” and I’m like “hmmm, okay” and I’m staring, he’s staring and suddenly I blink... IMMEDIATELY he says “gotcha, I won” and I was like WTF!??? I slammed my laptop shut and was creeped out the entire night. I watched Hulu all the time in hopes of running into that commercial but I never saw it again.

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When I was around 14 I went to the kitchen around 2am for a snack and the refrigerator door was wide open. Our cat, Maguret, was sitting on the floor looking inside the fridge. He turned his head and looked at me then the fridge door slowly closed and he strolled away.

Also several years later my step-dad woke me up at like 6am and "Maguret's dead" popped in my mind. He then told me that Maguret had died.

That cat was mystical af.


I will never forget witnessing this moment:

In my physics gen ed last year, we were split up in groups and working on a lab. A guy at another table let out a yell while extending his arms, and fell headfirst off his chair. The very second in between his yell and hitting the floor, a beeping started going off in the room, followed by the words “an emergency is happening in your building. Please evacuate at the nearest exit.” and accompanied by flashing lights.

The guy is having a seizure on the floor, so all we’re focusing on is getting him help. A campus police officer comes in and tells us the rest of the science buildings have already evacuated for the fire alarm. Most of us leave to give some space to the people helping the guy.

While outside, we’re talking amongst ourselves, absolutely baffled by the coinciding events we just witnessed. Did the flashing of the alarm trigger epilepsy? No, because he was already on the floor by the time the lights kicked in. Was there some kind of sensor on him that alerted when his body was experiencing an emergency? No, because it was his first seizure.

Just reading it might sound lame, but witnessing it and working out what was happening in real time was just eerie.

TL;DR: I watched a guy start having his first scary-looking seizure the MILLISECOND before the building’s fire alarm went off.


So one night I'm driving home from a friend's place, it's pretty late, like two or three in the morning. I live in the suburbs and the streets are relatively tight so I am typically driving pretty slow (don't speed in your neighborhood, happy neighbors are good neighbors).

I'm nearing the turn to enter my close and from a distance I see what looks to be someone outside. Pretty unusual this time of night as it's all young families and retiree's around me. As I get closer it's definitely a kid which is even stranger, like, doesn't this kid have parents? They're standing directly under the street light with a rain coat on (not raining) and their hood up over their head so that the shadow cast completely covers their face.

I know my neighborhood pretty well and while I don't know most by name, you know who has kids and who doesn't. This corner house 100% doesn't have any kids. That kids gaze was locked onto my truck, unwavering, turning their head and staring straight at me as I slowly pass, turning right towards my house, this kid only a few feet away. This kid did a full 180 with their body and watched me drive down my street.

While I only live six or so houses into the close, it's just enough I lost site of the kid. It was super unsettling, I couldn't even quite explain to you the feeling I got from it. I back into my driveway, put my truck in park, think about what I saw, and say f it, Ive got to check this out. Back into drive and back down the street, maybe twenty seconds, tops, since I passed and kids gone. Vanished. The roads are straight enough in any given direction that in that short amount of time that kid would of had to straight up sprint to stand a chance of being out of site.

F*cking demon child is gone. I went home, parked quick and didn't take my time getting inside and locking the door. To this day never saw the kid again or anything that's given me a bad vibe like that. Damned if I know what was going on.. if it was a prank, hats off, you did it kid.

TLDR: Creepy a*s kid disappeared after staring me down in the middle of the night.


When I was younger, in elementary school, I used to have the same dream every weekend starting on Saturday (when I would go to sleep) and then waking up in the middle of the night (on Sunday) and throwing up. The dream was always a bunch of numbers. Not even anything happening just a bunch of random jumbled up numbers all over the place. I never understood why that happened where the same dream would happen on the same night every week and I would throw up every single time. I always think about it and wonder what it was or if it was just some weird coincidence. Also I would not have any signs of being sick before or after. Maybe someone else has experienced this???


