Looking to buy a new hybrid this year?

First off, you’ve made a good decision in that you have decided to carry a hybrid instead of a long iron. 

With so many choices on the market, picking the right one is very difficult. 

The key is to match the right hybrid to the type of player you are. 

Just like other clubs in your bag, there are those designed for better golfers and clubs designed for “less than” better golfers.

That means you need to be honest about your skill level. I probably don’t need to remind you that the wrong club in the wrong hands does not work out very well on a golf course.

Our Picks for Best Hybrids

Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid – Best Hybrid for High Handicaps

TaylorMade SIM Max Rescue – Also Really Good for Beginners / High Handicaps

Mizuno CLK Hybrid – Best Hybrid for Better Players

Titleist TS3 Hybrid – Also Very Good for Low to Mid Handicaps

The first 4 hybrids on the list below are for players looking for forgiveness, while the last 5 are designed for intermediate to low handicaps looking for more feel and workability.

We are going to jump right in, but if you still have questions about whether or not you should be using a hybrid check out our FAQ section right after the reviews.

Best Hybrids for Beginners and High Handicappers

Callaway Mavrik Max Hybrid

Callaway Golf Company is a US-based sports company that was founded in 1982. Callaway is the world’s largest golf club manufacturer, so they know a thing or two about making golf clubs.

The Mavrik Max is no exception. This hybrid club is extremely forgiving and easy to hit. Because of its nature as a hybrid, you’ll still get the lightweight and familiar swing of an iron, but the “pop” of a fairway wood.

Callaway used artificial intelligence to design the Mavrik Max, which grants its users optimal ball speed.

If you are a beginner or high handicapper working on your game, the Mavrik Max might be right for you. Callaway has other Mavrik models that focus on general game improvement and players’ performance. The Mavrik Max launches launches the ball high with plenty of forgiveness. It even features a draw bias to help you fight that nasty slice!


Oversized head shape
Flash Face SS20 Technology
Jailbreak technology 


Optimized ball speed
Simple launches and easy carries
Soft landings on those Par 5s


Designed by A.I.
High ball flight
MAX Draw flight bias
Custom shafts and grips are available


The oversized head shape, as opposed to a moderate or compact one, might be an adjustment for some players.

This hybrid club is ideal for the beginner or high handicap golfer who visits the course semi-regularly. It’s a versatile club that offers exceptional performance. Check out the current price of the Mavrik Max here. 

TaylorMade SIM Max Rescue Hybrid

The SIM Max Rescue Hybrid makes TaylorMade history as the first club to combine V SteelTM with the TaylorMade RescueTM model. This makes a hybrid capable of optimal performance over difficult lies and improved interaction on tough turf. It has made a splash with a reputation for easy launch and forgiveness for higher handicappers.


Head Size: Medium

Lofts: 19, 22, 25, 28, 31

Length: 40.75” – 38.75”


V SteelTM construction in the v-shaped sole plate helps to reduce friction with every swing and allows you to attack any lie with confidence.
This model utilizes C300 steel in the twist face design that increases stability to help maximize distance.
In addition to the steel construction, the Twist Face is a new feature of the SIM Max Rescue Hybrid that uses corrective face angles to ensure a straight flight even with an off-center swing.


Unique Construction
Strong Steel Face
Twist Face


Expensive: Like any club worth investing in, the TaylorMade SIM Max Rescue Hybrid comes with a price tag to match.

Adaptability: Certain lengths and lofts are not available for left-handed golfers.


With the unique V-Steel construction and Twist Face design, this club provides a strong ball flight and consistency in impact. We appreciate the stability of the club and the solid performance that adapts to a wide range of golfers. It is aesthetically pleasing with the two-tone head and provides an easy launch. Overall, we recommend this hybrid model. Check it out here!

Cobra F-Max Airspeed Hybrid

Cobra, the manufacturer of the F-Max Airspeed Hybrid, is popular among the average golfer. It has a reputation for its oversized irons and offset drivers. These products are affordable while giving the average player a lot of room to improve their game.

More recently, Cobra is focusing on providing the lightest clubs possible. Like with its other products, its light clubs give golfers more speed and accuracy.  And the F-Max Airspeed Hybrid is no exception.


Loft options ranging from 3H-7H
Lengths ranging from 38” to 40.5”
55g shaft


Allows for faster swings and, therefore, more ball speed
Very forgiving, resulting in straighter hits


Made of high-strength steel
Slightly offset face
Ideal center of gravity


Limited customization when it comes to the shaft (The only thing you can customize is the flex—stiff, regular, and lite. Components such as weight, tip diameter, etc. are consistent with all of the shaft models.)
The 7H model is only available for right-handed players.


