New Dewalt Cordless HEPA Stick Vacuum


Dewalt has a new cordless vacuum on the way, model DCV501HB. The new Dewalt 20V Max vacuum has a stick vac-like form factor and ships with a HEPA-rated filter as standard equipment.

The Dewalt vac looks to be designed for general jobsite cleanup tasks and comes with 6 different cleaning attachments.

Additional features include a 32.6 oz (0.7 liter) tank capacity, 65W (air watts) power level with a 5Ah battery, and LED light.

With the HEPA filter, the new Dewalt vacuum is said to “follow OSHA Table 1 Compliance under housekeeping rules.”


The vac can be used in the same manner as an upright stick better for cleaning the floor without having to bend down.

Key Features & Specifications

  • 65W (air watts), w/ 5Ah battery
  • 46 CFM max airflow
  • Up to 21.4 mins runtime w/ 5Ah battery
  • Belt hook
  • LED worklight
  • Weighs 3.3 lbs (presumably tool-only)

Included Accessories

  • Extension wand
  • Flexible hose
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Round brush
  • Gulper brush
  • Floor nozzle
  • HEPA filter (DCV5011H)
  • Accessory bag

Price: $149-159 (tool-only)
ETA: April-May 2022



The new Dewalt cordless HEPA vacuum has somewhat of a unique design. There’s no context behind the geometry, but I would guess it has to do with giving the vac a lighter or balanced feel.

A belt hook for a cordless vacuum seems like an interesting design choice. But I have to ask – is anyone ever going to hook this onto their tool belt? Then again, I often connect different tools to carts and other such not-belt-related structures using their belt hooks.


From the product images, it looks like the new cordless vacuum only has an on/off switch, rather than a variable speed dial or switch.

According to online specs, the vac can operate for up to 21.4 minutes of runtime using a fully charged 5Ah battery. It can fill up 15 collection tanks per charge using a 5Ah battery.

A search for the HEPA filter’s model number, DCV5011H, suggests that the replacement HEPA filter is new and unique to this model.

What I Like: Seems compact. HEPA filter is included.

One thing I don’t like about cordless stick vacs is how loose accessories get scattered around. Here, Dewalt includes a drawstring mesh bag to help keep all of the attachments in one place. But, it might not be very durable if it’s similar to the one that’s bundled with their 20V Max cordless power cleaner.

What I Don’t Like: Performance specs could be better, no brushless motor, not speed/power controls.


What I Find Curious: The design seems unusual, and it’s not clear why. My first instinct was to guess this geometry is done for balance or ergonomics reasons, but maybe it helps improve collection tank volume or emptying.

Cordless stick vacuums can be nimble or awkward, depending on how they’re configured and the size of battery used. Dewalt and their sibling companies, notably Craftsman and Black & Decker (Dustbuster), know how to make great cordless vacuums, and so I have high hopes for the new DCV501HB.

At the time of this posting, several authorized Dewalt dealers announced the new vacuum on their websites, newsletters, and social media channels, but Dewalt itself has not yet shared any information with press or media channels. We’ll update this post once we learn more.