Netizens Cracking Up At This Dude’s Tale Of Him Accidentally Playing ‘Titanic’ Song Out Loud While Sitting Next To Kate Winslet On A Plane

In cinema, there is such a wonderful thing as a soundtrack, in which each of the key characters in a film or TV series has their own musical theme. And then, if the film becomes popular, this music is often transferred in our heads to the actor or actress who played this character.

For example, the famous comedian Benny Hill, Keanu Reeves (several themes at once, we presume) and Leonardo DiCaprio perhaps have “their own” musical themes. And if speaking about Di Caprio, then of course, Kate Winslet – because you probably figured out what the song actually was. So here’s another funny story for you to support our musical-mental theory.

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This TikTok influencer once met a woman on a plane whose face looked very familiar to him

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“I need to start paying more attention to my surroundings because I cannot keep embarrassing myself like this”

“So today I was on a flight as I am, like, every day of my life and I see my ticket is for the 3rd row. But for some reason I get to the 2nd row and I’m like, “Great, this is it.”

There’s one woman who is already in the window seat and the middle seat between us is empty. Now at this point, I’m ready to listen to some music, settle in and who is on my mind? But Celine Dion. She canceled her tour and they were playing a bunch of her songs on the news, as they talked about the canceled tours. This is relevant to the story, I promise.”

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“What I don’t realize is that my AirPods are not yet connected. So Celine starts playing out loud”

“I’m just kind of skipping through her top hits at this moment. Like, ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’ plays for a second, ‘I Surrender’ plays for a second, ‘My Heart Will Go On’ plays for a little bit.

And this is all happening out loud, but I don’t realize it. But as soon as I do, I’m like, oh, pause the music. None of it played for that long, but you could have heard it if you were around me. And at this point, the lady next to me keeps looking over at me as if I’ve done something wrong, which I have, I’m in the wrong seat. For a moment I’m like, is she a fan? But then I’m like, nope, shut up, Chris.”

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“Anyway, eventually a flight attendant comes up to me and she’s like, ‘Can I see your boarding pass?'”

“I’m like, ‘Why?’ Just kidding. I show it to her. And she’s like, ‘Yeah, you’re row 3, not row 2.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I’m so sorry.’ I get up, I go back to row 3. But as I’m getting up to go, and saying sorry to the woman who’s in the window seat, I look at her face. And I’m like, she looks familiar.

And so I’m trying to wrack my brain of where we’ve met before or something like that. Until then from behind her I see her pull out a script with highlighted lines. Then I’m like, okay, wait, maybe I don’t recognize her from my life. Perhaps an actress? And as Celine Dion continues to play in my ear, I realized what is going on.”

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“I was sitting next to Kate Winslet. Oscar winner Kate Winslet”

“If this photo doesn’t convince you, could the jacket? Notice this little sleeve cut and that cut here? This was her arriving in Cannes yesterday. Look at the sleeve. Look at the cut there. Where were we? On a flight from Cannes to London. And I played a second of ‘My Heart Will Go On.’ Best known from the blockbuster movie Titanic, right next to her.”

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@chris KATE IF YOU SEE THIS IM SORRY I DIDN’T KNOW #storytime #katewinslet #titanic ♬ original sound – Chris Olsen

After accidentally turning that very iconic ‘Titanic’ song up loud, the TikToker suddenly realized the woman in the window seat was Kate Winslet

If you watch TikTok a lot, you probably know who Chris Olsen is: the social media star, named TikTok’s Sexiest Man by People Magazine in 2020, frequenter of fashion parties and the hottest red carpet events. Chris is familiar with many celebrities, and often talks about his communication and interaction with them. And sometimes it turns out to be something completely funny.

So, recently Chris was on a plane, and by mistake, he took a seat in the wrong row. As the Original Poster (OP) recalls, there was only a woman sitting by the window whose face seemed vaguely familiar to him, but, as we once said, Chris knows a huge number of people, famous and not so much, so this is not at all surprising.

The OP sat in his (actually not his, but it’s not so important for the narrative) seat and turned on his music, not noticing that his AirPods weren’t connected so it actually blasted out loud. When choosing music, the TikToker decided to listen to Celine Dion – in his own words, because he had just recently heard the news about the cancellation of her world tour and so on. So he was shuffling the tracks from one to another, and at some moment, the singer’s most famous song played. Yes, indeed, it was ‘My Heart Will Go On’, the timeless classic from the movie Titanic.

At that moment, a flight attendant approached Chris and asked him to move to his actual seat. Apologizing profusely, the blogger got up and at that moment the woman at the window looked at him. Her face seemed familiar to Chris again, and already sitting in his booked seat, he went through different people in his mind until the association with the still playing song ‘clicked’ in his head – yes, it definitely was Kate Winslet!

Later, the OP checked the facts – and yes, the actress could have been returning home from the Cannes Film Festival around this time, and moreover, in the photo from France she was wearing the same jacket that hung on a hook near her plane seat. One can only wonder what thoughts the famous actress had in her head when, right next to her, the melody from her iconic movie sounded deafeningly through the whole plane!

Well, that was pretty damn funny, and the commenters just cracked up at this tale, noting that things like this happen to Chris quite often. Some folks, by the way, recalled that Mr. Olsen himself is a fairly well-known person, so the actress might also think, looking at him: “He looks familiar.” “Maybe I don’t recognize him from my life. Perhaps an actor,” someone quipped in the comments. By the way, have there been situations in your own life when you met a celebrity in real-life circumstances, and how did it all happen?

People in the comments also told Chris that since he’s a rather famous guy himself, then Kate might have thought his face was familiar to her as well

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