Was at my girlfriend’s house and in the kitchen chatting with her and her daughter, when I see one of my shoes, which I’d taken off next to the door, drop from two feet high from thin air. My girlfriend didn’t see it but her ten year old daughter did. I still remember the slap sound as it hit the ground and rolled onto its side.

I have no explanation other than a ghost, of which I fully believe in but had never experienced previously.


Had a dream that I got a phone call saying my brother that I haven't seen in 10 years had died. Two days later I got a call that he actually had died.


I have very vivid and intense dreams. One night when I was around thirteen or fourteen I was dreaming of a safari hunt for t-rexes and we had to save a golden idol from pirates in the jungle. Strange dream but during it, while running, everything suddenly stopped. I saw myself face me (not sure how to phrase that) and I said, "Amythystia wake up! Everything is about to shake and you're in danger. Wake up!"

I woke up instantly and sat up confused. Roughly fifteen seconds later my boxer puppy woke up and started whimpering and whining and the rabbit I had started hopping in his cage. Seconds later an earthquake occured. It wasn't very big, but strong enough to knock several photos down and my shelf. Now this specific shelf was mounted above my head. It was made of a very thick type of wood and on it was a collection of random "prized" items, including a quart jar filled with sand and shells, several large books, a heavy statuette, etc. Sufficient to say it was quite heavy. When it fell, it fell directly onto my pillow where my head had been a moment before. I hadn't ever felt an earthquake and live in a northern midwest state that rarely gets earthquakes strong enough to be felt.

I have had other dreams since that foreshadowed events but that was the only one that happened immediately after. It still gives me chills.


I once saw a car without a driver on the interstate and there was even someone in the passenger seat talking to literally nobody in the driver seat


I was walking between bars in a college town and felt something hit me in the back. I turned around and saw a cue ball rolling down the sidewalk. I then spent the next 5 minutes walking up and down the street trying to figure out who threw it or what happened. I never found anyone, and I still have the cue ball.


This happened a couple days ago, and I’m really hoping someone can tell me there is a perfectly logical reason for it to have happened.

I got a 2nd monitor since class is all online now. I was moving my floor lamp when the cement fell out of the bottom. Weird, but okay. I got that lamp from my aunt. I then grab another floor lamp from my guest room (that I’ve had since like 2007) and as soon as I step through the threshold to my room, that floor lamp’s bottom dropped out. Crazy! I ask my SO to borrow one of his he isn’t using. Guess what happened when we got to my place with it. Yup. That’s right! Bottom fell out. This is gonna be the most boring story on this thread. I can feel it.


As a young teen, my friend and I were playing with a Ouija board. Being a curious virgin, I asked it the name of the first girl I would sleep with. It spelled out the name 'N-A-N-C-Y'. Neither of us knew anyone named Nancy, so we both laughed and moved on. I didn't touch a Ouija board again until 3 years later, at a house party. We were all taking turns asking it silly questions. One person in the group was a girl I had just met that evening. Her name was Nancy...and you can probably imagine how my night ended. Very, very weird.


Ok, so it's not that I can't explain it, or if it even needs explaining really, but was just so bizarre I still recall it at least a few times a year.

When I was about 18 I worked at a grocery store and one day this young man entered, that I sh*t you not, looked EXACTLY like me. Like, weirdly too much alike, he and I. This young man was wearing the same damn outfit as me, khakis, a blue polo, and a brown coat, though his coat was a little darker. When this gentlemen met my gaze we were just eye-locked at every point we could see one another throughout the store, both with the stupidest perplexed looks on our faces. The only difference I could tell was this person was a little older than I and had a goatee. I assume this was my evil twin. He left the store after buying his stuff and life went on.
But...It doesn't end there.