This hybrid is one of the lightest options available on the market. The weight makes it easier for you to swing and improves the accuracy and distance of your shots. The best part is that the F-Max Airspeed Hybrid is relatively affordable considering the quality of this hybrid. We really like the way this hybrid feels in your hand. Get yours from Cobra today!

Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid

In the mid-2000s, Cleveland produced a popular Halo hybrid driver. It became a staple for beginner and intermediate golfers thanks to its affordability and ability to improve one’s game. The original model is still popular to this day.

Cleveland decided to revamp with the Launcher Halo Hybrid. The Halo (High Angle Lift Off) technology is better than ever as the manufacturer incorporated throughout the entire club. Let’s take a closer look at this club Fthat is bound to improve your game.


Loft options ranging from 2H-4H
Miyazaki C. Kua 60 Shaft
Variable face insert made of high-strength steel
Three rails on the sole


Higher overall launch
More stability and speed retention when you go to swing
Maximized ball speed and distance
Forgiving if you don’t hit the center of the ball


HiBore crown that results in a lower center of gravity
Specialized Halo Weighting found in the sole structure and the rails
Variable face thickness
Wide center guide rails accompanied by smaller rails


If you miss the center on your swing, the ball will still go straight. However, this is at the expense of losing significant distance.
If you’re not hitting the center, it can be difficult to tell as the club’s feedback isn’t as good as other models. 


The Launcher Halo Hybrid is particularly useful when you find yourself on a lie or in a tricky rough. Of all the hybrids int this category. It was really hard to beat this one. If you are looking for something that is easy to hit with adequate distance, this is your club.

Best Hybrids for Better Players

Callaway Mavrik Hybrid 

This hybrid club is the midpoint in Callaway’s 2020 hybrid offerings. This is designed for intermediate players, while the Max and Pro are for high handicaps and better players respectively.

This hybrid fills the gap and helps you hit off the fairway or tee, and even from the rough. Surprisingly, this model is often overlooked in Callaway’s hybrid lineup.

The Mavrik Hybrid is designed to be a distance machine – covering ground and optimizing performance with every stroke. It has a mid-sized head designed for speed. If you remember the 3 Little Bears story from when you were a kid, this would be the “just right” model for players who shoot it the high 70s and 80s. However, for players who struggle with a hook, this hybrid has a slight amount of offset that could make your hook worse.


Head size: Moderate
Lofts: 18, 21, 24, 27
Length:  38.875” – 35”


The Callaway Mavrik Hybrid uses Artificial Intelligence to optimize every stroke. All in all, the features combine for a speed-enhancing swing and easy launch.
It has a midsized head with straight lines and a square toe – creating the look of an iron with some force behind it. This model differs from other Mavrik options with the moderate headshape and mid ball flight technology.
The latest in golf technology – jailbreak – is useful for ensuring a powerful swing and consistent results.


Easy launch 
Moderate headshape
Equipped with jailbreak technology 


Expensive: This hybrid is backed by the Callaway reputation and is one of the pricier options on the market.  

Slight draw in flight bias: That can be a deterrent to some golfers based on golfing style.


Overall, the Callaway Mavrik Hybrid is one to consider when filling the spot between irons and woods. With Flash Face SS20 technology, easy launch, and a custom shaft, this club is a worthy addition to any golf club bag. As one of three Mavrik models, this Callaway club is something to consider.  See it here for yourself!

Callaway Mavrik Pro Hybrid

Don’t let the “Pro” mislead you – this hybrid works for those off the PGA circuit too. As one of the three Callaway Mavrik Hybrids, this model differs from the others. 

It has the thinnest topline, least amount of offset, and flattest lie angles of the Callaway line. True Temper Elevate steel and KBS TGI 90 graphite combine for a strong stock shaft. 

The Pro hybrid aims to fill the gap between woods and irons for low handicaps. This model is designed with better players in mind, minimal offset and a lot of workability if you need to curve one into a Par 5.


Head size: Compact

Lofts: 19, 21, 23.5, 26.5

Length: 39” – 35.5”


Using the latest technology, the Mavrik Pro is designed to optimize swing performance – and succeeds. 
Speed is key here and delivered through Jailbreak Technology, Flash Face SS20, and Face Cup technology on the steel face.
Loft the ball far and precise with optimal CG placement, stability, and speed that allows for a long carry and soft landing – the exact purpose of a hybrid.


