Keep Tabs On Your Kids With the myFirst Fone R1 Smart watch

myFirst Fone R1

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Capable of delivering peace of mind to parents and 4GB of music to children, the myFirst Fone R1 is a surprisingly competent and affordable smartwatch for kids. There are few distractions and no option to install apps and games, allowing your young ones to focus on school.

Key Features

Video calling
Customizable display
MP3 player


Brand: Oaxis

Color Screen: Yes

Notification Support: Yes

Battery Life: 580mAh

Operating System: Android

Onboard GPS: Yes

Customizable Strap: Yes

SIM Support: nano SIM


4GB of storage
Keep tabs on your kids
School mode to stop calls during classes
SOS automatic audio messaging


Tricky to set up
Ringtone not loud enough

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myFirst Fone R1


Keeping an eye on your children can be tough. There's the time they travel to and from school, their after-school activities, commuting on public transport, weekend activities, and more.

How can you be sure they're safe without spending money on a smartphone that will probably get lost? One solution is a smartwatch for kids. MyFirst Fone R1 is a lightweight watch/phone combi for children, aimed at parents concerned about their kids' whereabouts.

What's in the Box?

Opening the kit, you discover what a modest setup it is. The box contains just the myFirst Fone R1, a data/charging USB cable, and a printed quick-start guide.

As with any piece of tech for kids, the myFirst Fone R1 doesn't spend long in the box.

Presented in child-friendly packaging, the design and color choice perhaps undersell the standard of the device inside. While the box looks like the myFirst Fone R1 is for kids… it also looks like the watch is a toy.

But, aside from a pedometer and some key apps like a camera and music player, there are no apps that could be described as games. Ultimately, myFirst Fone R1 isn't a toy.

Technical Specification of the MyFirst Fone R1

While falling short of Apple Watch standards, the myFirst Fone R1 nonetheless has some impressive specs.

The first thing you'll notice is the 1.3-inch TFT display. This round screen with capacitive touch is colorful and crisp for the size. Mounted beside it is a 2MP front-facing camera that is capable of stills and video calls.

As well as touch control, three hardware buttons are mounted on the myFirst Fone R1. Two of these are on the left: the top button turns the screen on and off, while the lower button acts as a back button (it can also turn the screen on).

On the right side of the phone is the SOS button. This is intended to be used in emergencies, requiring a long press to activate. Once done, a voice recorder will start, with the wearer given 30 seconds to record a message. This is then sent to the owner of the phone that is synced with the watch.

While operational talk mode time is six hours, you should get over a day's charge out of the battery's 580 mAh capacity. The device charges using a magnetic USB 5V 1A cable, included, which clips to the back of the phone. While thick, the phone weighs just 53 grams, and has 4GB of storage and a nano-SIM card slot.

This supports nano SIMs with access to 4G Band 1, Band 3, Band 7, Band 8, Band 20, 3G 2100/900 WCDMA, and 2G 900/1800. For device discovery, the myFirst Fone R1 also has Wi-Fi connectivity as well as GPS and A-GPS positioning. There is Bluetooth too, for audio support.

Syncing the device with an adult's phone requires a QR code, found in the myFirst Fone R1 settings screen. To install the companion app, use an iPhone running iOS 7 or later, or an Android 4.3 or later device.

It's a Smart Watch for Kids - With a Phone

With the companion app installed, you have everything in the myFirst Fone R1 to keep tabs on your offspring.

So, you've got a phone, a watch with features… it's almost a smartwatch for kids, but without the ability to install additional apps.

Suitable for ages 3 and above, the highlights of the myFirst Fone R1 are the voice and video calls facility, the real-time GPS tracking, and the one-touch SOS remote alarm. An alarm clock can also be programmed from the mobile app.

More popular with the child who comes to own the myFirst Fone R1, no doubt, will be the music player.