The next day a strange woman approached me asking "stupidd**kface, why are you here?!" I turn around to to see someone I do not know. "How do you know my name?" , I ask, "Do you know me?" She says, "Oh my gosh, I thought you were my son stupidd**kface, you look EXACTLY like him!" The dude even shares my f-ing name. This sh*t is weird. I confirmed with the lady that her son stupidd**kface did come in the day before and was home temporarily from college. Another very perplexed person from this oddity.
So. I continue to ask her about her son since we look identical and she told me about his age(2 years older) and where he grew up(the town over) and he has two older brothers and a younger sister. I have two older brothers and a younger sister....I asked this womans name and of course, "Oh my name is Karen, nice to meet you." My mothers name is Karen... I didn't probe on any further, but I'm not even sure I want to know how far down that alternate universe me went. It was just so unbelievably strange, the circumstane overall. But the weirdest thing by far that is what sticks with me most is this weird a*s feeling I had when stupidd**kface and I were staring at each other. I assume he felt this too by the look on his face. A feeling I've never felt and still have since felt. A feeling that I can really only describe as knowing that the other person I'm looking at is me some how. I don't now, can't explain it fully. I wonder if identical twins feel that same stuff.


Hubs and I going up to my parents’ house on Christmas Eve. Hubs is driving, we’re in the mountains, there’s snow on the ground. It’s just past midnight.

I see a woman wearing shorts and a striped tee shirt, walking a dog, wearing no shoes. She has brown feathered hair- think Farrah Fawcet in the 80s. I turn to my husband to ask him if he sees this crazy woman... and she’s gone. Weirded myself out, but laughed it off.

Next day, I tell the story to my parents. They give each other a weird look, and my Dad says...

“I’ve seen her, too.”


Bf, his sister, and I visit their cousin and his roomie to cook dinner and hang out. The television is on, on a movie channel, w the sound turned down. While we’re prepping & eating dinner, a Robert Duvall movie is on. Shortly after dinner, the sister takes the bf home bc he’s not feeling well. By this time, a different movie is playing, also starring Robert Duval. I sit down in the living room, look at the screen, and say, “Robert Duval again? Huh - what is this...Robert Duvall night?” About five minutes later, the sister returns, we greet her, get fresh drinks, and she sits down where I had been sitting, looks at the screen, and says, “Robert Duval again? Huh - what is this...Robert Duval night?” with the exact same inflection and tone I had just used. Cousin, roomie, and I all almost jump out of our skins...


I went to uni in a big city.

A guy and I met online and started talking.

Found out we were moving into the same building in the same month.

We started dating.

We broke up. He moved on hella fast.

I moved apartments at the end of my contract.

He and his fiancé moved across the hall from me one week after I did.

It sucked. And was weird.


In middle school there was a period of time where I thought my life was being recorded like on the Truman Show and I would have my inside voice narrate my actions in the third person all the time. It was automatic, not me consciously doing it. Felt like I was an actor in my own life. One day it just stopped.

Not sure if it was a period of psychosis like the Truman Show delusion or what. I only vaguely remember it happening now. I felt like it happened for at least a year but I could be wrong.


Driving with the hubby and I see a bunch of bikers having a cookout. Out of the blue and I don't know why I said this, " People look down on bikers but I bet if the house across the street catches fire this men would run into it to save the little old lady" and I pointed to the house.

That was the first time I've ever driven down that street. We just moved to the neighborhood. My husband and weren't even talking just listening to music.

That night at 2am that house that I pointed to burned down and an elderly woman died.


After putting my daughter to sleep, she was around 4 or 5 at the time I laid next to her for a while to go to sleep as well but I could not fall asleep. For some reason I kept thinking of my daughter’s name in my head and she woke up and said what mom? And I told her, I didn’t say anything sweetie and she said yes you did you kept saying my name over and over.

Another time I dreamed that the father of my kids had shot his brother in law with a gun. I woke up crying and told him about my dream and he told me that it was very strange since he had been thinking of shooting him that night.


When I was probably 14 I had a paper route. Once, my cousin slept over the night before and delivered with me. There’s a wooded area in the backyard and when we opened the garage door to leave that morning, there was some strange noise coming from there. To this day, we don’t know how to describe it other than that it sounded like a pterodactyl. It was this extremely loud squawking it seemed. Scared the sh*t out of us. We went back inside and left out the front door and could still hear it from down the street. Neither of us ever heard it again. So strange and still have no idea what it was.


