Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Winter 2019 Picks for Men

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Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale 2019-20

Great in-house brands. Terrific 3rd party stuff. Deep cuts, usually reasonable size selections, and as always,everything ships and returns for free. Nordstroms half yearly sales only have one drawback. Theyre ENORMOUS. Like, 9000 plus items. Which is quite the haystack if youre picking around for needles. If you dont feel like scrolling through all 9000 items, youll find a selection below of what weve deemed to be the best of the best. But if weve missed something in this massive half-yearly sale that deserves a mention? Send those tips in to Okay. Off we go

Barbour Evanton Quilted Jacket $187.60 ($280)

Barbour has been doing this sort of thing for a very, very long time. And usually, theyre pretty pricey (see the retail price.) And while the on-sale price isnt dirt cheap, its a solid deal for the real thing.

Nordstrom 100% Cashmere V-Neck or Crewneck Sweaters $86.98 ($148)

Nice quality cashmere. Lots of colors, lots of sizes, v-neck or crew neck. Ships and returns free like everything else.

Ralph Lauren Quilted Sheepskin Gloves $65.66 ($98)

Warm, but not puffy ski gloves. Theres dexterity here. Easy to dress up or down. I have something highly similar and wear them all the time. Big fan of that quilted detail.Good enough for Santa good enough for you!

Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Scarves in Tipped Solid or Plaid $41.54 $52.26 ($62 $78)

Many a #menswear fella lost his mind over these little retro bear logos this year. Im not quite sure myself why, BUT, its a thing. And if its your thing? Then have at it.

Good Man Brand Legend Low Top Sneaker $147.90 ($198)

Earth tone, made in Italy, hugely versatile, awfully nice sneakers. Just enough contrast, in all the right places.

Nordstrom Signature Wool Cashmere & Wool Blend Trim Fit Topcoats $399.98 $479.40 ($699 $799)

Investment pieces. Made in Italy. That blue micro check (center) option looks terrific.

Nordstrom Taylor Trim Fit Overcoat $174.50($349)

A much more affordable option than the already mentioned Nordstrom Signature line. Trim fit? Mainly (62%) wool? Well positioned, side slash pockets that are WAY easier than stupid horizontal slash pockets for access and keeping your hands warm? AND its now half off? Well played Uncle Nordy. Was going for $200 over Black Friday.

Nordstrom Regular Fit Stripe Merino Wool Blend Sweater $47.70 ($79.90)

Versatile. Timeless stripes. Also helps that Im wearing something similar, as I type this. Looks great on its own and/or under a knit sportcoat.

Made in Italy Nordstrom Signature Trim Fit Plaid Wool Sport Coat $358.90 ($599)

That, friends, is one very, very handsome sportcoat. Made in Italy too? Navy base with a bit of burgundy for color. Subtle looking though. Want. Also shown at the top of the post.

Bonobos Slim Fit Dress Shirts $48.90 $68.90 ($98)

I dont have a ton of experience with Bonobos dress shirts. But, if theyre anything like their pants, they should fit great. Lots of slightly unusual/trendy patterns too. In case you want to have a bit of fun.

Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle Bag $53.98 ($90)

Heres a tip: If youre a New Years Resolution-er, get in to the gym. Now. Dont wait for the 1st of January. Youll be able to get your bearings before the rest of the THIS is the year Im gonna change! folks drop by in early January. And to separate yourself a little from the herd can be the difference. Oh, and heres a gym bag with a separate compartment for shoes. Very handy. On sale of course.

Nordstrom 100% Cashmere Waffle Knit Sweater $113.40 ($189)

Its the waffle texture. Dresses it down just enough, but the 100% cashmere keeps it pretty darn luxurious.

Barbour Lutz Water Resistant Waxed Cotton Jacket $311.55 ($465)

I mean, if you squint, its pretty close to the Skyfall jacket. And it ships and returns for free.

1901 Trim Fit Oxford Dress Shirt $29.98($59.50)

A well executed basic from their in-house, 1901 label. Trim fit here. That Blue Brunnera is pretty much the perfect shade of dress-shirt light blue.