Artificial Intelligence Construction
High Speed
Easy Launch


Expensive: This Callaway model is pricy, so consider it a serious investment.

Designed for Avid Golfers: The price and technology of this club suggest novices should invest time and energy in starter drivers first.


This Mavrik model is the most compact offering with a cambered sole, shallow face, and wood-like shape that increases versatility and distance. If you are trying to break par or stay right around that level, this is a great club for you. See for yourself!

Cobra King Speedzone Hybrid

The Speedzone of this Cobra King Hybrid refers to the hollow split rails that create higher launch and increased speed. 

The name is taken literally from the four speed zones: flex, power, stability, and low CG zone. The zones are created through the Cobra construction process combining hollow split rails, a forged 455 SS face, baffler rails, and low, back weighting. 

The Cobra King has combined some unique construction and design to create the Speedzone hybrid. 


Head Size: Oversize

Lofts: 17, 19, 21, 24

Length: 41.25” – 39”


The flex more than solid construction and create a larger hot spot area for more speed and higher launch.
The forged 455 SS Face Insert also increases speed and launch with the stainless-steel face.
The Cobra King Speedzone Hybrid grants better turf interaction with these rails that allow golfers to navigate through thick rough, tight lies, and bunkers.
There is a fixed weight positioned precisely low and back to help with ball flight and power.


Hollow Split Rails


Baffler Rails 

Low, Back Weighting 


One Length concept: Cobra King has a one-shaft length concept that does not match all golfing styles.

Price: This is a little more expensive compared to the AirSpeed Model.


This model may not necessarily fit beginners or high handicaps, but intermediate to better players will prefer this to the Airspeed version.

The unique hollow split rails and combination of speed zones create a standout in the hybrid community. The SpeedZone technology really does seem to provide a little extra pop in this line of hybrids. See the price and decide for yourself!

Mizuno CLK Hybrid

The CLK Hybrid by Mizuno is an amazingly solid-feeling club for a hybrid. Its adjustable eight-way hosel is designed to precisely fill the gap between a golfers’ shortest fairway wood and their longest iron, making this club a must-have for anyone looking to perfect their golf bag (and their game). 

This hybrid aims to replace longer irons and ease the launch from any lie or condition. This is the ideal hybrid club for anyone with higher swing speeds.


Hand: Comes in both left- and right-hand options

Loft: Comes in 16, 19, 20 and 22-degree variations
Quick Switch Adaptor


Incorporates both Wave and Harmonic Impact technologies. Engineered wave technology allows golfers to achieve higher ball speed and a greater COR AREA, while Harmonic Impact enables perfect feedback and impact feel
Optimizes launch with defined lie/loft settings
Delivers fast ball speeds with MAS1C Maraging Face 


Professional Looking Clubhead
Allows for high ball speeds
Integrated Wave and Harmonic Impact Technologies 
Great forgiveness on mis-shots 
Brilliant distance control


Some players say feel on impact can be a little firm

Golfers have nothing but great things to say about this 2020 Mizuno hybrid club – get yours today to fill a distance gap in your collection, or use it replace some longer irons and optimize your game. 

Buy the Mizuno CLK Hybrid here

Titleist TS3 Hybrid

This is yet another fantastic option from Titleist. The TS3 Hybrid replaces the company’s previous H2 818 model.

In addition to increasing speed, the TS3 Hybrid prioritizes distance. Its unique technology and design allow your shots to go faster AND further. Read on to learn more about this model from Titleist.


Available lofts: 19°, 21°, 23°, 25°
Lengths range from 39” to 40.5”
Adjustable Magnetic SureFit CG
Ultra-thin crown
5 weight options
16 loft and lie settings


Smooth, compact look of the face and sole
Solid-feeling strikes thanks to the firm face


Firm-feeling face that results in solid strikes
You can customize ball flight by using the Adjustable Magnetic SureFit CG
Modest amount of forgivability
Grooves help direct the focus of your hit to the ball


It doesn’t provide quite as much forgiveness as the TS2 Hybrid. So, if you are a player that struggles to make center hits, you may want to choose the TS2 instead.
It only gives three points of feedback: mishit, solid, and pure. This means it may not be the best option if you need something that gives more accurate feedback.


The TS3 Hybrid isn’t necessarily just for more advanced players. You have to take into consideration what you are looking for in a club. If you want maximum control while sacrificing a little forgivability, get this model from Titleist!

FAQ: Common Questions about Hybrids

Why use Hybrid Golf Clubs?

