How are you?

Are you holding up okay with all of the Covid stuff and the sheltering in place?

Things are going along well here in Orange County, California. We don't have many deaths from it. Most people I ask don't know anyone who is sick. The patients are there in our hospital, in the purple zone designated for them (there's even an elevator just for use with the Covid patients!), and it's been manageable. Not great, not terrific, because the patients are labor intensive. 

Surgeons are pretty excited about starting cases. Yesterday I worked, and had lunch in the doctor's lounge. There were more people but nothing like our usual pho Fridays.  All the toppings for the pho were in little containers. I'm frankly shocked at how much styrofoam and takeout waste this Covid is causing, but that's another story. Save lives first, and then what's next is next.

We each have our gifts and when we are in connection with Source we are available to deploy them at the right place and time. It was no accident that the surgeon I saw at the pizza parlor doing door dash was with me yesterday doing one of his first cases. It was a long case, and I brought back my speaker and played music 'like normal'--I know my speaker will have the germs get killed when I use my sanitizer wipe on it. The risk to benefit of providing contemporary music to the team was totally in the best interest of the patient. 

I have to adjust my routine to minimize exposure to aerosols even in the non Covid patients. When I intubate there's like a cover over the patient's face, and only one person in the room with me and we both have on N-95 and eye protection. But the nurse works other hospitals too, and volunteered to be the person, because inserting the foley and prepping was going to take the twenty minute wait anyway. After intubation, the nurse worked and I charted while the room air exchange went through the number of cycles for the team to operate in safety. Same thing at the end of the case. It was a little bit of a drag waiting the fifteen minutes, but you know what? I get paid for my time. And I'm sure I was able to shorten the time in the recovery room because they were so awake at the end of the case and the fifteen minutes they transferred themselves to the bed from the O.R. table!

Covid has its blessings. 

Everything does. 

It's true.

Sometimes you have to contort yourself out of your comfort zone to see them, but it's true. 

For myself as a single mom, life was unlivable working full/part time, and managing Anthony's school and sports. 

I don't want to go back to how things were. 

I simply don't.

The Spanish Flu lasted like two years. I suppose once Anthony's driving himself places then things will be good.

Last night, I came home. The blessing was a short day. My car had some big red CHECK COOLANT warning on it three days ago. I called the dealer and the service department said don't make an appointment just drop by. So I did. And you know what? My radiator fluid was topped off for free and I got a new battery for my key fob for free.  I was able to get mice in the first time for like a month for snake. I came home, showered, and after the snake ate there was one left over to return. I was going to cook teriyaki chicken for us but didn't feel like it. So we supported our local empanada place. After returning the mouse, I went to get the food. After my shower I wore my favorite dress. It doesn't look like much, really, a little orange and pink sundress. But the guy who works at the pet shop noticed. I had been in a t shirt before. You wouldn't believe how much laundry I do now, because of the Covid. Just that short walk from locker room to exit I am careful and I wash anything exposed. 

But looking your best, it affects people, for the better. People are very visual, and it lets them know you care about yourself and are trying. It's never too late to try a new hairstyle or wear something that's flattering to you.

I'm working on The Schumann Resonance and I'm doing my part. It's not easy. It really isn't but I know how the story ends and it will go up.

Hey look! Saul must have been reading my blog!  He covers 'being right' PLUS stop thinking of things as an 'either-or' situation. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

This article is an excellent target for you to scan with your Discern-O-Meter. Nobody knows the date or time, not even the Son. Not even, not even, the Son. Only Divine Father knows the timing for everything. Could it be right? Sure, parts of it. When information is presented to you, don't just look at the information. Looking at the jewel is what they want you to do. Look at the setting, the craftsmanship, the workmanship, and the quality. Is it in platinum and singing with loving attention to detail? Or is it a base metal with a veneer of gold tone and it's going to wear off?  This one, I admit, set me off. Ross is smiling and encouraging me to spill it, and to say what I think. WTF Princess Diana and MARILYN MONROE are back? Yeah, right. Diana is not incarnate. I talk with her. And her energy is alive and well on the planet--there's lots that share her energy, look at Mother Teresa right? Diana taught me to take my earrings off at night. Marilyn was a Monarch kitten, and she's got lots of issues. I've been pissed off over that assertion that Marilyn is 'here'. Who gives a fuck? Seriously? 

I'll show you what's what. Look at the ads--the page to honor Mother Earth. And to subscribe? Fork out two dollars a month, baby.

This is the kind of anger only a seraphim can get.


The focus is on Creator and Life Purpose. Always. If you can't remember your Life Purpose and Pre Birth Contract and Life Script, then, focus on your Here and Now. That's a pretty good hint as to why you are here and the whole point of everything. 

Are you fighting your Here and Now?

Read some Byron Katie. Love what IS. Turn it around. That will help you focus on your Life Purpose.

The whole point of the Luciferian High Adept is to get people to focus on anything BUT their Here and Now, their Life Script, their Life Purpose, and Divine Creator!!!!!

You don't have to sell your soul for them to 'win the game they are playing'. All they have to do is to get you to scatter your energy and 'laser focus' off the whole point of why you're here. And I tell you, their Illusion and Matrix is set up to have you be running and chasing the damn laser pointer on the floor like a cat high on catnip. 

You lose precious time. 

Pages like that one, make everything seem so complex and interesting and feed your 'need to be right' just enough to hook you so you click and they get money from their ads. 

Where are the ads here? You shouldn't find any. We are not monetized on any platform, although we could be. We choose not to.

Where is the drama?