Syncing music to the myFirst Fone R1 is simple. Just hook it to a PC using the USB cable, where it is recognized as a mass storage device. From here, copy the desired tracks to the watch, then play them back. Bluetooth capability means you can sync a compatible headset for music playback. Manufacturer Oaxis also produces a myFirst branded bone conduction headset which is ideal for this purpose.

The 2MP camera and the ability to send and receive emojis are also useful, while "Watch Friends" can be added using the mobile app, putting you in control of who your children message.

For school use, the myFirst Fone R1 has a classroom mode that puts the "entertainment" features out of reach. There is also a geofence system that will alert you when your offspring veers beyond the pre-agreed boundary.

In terms of accidental damage, the watch is splash-proof and a raised bezel protects the display from impact. This is just as well, as once broken, the device can't be repaired; the only replaceable part here is the strap. Featuring a concave design, the silicone strap allows the skin of the wearer to breathe, although the back of the watch can leave a mark on the wrist when worn for just a few hours.

Setting Up the myFirst Fone R1

Before connecting the watch to a child, you need to connect it to the mobile internet. The nano-SIM slot is reasonably secure and can be opened using a strong fingernail, screwdriver, knife, or similar.

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You'll need a 4G SIM for the best results; one connected to a network where you have a monthly subscription or pre-paid credit. While the myFirst Fone R1 has Wi-Fi, this is only of use when at a known location.

Pairing the phone and the app requires the common QR code sync up. However, you're likely to run into issues if a working SIM card isn't already inserted.

Strapping the myFirst Fone R1 to a Child

Handing over the myFirst Fone R1 to your child will give them the ability to tell the time, make emergency phone calls, and let you track them.

Once strapped onto the child's wrist, the device goes everywhere they go. While bulkier than some watches, the real problem with the device is that it is a watch - which is quite unusual these days.

Tracking and Communicating With the myFirst Fone R1

With the parent phone synced with the myFirst Fone R1, you can hand the device over to your child and use the mobile app to track the wearer, send text and voice messages, and receive alerts if the phone goes "out of bounds."

The app features a map so you can easily spot the location of the wearer. A Safe Zones feature lets you configure the geofence system. Once enabled, you'll receive notifications when the wearer passes the boundary.

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Other key settings include remote restart, the ability to specify up to three approved Wi-Fi networks, and the ability to transfer admin to another user.

That all sounds good, right? The myFirst Fone R1 appears to be a usable phone with tracking, emergency SOS, and video calling. But how does this work out in practice?

My 9-year-old son has been wearing the device on and off for the past three months. While he hasn't traveled far, he's really enjoyed having a portable MP3 player that isn't the size of a tablet.

Practical Test: Out and About With the myFirst Fone R1

How does remote tracking and communicating with the myFirst Fone R1 perform? We tested with my phone and the watch both connected to the Vodafone UK network on 4G. We found the following:

The SOS feature works well, with the voice message delivered to the parent app quickly.

Video calling is also good, although the 2MP video quality doesn't look great on an HD phone display.

Location tracking was particularly impressive, with Bruce's location determined at various locations including a park and the exact address of his grandparents.

All in all, this is a device I'm going to have trouble detaching from Bruce---he loves it!

myFirst Fone R1: A Smart Watch to Keep Tabs on Your Little Ones

Cards on the table: setting up the myFirst Fone R1 was frustrating. It is vital to ensure that the correct option for the SIM card is selected in the settings screen. I had unintentionally left it set to pre-pay (PAYG) when in fact the SIM was on a contract.

Unsurprisingly, this led to considerable frustration.

But once fully configured, the myFirst Fone R1 became a reliable watch and communication device. You might suspect your kids might spend too long messing around with the calling or camera functions. That was certainly a concern that I had, but in Bruce's case, he used the watch for music, checking the time, and getting out of bed on time.

With the watch worn, we can check Bruce is safe and where he is supposed to be. Meanwhile, he can enjoy his favorite songs, tweak the watch display, and let us know when he is ready to be collected.

In short, everyone wins with the myFirst Fone R1.