Bonobos Jetsetter Slim Fit Plaid Stretch Wool Sport Coat in Dark Brown Plaid or Bright Blue Windowpane $301.49 ($450)

For being founded as a pants company, Bonobos sure knows what theyre doing when it comes to sportcoats and blazers. And unlike Bonobos, who often makes things final sale, these can still be returned if they dont work out.

Nordstrom Signature Suede Bomber Jacket $299.40 ($499)

Ooh. Dang. Bombers were big this year. The free returns helps here a lot. Suede and leather is tough to get a feel for, yknow, over the internet.

John W. Nordstrom Jackson Raincoat $179.40 ($299)

Its a grown up raincoat. Something you can wear with just about everything, and shouldnt overheat you in the spring or fall. From their higher end J.W.N. line.

Bonobos Merino Wool Knit Henley $65.66 ($98)

Pretty sure these are a little thicker than a standard henley. Somewhere between henley and sweater. Can be worn as either though.

Nordstrom 100% Cashmere Cap $41.70($69.50)

Nordstrom 100% Cashmere Cap

Ah yes. Tis the season, for clearing out winter accessories like hats, gloves, and scarves. So if youve been thinking about upgrading to cashmere for your noggin, nows the time. Also helps that it ships and returns for free.

Nordstrom 100% Cashmere Scarves $59.70($99.50)

I told you it was winter accessories clearance season. Lots of colors and patterns to pick from. 100% cashmere. Was just going for closer to $75. Now at a deeper discount.

Nordstrom Made in Italy Waterproof Chukka Boot $84.46 ($129.95)

Waterproof you say? Perfect. Water has a tendency to fall from the sky in many forms during this period that were in.Also available in smooth leather, but that taupe suede shown above looks pretty nice from here.

NordstromEXTRATrim Fit Dress Shirts $32.90($49.50)

Nordstrom EXTRA Trim Fit Dress Shirts

Not just their trim fit, but their extra trim fit. Lots of colors. Seems to be the standard discount.

Allen Edmonds Brogue Street Leather Belt $69.98($120)

Made in the USA. The weird thing about brogue belts is that they almost look better when worth with NON brogue shoes. Avoids any potential too matchy-matchy issues. Or just wear it with your brogues too. Because honestly. Who cares.

The Norht Face Four Point Reversible Heatseeker Eco Shirt Jacket $71.98 ($120)

That is NOT what I was expecting on the inside. But Im impressed. Well played The North Face. Kinda dig it.

Nordstrom 2-pack Cashmere Blend Socks $59.96 ($90)

Treat yo self. Especially if Santa dropped the ball this year. Its a two pack, so, works out to $30 per pair. Recommend by Adam our shoe guy in his gift guide this year.

Nordstrom Cable Knit Cashmere Sweater $107.40 ($179)

For the cable curious, who want to keep committed to cashmere. Classy!

Nordstrom Signature Trim Fit Plaid Wool Sport Coat $358.90 ($599)

Made in Italy. Highly similar to the navy/burgundy option, only in a black/gray/brown combo here.

Billy Reid Michael Wool Blend Shirt Jacket $99($395) direct through Billy Reid

Nordy has these too, but for $197. Yet theyre $99 direct through Billy Reid. So yeah. Half off Nordys half off direct through Mr. Reid? Beats me. What I do know, is that thats one heck of a good looking shirt jacket. 70% wool / 10% cashmere too.

Barbour Newbrough Gloves $53.98 ($90)

More gloves! Tis the season and all. Yknow, the season of marked-down-winter-accessories.

Nordstrom Merino Wool Sweaters in V Neck or Crew Neck $47.70 ($79.50)

Strong, smooth, fine knit merino wool. Temperature regulating. Lots of colors in the crew necks. Basic colors in the V.

Rodd & Gunn Murphys Road Chelsea Boot $129.90 ($198)

Somewhere between sleek and rugged. A little of both, frankly. Made in Portugal.

Bonobos Plaid Wool Blend Bomber Jacket $199.56 ($298)

Pretty sure these sold out on the Bonobos site somewhat fast this year? At least the first run did. All sizes at post time at Nordstrom.

