Nick Foles in 2020! Where Will He Be Playing?

Nick Foles in 2020! Where Will He Be Playing?

Nick Foles lead the Philadelphia Eagles to their first Super Bowl win in 2017. Foles was named the Super Bowl MVP and was a part of one of the most talked about plays ever. The Philly Special will forever be remembered and synonymous with historic plays. Carson Wentz was on the verge of winning league MVP in 2017 when he went down to injury. Carson Wentz returned last year, but he wasnt 100%. Nick Foles returned and lead the Eagles to an upset win over Chicago in the Wild Card round. Despite, New Orleans blowing out Philadelphia earlier in the year when Carson Wentz was the starting QB. Foles almost lead the Eagles to the win over New Orleans. During the offseason, Philadelphia let Foles go and become a free agent. Carson Wentz signed a huge extension to remain the starting QB for the Eagles.

In the process, Nick Foles was able to test free agency and eventually signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Nick Foles went on to sign a 4-year deal for $88 million dollar and $50.125 million was guaranteed. During Week 1, Nick Foles went down with a shoulder injury and was put on IR. Foles returned a couple weeks ago and the Jaguars offense have struggled ever since. Nick Foles was replaced with rookie Gardner Minshew in the second half and the rest of the season. With Minshew playing good when he first replaced Foles, he could be their QB of the future. The big question now is, will Jacksonville bring back Nick Foles next season? If not, where will Nick Foles be Playing in 2020?

Jacksonville Jaguars

Could it be possible the Jacksonville Jaguars open the 2020 season with Gardner Minshew as the starter? With the Jags naming Minshew as the starter for the remainder of the season, its definitely a possibility. Jacksonville will want to see what they have going into next season at the quarterback position. After just one season, would the Jags move on from Nick Foles? Outside of the great touchdown pass Foles tossed that got him injured, he hasnt done much else. Of course, with the injury and not having the amount of time needed to be on the field with his new team is an issue. Jacksonville will most likely keep the veteran QB for at least one more season. If the Jaguars just straight up release Foles they will have to eat $33.8 million in dead money in 2020.

Before we get ahead of ourselves and have the Jags releasing Foles, remember this is a business. If they were to do that, they would have to do some maneuvering around and possibly release a few players. It costs them $11 million more to outright release him than it does to keep him on the roster, but as mentioned youre not going to sit $22 million on the bench. The team could split the difference and designate him a post-June cut, which would be a dead cap hit of $21.3 million in 2020 and $12.5 million in 2021 and would give them $750,000 in cap relief in 2020. Whats more likely during the offseason is that the Jaguars try to trade Nick Foles. In a trade, the Jaguars would have to eat $18.5 million in dead money but would be a net cap relief of about $4 million.

The key here is, whatever team is getting Nick Foles in a trade is really only on the hook for his salary, which is not guaranteed and manageable at $15 million. Would a team like the Miami Dolphins, Cincinnati Bengals or Arizona Cardinals make a trade for the veteran QB?

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles hasnt gone as planned and the fans are pissed to say the least. Many people are pointing the finger at Carson Wentz for the Eagles struggles and theyve let it be known. Is Wentz the issue in Philadelphia? As a fan, Ill say that hes partially the issue, but it goes deeper than that. When the Eagles had to choose between Carson Wentz or Nick Foles, it was a tough one. As we all know, Nick Foles became a free agent and signed with Jacksonville. On the other hand, Carson Wentz signed a huge extension to remain the franchise QB for the foreseeable future. With one of the better offensive lines in the league, Philadelphia went out and got him some weapons. Alshon Jeffrey netted a nice extension and they brought in Desean Jackson, one of the franchises all-time leading receivers.

The Eagles also drafted promising rookie, Miles Sanders and traded for Jordan Howard. For most of the year, injuries have hampered this team and surprisingly, Wentz hasnt missed a game. Desean Jackson have only played one full game. Jeffrey has missed multiple games; Howard just missed his third consecutive one and a host of injuries. For some reason, Nick Foles is a different QB when he puts on the Eagles uniform. During his first stint, he had a wonderful year by putting up 27 TDs to only a pair of INTs. After leaving the Eagles, his career fell off to the point he thought about retirement. Doug Pederson convinced him otherwise and he came back home to Philadelphia. As we all know, Foles lead the Eagles after Wentz went down with his knee injury to the Super Bowl.

Last year, Foles almost did the impossible and that was led another run with the Eagles. Philadelphia shouldve won that Divisional Round game in New Orleans. If the Eagles wouldve met the Rams in the NFC title game, who knows what wouldve happened. Nick Foles couldve led the Eagles to back-to-back Super Bowl wins over New England. As an Eagles fan, that sounds really good, but could he return for a third stint in Philly? Im sure the fans would love it, but how would him and Wentz coexist? All we know is that, if Foles were to return to Philly it would create excitement. Josh McCown came out of retirement to play the backup role for Philly, the Eagles could use another for 2020.


Nick Foles has flirted with retirement on more than one occasion. Foles has played for the Rams, Chiefs and Jaguars besides Philadelphia, would he play anywhere else? It seems like if Foles isnt in the plans of the Jaguars next season, retirement could be the option. Of course, if Philadelphia would come calling, Im sure that would be enticing. If he were to come back home to Philadelphia, would Wentz want to be traded? On the outside looking in, if the Jags move on and Philly dont come calling thatll be it. In 2020, if Foles isnt on the roster of Jacksonville or Philadelphia Im thinking retirement is the option.

Where do you see Nick Foles playing in 2020? Where would you like to see Nick Foles play in 2020? Leave some feedback below or include another team thats a possibility to land Nick Foles in 2020.

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