I was just a 6-year-old kid deciding what to do after school while I was in my grandparents living room. I saw a red flash shoot out of the wall and go from that side to the other wall and into it.

A second later a big earthquake hit.

I saw some sort of visual shock wave from the earthquake. And no it wasn't those weird lightning ball things. In my childish mind I thought that I just saw the flash (The comic book character) run through the room.

Another cool one that is explained by sheer unbelievable coincidence is that I phoned a friend so I hadn't spoken to in at least 3 years and it went to voicemail. After I left a voicemail I saw I had a voicemail notification. It was a voicemail from the person who I just called. The weirdest part is that we must have called each other at exactly the same moment otherwise it would have done the call waiting thing instead of sending to voicemail. We immediately called each other back and tripped out about how weird that was.


I once shut my ear in a car door. No idea how, have tried to recreate it and can’t, but my god that hurt!


Very strange coincidences and moments where I have a sudden understanding I’m completely in the exact time and place I am suppose to be in, and everything that ever happened in my life had led me to that exact moment


My grandpa died, and after about a year or two, my baby brother went looking for him in my grandpa’s room. My parents thought I was with him, as he was laughing and babbling, and seemed entertained, which knowing him, would be if someone else was there. But I was in my room. And my parents were downstairs. 30 minutes goes by, parents start looking for him, and find him just there. He’s not playing with anything in the room. Just lying there. Now, he still goes into that room. Looking for him. I wonder if he had seen his ghost, or something like that.


Active duty us army here.

Sometimes we have to pull 24 hour duties, just part of the life. For the most part its sitting at a desk and answering a phone.

Well, I'm 17 minutes from getting off my shift. A few hours ago I had to step outside to salt the stairs cause its snowing. I had the door propped open with a chair, my #2 guy is away doing checks in another building. This chair is sturdy oak, pretty heavy, not going anywhere without some effort. Anyway, I'm clearing the snow and salting the ground. Turn around and the chair is upside down. NotAlone.JPEG. Carry on cause the ghosts dont like being looked at. Get done and the chair is side ways now. Say "ok mr ghost I dont wanna bother you, but I have to go inside now." Walk inside and bring chair with me. See empty trash can ontop of desk that wasnt there earlier. Say "Look Mr. Ghost I get out of here soon, can you leave please?" Black shape runs down the hall and hear a whisper in my ear "yes". Proceed to freak out internally. Say "Thankyou" and go back to watching Community on Netflix. Yep.


I was about 18-20 (around 2008) and in the backseat of the car going down the highway. It wasn't windy out in the slightest (unless you count the wind from the car going 60mph on the highway, but that's irrelevant). We're going between two large hills (not mountains, but they're about 50ft+ tall) and atop one of the hills is what looks like an all black hot air balloon kind of thing, but not made of cloth or fabric. It's clearly metal and had no basket and it has no sunlight shine/reflection, like a black matte color.

No wind, but this thing is moving like you see UFOs zip around in movies. It's literally going like 100+ MPH all over the place in different directions and turning upside down and sideways super fast. There were several cars pulled over on the side of the highway with people outside gawking at it. We didn't pull over but mom and dad also commented that they had no f-ing clue what it was and had never seen anything like it before.

My dad tried rationalizing that it was a fallen weather balloon, but it looked nothing like a weather balloon on google images. Someone else I told this to said it was probably a broken hot-air balloon, but this was very clearly not made of anything flexible like cloth, it was very stiff and not 100% the exact same shape.


Driving through Michigan. Saw a green orb sitting in the middle of the sky. Then all of a sudden it moved very quickly past the horizon. I was with a friend and we were both quiet after seeing it until she finally said “ am I crazy? Or did you see that weird green orb too”.

Now I do believe we are not alone in the universe. But I generally do t believe there are lots of “alien or UFO” visitations. But this, this sticks with me to the day.