Nordstrom Flat Front Solid Wool & Silk Dress Pants $119.40 ($199)

Wintry flannels with just enough flecks to them to give em a sharp, almost tweedy look.

Sunski Topekas 51mm Polarized Sunglasses $33.98 ($68)

Were not at gas station spinner rack pricing quite yet, but, were in the ballpark.

Cole HaanHarrison Grand Cap Toe Oxford $109.90($220)

Cole HaanHarrison Grand Cap Toe Oxford

Are they Allen Edmonds? No! Are they worth a shot if you dont have AE money, you need a conservative dress shoe thatll also be comfortable, and youre not willing to commit to a pair of shoes for life? Of course.

BOSS Trim Fit Wool Tuxedo $476.98 ($795)

OH. Takes some onions to pull off. But man. Thats something. Also, bow tie > necktie. Please. Theres a 21st century Rat Pack thing going on there. Like youre gonna take the stage and hold a crowd in the palm of your hand on New Years Eve.

Nordstrom Tech-Smart Trim Fit Stretch Herringbone Dress Shirt $34.75 ($69.50)

Nordstrom Tech-Smart Trim Fit Stretch Herringbone Dress Shirt

From their tech smart line. Subtle herringbone pattern for a little visual texture. Extremely well reviewed.81% cotton, 12% polyester, 7% spandex.

Rodd & Gunn Glenorchy Waxed Cotton Field Jacket $248.90 ($498)

Its two, two, two pieces of outerwear in one! Well, technically three. Just the vest, just the shell, and then if you combine the two Im guessing that should count as a third. Nice looking jacket. Waxed exterior. Tartan liner. Dual rear vents for ease of movement.

Nordstrom Bradley Chelsea Boot $62.47 ($124.95)

Light stone suede that should look great up against dark denim, but isnt so expensive that youll cry buckets if they get dinged up. Now half off.

Rodd & Gunn Regular Fit Italian Flannel Sport Coat $198.98 ($398)

Love the sportcoat, hate the shirt. I understand big, bold patterns are loud and all, but, sheesh. Would looked super sharp with, oh I dont know, a white dress shirt? When did everything get so shouty? Get off my lawn! Anyway, sportcoat is a 75% wool blend.

Nordstrom Deerskin Leather Gloves $53.70($89.50)

Either in the standard three lines of topstitching, or, a sportier perforated pattern. Both pairs are lined with cashmere.

Nordstrom Trim Fit Non-Iron Straight Collar or Button Down Dress Shirt $29.98 ($49.50)

In case you spilled mulled wine all over a go-to white dress shirt at the holiday party.

adidas Supercourt Sneaker $54 $63 ($90)

All the retro vibes you can handle. Looks like the off white (sorry, clear brown) shade is the pair with the lower price tag? UPDATE: Nope. Clear brown is full price. Dang.

Hook + Albert Leather Duffle Bag $480($640)

Hook + Alberts original (I believe?) fold out, zip-up, garment duffel combination. Also available in a sleeker profile, black and blue combo if thats more your thing.

Rodd & Gunn Regular Fit Wool/Cotton Plaid Sport Coat $198.98($398)

Im not hugely familiar with Rodd & Gunn stuff (I think theyre relatively new to the US market?) but what I have seen, Ive been pretty impressed with. A brand to keep an eye on for sure.

Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 Running Shoe $99.90 ($150)

A very, very popular set of athletic shoes. Its a little lost on me, but youre almost certainly hipper than I am. So have at it. Limited sizes left in the all black.

Polo Ralph Lauren Cocoa Bear Scarf $41.50 ($68)


Rodd & Gunn Regular Fit Stretch Wool & Cotton Sport Coat $238.80 ($398)

More Rodd & Gunn. This time, a Made in Italy sportcoat that sure appears to be knit from here? Super soft construction.

Barbour Saffir Polarquilt Jacket $160.98 ($230)

I have seen the word aubergine (the bottom jacket) used to describe so many different shades between bright red and deep dark purple, that at this point Im convinced no one really knows what color that particular word was invented in order to describe. Does anyone really know what aubergine is? Does ANYONE REALLY KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?