Except for my anger, or annoyance, or sorrow, there's not much. No extra contributors, except perhaps Raphael, Daisy, Michael from time to time. 

This is my side gig.

My purpose is to kick ass in the hospital as an anesthesiologist, and to provide evidence vibrationally that Divine Creator is a lot closer than one might think. My purpose is to be mother to Anthony, and prepare him for his work ahead, and he has big shoes to fill for his Purpose. It's going to be more than my own. He's gonna stand on my shoulders and I better make mine good and strong for him. I'm building his foundation. 

Ross and I absolutely adore teaching, and sharing from the heart. We love it that we are Ascending together. But the one thing, wouldn't you agree, is that we are always, always, always pointing to Heaven, to Divine Creator, to trust in the Divine Plan, and to strengthen yourselves in Spirit?  To heal yourself, to feel safe here, and to escape from the three ring circus set up for us like, everywhere there is to turn?

We will be doing live meditations somewhere, somehow, for you to join us at these uncertain times.

Remember to be the blessing that you are. And don't go chasing Ascension. Be YOU and that is good enough and grow and learn as best as you can, when Spirit nudges you. NOT when the cool screen pops up and there's a class offered that's grabbing your attention and before you know it you're reaching for your wallet.   When it's time to learn Reiki or another modality, you'll know it in your heart. Spirit will nudge you and make it loud so you can hear.  

Ross and I are training wheels and nothing more.

Try not to be dependent on anyone as you learn to ride your Spiritual bike, okay?

Now I'm not upset any more. : )))  Hugs?

When I woke up today, Daisy told me OSMANTHUS.  I looked it up. Twelve health benefits of osmanthus flower.

She's right.

Antioxidant and clears mucus. 

It's funny because yesterday my one and only goal for today was to make boba milk tea. I was close. She helped me to hone in on why I was getting that impulse/nudge. 

She wants us to look to things in Nature to heal us with the COVID. Tea. Sunshine. Fresh air. I've been telling you for weeks I recharge my N-95 in the sunlight. For one hour. I get the sunlight on me too when I have the time. I've been craving grapefruits. Guess what? Quinine is in that too! We drink tonic water daily. We most days more often than not have the baking soda one half teaspoon in water too. We take our remedies, the homeopathic ones, we've mentioned that. 

I'm experiencing my lungs to be much better than they have been in months. My respiratory rate had been up there, kinda scary. I can now take a pause like always between exhalation and inspiration. I wasn't able to do that since Anthony and I were sick at the end of January. It was just in out in out in out without the pause. I'm so grateful. Our sense of taste and smell had been impaired, I didn't understand why. We had aches and chills and were so tired back in early February. 

Whatever it was, it's heading behind us. And better things are ahead. It's super hot and dry here. I can't wait for them to stop manipulating the weather. We had rain like crazy for weeks at a time. One day like Saul says Heaven will be on Earth. One day...

This is champaca. It smells wonderful. I had a sample of Tom Ford Champaca Absolute when I met Chris in New Orleans in 2009. When I got home I bought the bottle. It's so beautiful a fragrance to wear.

When Daisy said Osmanthus, I thought she had meant the Champaca. I dug through my pink zipper case with my fragrances inside, and found it. I have it on. It smells so beautiful! I'm quite content.

Whenever you meet me in person--if I have access to my fragrances, I can't take them overseas on the plane--I'll have a fragrance.

Each one has a special meaning.

I wear the best of the best, and usually something rare.

I want you to remember me. And I hope you'll get the message the fragrance is intended to send.

I want to be unforgettable, totally an ambassador for the higher realms and to represent Divine Creator who sent me.

Every time.

In pre-op holding, even through my crazy goggles and mask, with my patients I am able to connect in a meaningful way, to establish trust and rapport, and to give comfort to them at a difficult time. It's tone of voice, body language and gestures, and a feeding back that I'm listening to you intently and I 'get it' (active listening).

There's only so much time we have to be on earth, and to experience meaningful connection.

Don't squander it on the latest trend or article or prediction.

Just BE.

Bloom where you are planted!

That is enough of our messages today.


Carla is waiting for the plumber! Yes, right now. I wanted to squeeze that one in. No it's not for the toilet, although Carla would love to equip all the toilets in the house with Toto Washlet bidets like the high-end ones she experienced in Japan. Both she and Anthony much to their surprise loved it and never felt so clean in their lives.

What is going to take place is preventive maintenance for the tankless water heater. Scale can build up over time and damage the unit. So once a year, more or less, a vinegar flush is run with a pump and the built up lime and calcium deposits are removed.

In addition to blooming where you are planted, my message to you is to take inventory of everything you have, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and the external representations of it in your house/where you live/your community. What is there to take care of, like with the alarm on the car, or the descaling maintenance for the tankless water heater?

Are you on it?

Are you on top of your game?

Try to look at the reactions of others in your life to gauge it.

When they connect with you, and look you in the eye, without pain, and with mutual respect--you are ON IT!

When someone is avoiding your gaze, or not answering you, that is a hint that there is something to be taking care of. Something is imbalanced with the energy, and if you wait long enough, it's only going to be a bigger problem.

We are encouraging you to UP your game as you approach becoming full Galactic Citizens (you always have been, only the Matrix has been holding you back). Look your best. BE your BEST.

In every way.

Be absolutely scrupulous in all of your dealings.

Do not sell yourself short or tarnish your reputation at this time, not in any way.

God wants you to be golden! Platinum! Superplatinum! In every way.

Just like me.

(he winks)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who are very smart in devoting themselves to All That Is and Spirit