I once was changing pants in my room before work and took off my belt. After putting on my other pair of pants, I went to put my belt back on but it belt was gone. No one else was in the room and I spent a good 10 minutes looking for it as I had simply set it on the floor. It’s been 10 years and I’ve never seen that belt again.


When I was 8 I had one of those life size rag dolls with yarn hair. one night I woke up and she was waving her arms around while placed on my bean bag.

I know it’s not malicious, I know it sounds crazy. I know it sounds like I was dreaming...but I wasn’t. she was moving around all by herself. to this day I don’t f*ck with dolls.


When I was 10 I had a radio and bean bag chair in my room. As I was starting to fall asleep the radio suddenly changed the channel multiple times before I heard the bean bag chair in my room slowly fold in on its self making the noise a bean bag chair would make if someone where to sit in it. Not sure what caused this but certainly freaked me out


Had a baby bottle next to me on the couch while holding my baby. I reached for it and it wasn’t there so I got up searched everywhere. Tore out the cushions and put them back. Then gave up and made a new bottle. I sat back down and the bottle was there again


Sometimes when I walk at night street lights will go out above me and turn back on when I’m a few meters away. It’s happened ever since I was a kid. It’s frequent enough that other people notice it happening around me. I literally don’t understand how or why it happens.


when I was younger we lived in a 110 year old victorian house. Everyone would notice weird things.

I was home alone organizing the silverware when I dropped a fork on to the table only to have it bounce once and fly at the wall like someone slaped it. I still have no idea how you can drop something strait down and have it launch horizontal for 5 ft

my parents when they first bought the house turned off all the lights (5 floors if you count basement and attic) My mom did the top 2, father did the bottom, the met in the middle, went to the first floor, left, got to the car and noticed not only was the 3rd floor light on but the blinds were now up.

we had a seesaw, my mother turned on the light and saw it violently going up and down

I was in the basement and felt a hand brush down my back. I jumped and turned and saw no one there. I convinced myself it was just my shirt moving weird. As I went up the steps I heard giggling.

when I was older I was sitting on the couch and heard my dad say "What the fu waTCH OUT" right before a framed puzzel we had fell on me. My dad said he saw it lift it's self off the hook

we had a Mastiff, A rottweiler, and a German Shepard. They refused to go to the attic.

our entrence had two sets of doors. The front dors, then a small room, then the second set of doors. We never locked those doors as it was two large bolts that went into the floor and then a 3rd bolt that held the two doors together. Locking it was very hard with a key so you could only do it from the inside with considerable force. We came home one day and the door was locked with all 3 bolts. In other words our completly sealed house was locked from the inside. My mother flipped, grabbed us, and ran to a payphone to call the police because if that door is locked then there is someone in the house unless the left via a second or 3rd story window. 3 cop cars came, they unlocked the door with my mothers key and swept every last inch of the place down to one of them going into our crawl space. Nothing. Not only that my mothers gold necklace was laying on the table and all the windows were locked. We had a family friend who is a cop and one of my uncles who is a cop come spend the night. Next morning everyones is up and my uncle goes to leave only to see that the door is again locked from the inside. We removed those locks that same day.

Mastiff was laying next to me while I was watching TV. Suddenly he jumps up and backs into me. He's growling and snarling while staring up the steps. The other two dogs run in and immediately have their ears go back and their mohawks go up. This went on for several minutes. Our german shepherd started inching toward the step and did a little lunge nipping at the air bearing his teeth. about a 5 seconds later I heard what sounded like someone full sprinting up the steps of the first floor from the landing to the second-floor steps, then the third. I called my mom from the house phone. While on the phone I heard what I can only describe as a wail from the the 3rd floor.

Years later, parents are divorced, I'm with my dad for the weekend. I helped him clean the 3rd floor. We put the toys in a large toy chest from the closet they where in. While we our brushing our teeth I go pale. I'm hearing something so I shut off the water and ask my dad to listen. We both are completely quite. The sound starts again. it's the sound of clink clink but a bit of rythm to it. I couldn't place it at first then said "Dad I think that's the xylophone" we go up and the toy chest is open and the xylophone is on the floor.