Good Man Brand Merino Wool Cardigan $136.80 ($228)

Good Man Brand stuff is usually pretty pricey, even when on sale. See above. They also make really nice stuff. Chances are the above also falls into that category. Want.

Cole HaanFeathercraft Grand Plain Toe Boot $119.98 $133.98($200)

No cap toe. No wingtip. No nothin. Sleek looking suckers. Limited sizes on the smooth leather. Plenty of sizes on the suede, which also happens to be the pair going for $134 (dang.)

Cole Haan Fleece Lined Quilted Jacket $178.80 ($298)

Vertical stitched quilting? How very slimming! Cant say that about a lot of other puffers you see around this time of year.

Cole Haan Grand Turf Pro $79.90 ($150)

Whyd you buy bowling shoes? Thanks, Jasons wife. GET YOUR BALL WERE GOIN BOWLING NOW BABY.

Cardinal of Canada Quilted Car Coat $296.90 ($495)

Cardinal of Canada Quilted Car Coat

Spendy, but could be, frankly, a perfect warm winter coat. Some of us dont like hoods flopping about constantly. Constant flopping about is unedifying. The solution? A stowable, zip away hood, with a wool quilted body and a few details that dress it up a bit. You get the warmth but it also wont look weird with a suit or sportcoat.

Nordstrom Touchscreen Puffer or Horizontal Puffer Gloves $29.70($49.50)

Puffer stuff. You just cant escape it this year.

BP Easton Chelsea Boot $73.66 ($109.95)

Inexpensive chelseas. Fit on chelseas is key (since, yknow, there arent any laces to cinch down), so the free shipping and free returns is really helpful. Try em out on carpet of course.

Good Man Brand Slim Fit Textured Sport Coat $196.80 ($328)

I have something extremely similar, also from Good Man Brand, and I wear the thing all the time. Looks smarter than a sweater, and can do a lot in terms of dressing up a t-shirt, henley, or polo.

Marc New York Holden Coat $129.90($275)

Marc New York Holden Coat

That looks like it could be a lot of coat for $130. Big jacket. Also available in charcoal gray, because of course it is. Sizes are actually starting to sell out depending on the color youre after. Also available in a slightly shorter version.

Nordstrom Tech-Smart Trim Fit Stretch Check Dress Shirt $34.75($69.50)

Nordstrom Tech-Smart Trim Fit Stretch Check Dress Shirt

From their tech-smart line.80% cotton, 13% polyester, 7% spandex.

Made in Italy Nordstrom Dayton Suede Derby $54.96($109.95)

Made in Italy Nordstrom Dayton Suede Derby

Not really the season for suede bucks, BUT $55 for Italian made, basic bluchers? Nifty.

1901 Slim Fit Mlange Wool Blend Sport Coat $174.49($349)

1901 Slim Fit Mlange Wool Blend Sport Coat

A foundational basic thats super easy to dress up or down.95% wool, 5% viscose. Just butterfly lined in the back. Now half off.

Good Man Brand Slim Fit Colorblock Wool Sweater $106.80 ($178)

DetectiveFrankBullitt called. He wants his holster back. Pew Pew Pew Finger Guns.

Nike Odyssey React 2 Shield Water Repellent Running Shoe $64.98 ($130)

Mixed reviews here because for some people they run small and tight. For others, they run big. Gotta love the internet! Thank goodness we have everyone reviewing everything!

NordstromMerino Wool Polo Sweater $50.98($85)

The humble polo with long sleeves, and made in merino! 100% fine merino wool knit. Thats huge. Much more comfortable and breathable compared to cotton which will drag and suffocate if you heat up.

Trim Fit Plaid Sportcoats in Black Coal or Navy Iris Windowpane $209.40 ($349)

More sportcoats. More pattern. More Nordy house brands.

Cole Haan Herringbone Yoke Quilted Jacket $178.80 ($298)

Once again, heritage sportswear looks without the price that usually comes with heritage sportswear brands.

Made in the USA Red Wing 6 Moc Toe Boots $210 ($280)

STILL. ON. SALE. Legends. Faithful foot-companions. Made in the USA of course. Goodyear welted. Depth for days.