Hybrids combine the best qualities of both fairway woods and long irons. At address, hybrids feel like an iron but, the larger head provides the distance of a fairway wood. 

If you’re little more than a scratch golfer, you should have a hybrid or four in the bag and learn how to hit hybrids. They’re designed to provide higher launch, more spin, and land the ball softer, all good qualities in a golf club.

According to industry research, the number of golfers using hybrids has nearly doubled over the past fifteen years. Nowadays, more than eighty percent of players carry at least one hybrid, while on average the majority of players carry two. 

Even professional golfers occasionally swap out an iron for a hybrid, depending on course and weather conditions.

Hybrid Golf Clubs vs. Irons

The three, four, and five irons (a.k.a. the long irons) have always been considered the hardest clubs to hit for the average golfer. Their lower lofts require good contact to avoid serious punishment. 

To solve this problem, club makers design hybrids to yield the same distance as their iron counterpart but, with more loft. The longer front-to-back sole of a hybrid also helps players swing through the ball without catching and digging into the turf. 

In addition, many manufacturers nowadays, infuse most, if not all, of their driver and wood technology into their hybrids as well. 

Not to confuse the answer, but manufacturers are now making super forgiving “driving irons”. These clubs are intended to be accuracy machines off the tee. But I personally still prefer a hybrid out of the fairway or rough. To learn more, go here.

Which Hybrid Clubs Replace What Irons?

In theory, you should be able to replace your irons with the same numbered hybrid. A straight-up swap works well if you’re staying within the same model line of clubs, say SIM to SIM for example. 

If you’re a beginner or high handicapper and rarely get the same distance from shot to shot with any given club, then you should also replace your irons with the same numbered hybrid as distance gaps won’t come in to play as they would for someone with a grooved swing. 

But, because lofts vary from one manufacturer to the next, better players with consistent yardage throughout the bag, may need to do a field test, or try a hybrid with an adjustable loft, before swapping out an iron for a hybrid. 

Hybrid Golf Clubs vs. Woods

You probably think that if I have hybrids, then I don’t need fairway woods. That may be partially true but, woods and hybrids are two different clubs. 

Woods have wider soles, heavier heads, and longer shafts than hybrids. Because they usually have stronger lofts than their same numbered hybrid cousins, you can expect lower ball flight, less spin, and more distance from the wood. 

Most players carry at least a three wood to bridge the distance gap between their driver and their first hybrid. For the most part, players find hybrids easier to hit than woods. 

Which Hybrid Clubs Should I Carry?

That comes down to skill level, budget, and what’s in your bag now. 

If you’re a beginner or high handicapper, carry as many as your budget allows. Most manufacturers make hybrids starting at two or three and ending at either five or six. 

For the average golfer, club makers recommend swapping out the three, four, and five irons, for hybrids. You may even see a 2H in the bag of someone with a great swing. 

Cleveland even makes entire sets of hybrids that replaces your traditional irons. For more, go here.

I Already Have Hybrids That Play Well, Why Should I Upgrade?

Modern hybrids fly higher, go farther, and land softer than those of just a few years ago. 

Also, as you read our rundowns on the major brands, you’ll see that technologies, once only available in drivers and fairway woods, have made their way into many of today’s hybrids.

Is There That Much Difference from One Brand to the Next?

Possibly more than any other types of club, hybrids differ the most from line to line and brand to brand. As you read above, I hope it become apparent that the best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers, the best hybrid golf clubs for better players, and the best hybrid golf clubs for the average player, are three distinct types of club. 

Callaway makes multiple models of hybrid within the same line, one for the average golfer and one for the better players. 

Cleveland targets beginners and high handicappers, as does Cobra with the F-Max series.  

Mizuno make hybrids that appeal to everyone from beginner to single-digit handicappers.  

And the Best Hybrid Golf Clubs are….

As you can see, the answer to the question “who makes the best hybrid golf clubs for 2020” depends largely on who’s asking. 

Newcomers to the sport can’t go wrong with the Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid. It is the easiest hybrid to hit on the list. High handicappers will appreciate the simplicity and playability of these clubs.

A close second for high handicappers would be the Taylormade SIM Max Rescue. It is also very easy to hit and very versatile.

For those of you lucky enough to consistently land the ball where you aim it, personal preference and brand loyalty probably already dictates the answer. But coming from a neutral opinion, low and mid handicappers will find the Mizuno CLK or Titleist TS3 Hybrid gives them the feel and workability they are looking for.

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