So, one night I had a dream that I was working out in the gym that I regularly go to. In the dream, I was in the normal spot where I work out, exercising, when all of a sudden, the lights in the gym go out. All the TV screens go off. Can’t see anything but, in the dream, it feels like some sort of smoke is filling up the gym and I can hear and barely see people panicking, running to the exit. Feels like maybe it’s a terrorist attack? I start running, trying to get to the exit, and it’s getting harder and harder to breathe. Just as I’m kind of hyperventilating and succumbing to the toxic smoke... I jolt awake. Very intense dream that stuck with me.

A week later, in real, actual life, I’m working out in my gym... and boom, the lights and TV screens go out. It was this incredibly surreal moment where I actually thought I was dreaming again. I stood there stunned for a moment before realizing that the power just went out due to a thunderstorm. It came back on about 5 minutes later. I told a gym employee nearby that I dreamt about this! She laughed politely and probably thought I was insane. Really strange.


When I was a kid, my mom and I were sitting at a red light. The car in front of us went on red while the other side was turning. The car T-boned a vehicle that had a boat on their trailer. The boat flew off the trailer and was heading straight towards our car. It was going to crash straight through our windshield. My mom screamed at me to bend forward as far as I could so it wouldn’t decapitate me.

At the very last second, the boat turned left and scrapped the side of our car. It turned so a big invisible hand just turned it for us. Wind, could be said...but there was no wind. Just a gorgeous day where a boat should have killed or very seriously maimed us and turned at the last second out of nowhere.


Uh I have one! When I was a kid I’d sometimes wake up in the middle of the night. It happens but the weird part is that I have this feeling of immense fear and all of a sudden I would hear really loud sounds. An example is hearing an orchestra play a note off key for a few seconds and then suddenly silence. It was awful. I use to think it was paranormal but now I’m 100% sure it isn’t. I still have no idea what caused those insane moments to happen. I know for sure I was awake and I know it wasn’t sleep paralysis cause I would be able to move. It was just a really strange thing that would happen to me. If anyone else has gone through that or knows what it is please do tell!

Oh and I also use to feel like I’m falling when I’m laying in bed. I would jolt up in fear like “what the f*ck was that?” I know others have felt that too. Just find it weird how our bodies and mind can create really powerful illusions or trick ourselves into thinking we’re falling or hearing a live concert while laying in bed.


I've shared this story before, but when I was 17 I was at my friend's apartment building, which his parents owned. It was a pretty old building in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, and according to his dad it used to be owned by Al Capone, but I'm not sure how true that was. We had an apartment on the top floor that they let us use to just hang out and it allowed us easy access to the attic (it had a lock but we had a key) so we could go out to the roof and smoke cigarettes.

One night, we were about to go up, but I had to pee, so I told him I'd meet him up there. After I was done, I went up the stairs to the attic portion that was connected to the roof. There were no lights, so we always used our phones to guide us. We had those old flip phones without lights, so you only had the light from the screen to help navigate the cluttered mess that was up there.

As I made my way to the roof door, I saw a shadow pass by me. Now this wasn't like the shadow of something moving with the light of my phone, this shadow felt solid like a person. I followed the direction it went thinking it was my friend. I kept saying that I knew it was him and to stop playing around. It passed me a few more times, before heading to the other side of the attic and that's when I heard my friends voice from downstairs.

He got a call from his girlfriend and was in another room talking to her the whole time. It really freaked me out, since I know I was following something, so I basically jumped down the stairs. I told my friend what happened and that I did not want to go back up there and he agreed, so we decided to go for a walk instead.


I swear my 4 year old can read my mind or we think on the same wavelength sometimes. I’ve randomly thought of a specific food (ie ice cream which we rarely have) and he ask me “can we get ice cream?”. Or I’ll be thinking about my mom and he’ll ask “can we go to grandmas?”.