Nordstrom Mens Shop Regular Fit Knit Sport Coat $99.49($199)

Nordstrom Men's Shop Regular Fit Knit Sport Coat

Also still on sale! Surprisingly nice. I wasnt expecting it to be so nice. Earned a spot in our annual fall sportcoats roundup. Not sure how to wear it? Heres one way.

Nordstrom Wool Blend Chore Jacket $77.40 ($129)

Not a huge amount of wool in the mix (45% nylon, 30% rayon, 25% wool) but, for $77? Not bad.

John W. Nordstrom Mason Wool & Cashmere Overcoat $298.90($499)

A basic, but Nordstrom knows how to elevate basics, especially when theyre from the upgraded John W. Nordstrom line. 95% wool and 5% cashmere.

Calvin Klein Gray Suede Sneakers $60.98 ($129)

Cheeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. Why this particular sneaker is called the fuego is beyond me.

Hart Schaffner Marx Turner Plaid Wool Blend Topcoat $296.90 ($495)

Stand out from the sea of solids! But do so quietly. A nice, subtle plaid here.

Merino Wool Textured Sweaters from Christopher Bates or Todd Snyder $169.98 ($278 $340)

What time is it? (Checks watch) ITS SUPER SPENDY OFF-WHITE SWEATER TIME. Ill stick with my $40 cable crew from GAP, but, youre probably more fancy than me. So you do you.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Albany Commuter Briefcase $359.98 ($450)

They call it slim and navy, but it looks like it can expand and its true blue to me. Not cheap. But thats Tumi stuff for you.

John W. Nordstrom Torino Traditional Fit Flat Front Corduroy Trousers $95.40 ($159)

For the more advanced #menswear style crowd. I can see guys wearing these at a Style Week. Somewhere. I avoid those like the plague. Anywho, made in Italy. From their higher end J.W.N. line.

Nordstrom Tech-Smart Long Sleeve Pocket Polo $35.70 ($59.50)

I have a feeling that in a few years, well all look back at the shortened, untucked button up trend and think: the heck were we thinking? If you dont want to tuck your shirt in, then wear a long sleeve polo. Or a slim crewneck sweater or t-shirt. Or a henley.

Nordstrom Trim Fit Wool Sport Coat $149.49 ($299)

Could be easy to dress up or down? 100% wool. Just partially lined. Appears to be made in Mexico.

Ankari Foruss Two-Tone Sneaker $82.49 ($165)

Getting some serious swans head vibes here.

1901 Extra Trim Fit Plaid Wool Blend Sport Coat $149.49($299)

1901 Extra Trim Fit Plaid Wool Blend Sport Coat

Extra trim fit here. So if youve got a more athletic frame, this could be a squeeze.70% wool, 30% nylon. Unlined except for a bit of a butterfly lining to the back shoulders. An additional $30 off from the Fall Sale.

Hook + Albert Twill Duffle Bag $330($440)

Hook + Albert Twill Duffle Bag

Part duffel, part garment bag, 100% terrific for those who travel with suits and or sportcoats.

1901 Donegal Slim Fit Wool Blend Trousers $64.49($129)

1901 Donegal Slim Fit Wool Blend Trousers

Nice price on these.73% wool, 15% silk, 12% linen dress trousers with a true slim fit. From one of the younger leaning Nordstrom house brands.

Hart Schaffner Marx Sheffield Classic Fit Wool & Cashmere Overcoat $356.90($595)

Hart Schaffner Marx Sheffield Classic Fit Wool & Cashmere Overcoat

90% wool and 10% cashmere here. Really liking that not quite camel, but not medium brown either shade.

J.W.N. Made in Italy Flat Front Solid Wool Trousers $94.90($159)

Stand alone all wool trousers for the white-collar crowd. Made in Italy too. From the in-house yet still pretty top notch John W. Nordstrom brand. Four colors to pick from. These are nice pants. Very nice pants.

1017 ALYX 9SM Quantum Dye Para Overcoat $602.49 ($1205) & Matching Pant $374.98 ($750)

Trash bags. Sometimes you just have to have them.

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