Looking for a stylish place to hook your keys? Tired of boring store-bought key racks? Create this easy rack for your keys in just a few minutes and just a few dollars with a few materials you may have already laying around the house!

The gold nails give this key rack a fun feminine feel while balanced out by the rustic and masculine piece of wood. Customize the size simply by using a smaller or larger piece of wood based on what you need for your space. This project is so simple you will be done before you know it!


Materials you’ll need to build a wall key rack:

square nails (or mini “railroad nails”)
gold spray paint
a rectangular piece of wood for the base (use any size that fits to your space)
clear coat or polyurethane
string (or screws) for wall attachment

Instructions step by step to build the wall key holder:
Step 1: Clear the scrap wood

Start by clear coating the wood with polyurethane or varnish. Apply a thin layer with a brush.

Step 2: Spray the nails

Spray the nails gold with an even coat of spray paint. Start by spraying one side and let dry thoroughly before flipping them over and spraying the other side. Make sure to get the tops too!

Step 3: Nailing process

Once everything is dry, nail the nails into the piece of wood. Use a cloth over each nail when nailing to protect the gold coat. If you are using a thin board (such as this), it may be helpful to pre drill holes into the wood prior to nailing in the nails to prevent the wood from splitting. Make sure to space the nails evenly apart. Nail in about half to depth of the wood and ensure that you have plenty of the nail still sticking out for your keys!

Step 4: Attach to the wall

Once the nails are attached your rack is nearly complete! There are multiple options for attaching it to the wall. You can nail or screw the kay rack directly into the wall (and you can pre-paint the nails or screws with gold to match your rack nails!). Or you can use string around the ends of each nail and hang on a hook (but keep in mind you will need to make sure the rack is balanced with keys if you go this route).

Once you have attached the rack you are ready to hang your keys on this new stylish piece! See, done before you know it!

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